Elektron SFX-6 Keyboard Synthesizer

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“Only one “flaw”. Has a potentiometer that will come out if are so inclined to pull it. The know still clicks down and accelerates knob value. You wouldn’t know otherwise. Still works beautifully. Other that that it’s in excellent condition. Comes with box and manuals. An inspiring machine to say the least. Winner gets some Elektron stickers and a Keychain.”

Moog Subharmonicon and Matriarch in a Jam :: [Synth Recipe #74]


– Moog Subharmonicon
– Moog Matriarch
– Elektron Digitakt

– Empress Reverb

So, what’s goig on here?
Digitakt is the master clock and provides drums and some samples. It feeds the midi clock into the Matriarch which has programmed in two sequences (I’m alternating between them during this recipe). It plays mostly chords in a simple sequence. Matriarch and Subharmonicon

Novation Launchkey MK3 Livestream Demonstration

Perfect Circuit

“Enrique Martinez from Novation will be doing a live demonstration with the new Launchkey MK3 midi controller at 6PM PDT on 7/9/2020. Watch live for a chance to win a Launchkey 37 and a Circuit (contest only open to US residents) and to ask questions in the chat. Enrique will be showing how to use the Launchkey with hardware synths and how to use it in combination with a

Chillout late night session 20-07 / PEAK, EX5, Digitone

Floyd Steinberg

“Playing some relaxed electronic music, using some of the sounds I created on the PEAK, EX5 and Digitone. Digitone does drums, bass and that saw wave filtered arpeggiated sequence, PEAK does the big pad and EX5 does the lead & piano stuff.”

simple things – improvising with XTk , Roli Seaboard & equator and Digitakt


“busy day & was just in the mood for something simple. Been getting back into the Seaboard again.

You’ll spot the Skulpt in shot – I’ve been playing that with the seaboard too & its new MPE update but that was earlier before I started recording.”

Elektron Digi OS Upgrades: Class Compliant USB Audio & MIDI


“Class Compliant USB Audio lets you use music production apps to access deeper and more unique control of your Digitakt or Digitone. Increase the amount of modulation you can assign to your instrument. Change parameters via MIDI. Never stop making waves: https://bit.ly/2Yjvc1r”

Quick Tip: Shift a Sequence Around on a Digitakt Tutorial

Perfect Circuit

“This Quick Tip shows how to shift a sequence on a Digitakt by holding the function key and pushing the left or right arrow buttons. This will shift one track while leaving your other tracks alone, allowing you to quickly try out shifted rhythmic patterns. Although we showed this on an Elektron sequencer there are other sequencers that also allow this same technique, so check if

Some Elektron Digitone patches – pianos, pads and strings (free download, no talking)

Floyd Steinberg

“Here are some patches I created on the Elektron Digitone. You can download them from my web page www.floydsteinberg.com for free, no registration required. Table of contents:

00:00 Piano
00:20 EP
00:48 Acoustic Piano 1
01:20 Strings 1
01:52 Piano 2
02:27 Robotalk
03:03 Pluck Attack
03:52 String Section 1
04:38 Evo Pad 1
05:20 Evo Pad 2
06:15 Evo Pad 3
07:15 Riser
07:40 Sub

RUSH #digitone #digitakt #analogheat


“A semi-improvised electro beat with an array of elektron machines.”