DX5 playing Depeche Mode "Memphisto"

Published on Dec 12, 2018

“Enjoy the Silence” B Side.

Gear used:
Kurzweil PC1x
Emu Emax II
Access Virus TI Snow (for backtrack)
ReVox B77 MkII tape recorder (spare, as the main unit “smoked” at rehearsal)
Backtrack recorded first on Pro Tools, then dumped to tape.
Original song composed by Martin L. Gore
Performed here by DX5 Jose Maria Bara.

Selected Tracks From Synthesizers Demos Vol​.​1

Published on Dec 4, 2018 Nacho Marty Meyer

high-quality download: https://nacho80.bandcamp.com/album/se…

01. Yamaha TX216 – TF1 Dream
02. Ensoniq ESQ-M – HARD_CEM3379
03. Kawai XS-1 – MAPA_3
04. Casio CZ-5000 – Adrenalynn_7
05. Roland MT-100 – Orange Buildings
06. E-MU Vintage Keys – Hidden People
07. Yamaha FB-01 – Peleadores
08. Roland MKS-70 – ETIONS
09. Kawai K4r – Factory Outside

E-MU 9053 Morpheus Z-Plane Filter Rack Synth w/ Red OLED Screen & Acidtones Card

SN 019402306 via this auction

Interesting look!

“E-Mu Morpheus rack with red OLED screen and Acidtones memory card. Everything works great and sounds even better. It’s not being used nearly as much as it should be, so it needs a new home.”

Model 6080 E-MU Emulator III EIII Rack Sampler Synthesizer

via this auction

That is one physically deep rack synth. Check out the bottom pic.

“Legendary Emu EIII rack fully serviced, cleaned and in excellent working condition. It sounds incredible!!! All buttons, sliders, potentiometers, led’s, ins outs, stereo LR, PSU, MIDI, HD, floppy drive, backlight, LCD etc. are all calibrated and working perfectly. Model 6080 with 8MB of RAM and brand new

Espen Kraft: Can I make a retro game tribute track? The Kung Fu Arcade

Published on Nov 30, 2018 Espen Kraft

Roland Alpha Juno-2, S-10 sampling keyboard, Casio SK-1, and three E-Mu Emax sampling keyboards (Emax I & 2 Emax II).

“I had this track released some time ago, ‘The Kung Fu Arcade’, but I was never quite happy with the sound or production so I’ve cleaned it up and the catalysator for getting the mood to do so was playing this little Galaga MyCabinet retro


Published on Nov 28, 2018 synths colors

“No External Effect Added, As Usual…”

E-MU – Mo’ Phatt – Exploring the Presets – Part 4 – MVM #124

Published on Nov 26, 2018 Midiverse – TV

“Welcome to part #4 of this Exploring the Presets video section. What’s up everybody? Today we’re going to be checking out some of the stock preset sounds that come in the E-MU Mo’ Phatt sound module. This is a 64 voice, multitimbral sound module that came out in 2001.”

Midiverse – TV Exploring the Presets

1992 Video Dating Tape Featuring Synths

Published on Nov 25, 2018 peahix

“Found 8mm videotape. Bonus recording studio tour.”

Synths (Roland Jupiter-6 & E-mu Emulator and Fender Rhodes come in at the 10 minute mark, but there is some studio footage before that.

E-mu Emulator II ELKA EK22 Cinema Organ Strings

Published on Nov 25, 2018 synths colors

“No External Effect Added, As Usual…”

SynthMania Plays a Turkey for Thanksgiving 2018

Published on Nov 22, 2018 SynthMania

“Following the instructions of an early ’80s E-mu Emulator advert
Happy Thanksgiving 2018 to all!”