Published on Jan 15, 2019 ErrorState

“New Year, new name.”

Previously Play Nice. Elektron Digitakt & Bastl MICROGRANNY 2

Overbridge 2.0 Public Beta includes audio over USB functionality, Standalone Editor & VST Plugin

Elektron Overbridge 2.0 Public Beta

Elektron has announced the public beta of Overbridge 2.0, following several rounds of internal and closed beta testing. Overbridge is an immensely useful tool for musicians, offering an abundance of possibilities when using Elektron devices together with computers. By bridging the gap between hardware and software, the Overbridge technology allows Elektron users to utilize – […]

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Review: Octatrack at year 8 – Is it still worth it?

Published on Jan 14, 2019 loopop

“With plenty of upgrades and 8 years after it was released, is the Octatrack still worth it? This review attempts to find out, in light of a few other instruments that have come out recently.

The review is split up into two parts, first, the top 10 features I think still make it stand out, and then a deeper look at what the user experience “cost” is in terms of

Digitone Meditation 1 – UNDRWATR

Published on Jan 12, 2019 Vague Robots

“I’m on phase two of my experiments with the Digitone, getting deeper into more avant-garde sound design. So, I’ve decided to upload some “meditations”, consisting of just single patterns, iterated over a few minutes. These are also showing off some of the patches that will be included in a sound pack I’ll be releasing in the near future.

Digitone only,

Elektron Monomachine SFX6 Keyboard Synthesizer w/ Original Box

via this auction

“Elektron Monomachine SFX-6 Keyboard Workstation: Synthesizer / Effects Processor / Midi Sequencer / Drum Machine

NOS. Closet queen. In the original box and packaging: with the a/c cable, original spiral bound manual and all the original promo stuff..”

Three of Entire – Roland SE-02 \\ Roland SH-01A \\ Digitakt

Published on Jan 12, 2019 Alba Ecstasy

“Just a simple jam using the #RolandSE02, the #RolandSH01A and the #Digitakt.
Reverb from RV-6, delay from DD-7 – for SH-01A.
Get some patches: https://www.albaecstasy.ro”

Drive – Synthstrom Deluge View

Published on Jan 11, 2019 Toumal Rakesh

“Sequencer view of the Synthstrom Deluge.

Synths used:
Synthstrom Deluge (sequencing, drums, synth)
Deep Mind 12
Roland D-05
Elektron Digitone”

Ambient noise jam with VCNO and Red Dragon

Published on Jan 11, 2019 Hexinverter Électronique

“Getting lost in the noise ether with an ambient noise patch using VCNO (Voltage Controlled Noise Oscillator).

All the outputs of VCNO being sent to a Red Dragon and Make Noise MMG. Modulations from Galiean Moons, Moffenzeef Mito and 4MS QPLFO. Clocks and triggers coming from the Digitakt via Mutant Brain. Finally the mutant Bass Drum and

Boredbrain Transmutron Dual FX Loop Crossover Filter Pedal

Published on Jan 10, 2019 Perfect Circuit

“Boredbrain Music’s Transmutron Pedal works as a filter and crossfader with two effects sends which can both be used with eurorack modules or line level effects like pedals. There are three modes on the Transmutron for different mixing types, fission mode splits the signal to two bands like a crossover filter, fusion where it works like a crossfader and

Takes Time – (Straight) Melodic Techno /w Peak, Neutron, Model D, Octatrack & Analog Four

Published on Jan 9, 2019 umonox

“Hello my Friends! It’s been ages since i’ve uploaded something new. So here we go: Another Live Jam, some straight Melodic Techno – this time with the Novation Peak and the Elektron Octatrack, supported by the Behringer Neutron, the Behringer Model-D and the Elektron Analog Four. Enjoy! 🙂

If you like the Track you can get it in High Quality on Bandcamp here: