Raining Day Live Jam… as is! (Elka Synthex, OMB3, Welson Syntex, Solton M160, EmThree Pulsatron

Published on May 14, 2019 VSMI

“big raining day outside… I turned on my Welson Syntex – Elka Synthex- Elka OMB3 – Solton M160 – EmThree Pulsatron Mixer and play as is!”

Elka Synthex

Published on May 9, 2019 Pulsophonic

“Demo of my custom sound bank of the Elka Synthex
Demo without effet available on my website :

Elka Soloist 505 Vintage Analogue Mono Synth

via this auction

“Elka Soloist 505 analogue monosynth from mid-late 70s. In good condition for it’s age and good working order. It’s a preset synth but with plenty of hands on controls for modifying your sounds. It is capable of some cutting leads through to punchy basses.

Just a couple of little niggles I need to mention. The slider cap is missing from the volume slider, it still functions as

ELKA synthesizer RHAPSODY 610+original case and volume pedal

via this auction

“It is an old keyboard,so I gave it to service last month for refreshment.
I paid the refreshment 90 USD.
Now all the sliders work perfect,all keys works pefect,the sound is pefect,contacts have been cleaned and voltages are stabilized.
The instrument is ready for the next 10 years of playing now.

It comes with original pedal and original case.
Complete set.”

Elka Synthex, Roland Jupiter-8, Oberheim Xpander, and MKS-80 Comparison Covering the Same Track

Synthex Jp8 Xpander MKS80 – demo Published on Apr 5, 2019 Lackan

“A demo using the Elka Synthex, Jupiter 8, Xpander and MKS 80. The mix is totally without reverb or delay since I hate demos that are drenched in FX. This is what they sound like – raw.

I hope that this demo might show the different character of these synths. But since sound sculpting is so individual, this is just an example of

"must see" – worldclass rare vintage synth collection

Published on Apr 5, 2019 studentsmusic

“Have an eye on every serious synthesists dream in one place !

EMS, Roland, Oberheim, Yamaha, Moog, Serge, PPG (howard jones used Roland Jupiter 8- not ppg wave i suppose), Waldorf, Ekdahl, Arp, Synclavier, Fairlight, John Bowen, Elka, Mellotron, Alesis, Korg, Prophet, Emulator,….and many more”

Elka Synthex SN 1291

via this auction

“This Elka Synthex is in VG-excellent condition, sounds terrific, and works perfectly.
Please see pics for accurate info. about condition. I tried to take as many angles as possible; if you’d like more pics, let me know… No missing key caps, all controller smooth.
This unit includes a professional heavy-duty 220V to 120V converter.”

Elka Wilgamat – Analog Auto-Comp Machine 1976

Published on Mar 14, 2019 Italian Vintage Stuff!

“Great sounding analog drum machine and auto comp unit.
It features three chord voices and two bass voices plus a range of great 70s Roland sounding drum sounds with a fill-in option that I of course forgot to use on this video.
The auto accompaniment section is a two octave bass and chord synth that can be controlled by either an external

Anthem for Theremin and Synthesizers

Published on Feb 9, 2019 MrFirechild

“Here is a piece performed on Theremin and Synthesizers. The Theremin was invented by the russian genius Léon Theremin 1919(!). It is an instrument you play without touching it! Additional instruments include ELKA Synthex, Oberheim OB-Xa, The Schmidt and more. The piece is called Anthem for Theremin and Synthesizers, composed and produced by www.firechild.se