A Brief History Series by Vintage Sampler

Published on Oct 14, 2019 Vintage Sampler

These appear to feature random clips from various YouTube channels with overview overdubs. I almost skipped them for that reason, but thought they might be interesting in a single playlist for some. Enjoy, or not…


Brief History Of The Roland Tr 606 Drum Machine
Brief History Of The LinnDrum Drum Machine
Brief History Of The Roland TR 707

A Brief History Of The EMU SP 1200 Drum Machine

Published on Aug 2, 2019 Vintage Sampler

Spotted this one in the following listing:

via this auction

“This is the much revered Black edition 1997 reissue. The machine is in excellent cosmetic condition with only a few small blemishes. Everything functions as it should, some buttons needed a firmer press to trigger (this is only due to having little use)

Comes with:
-Dust Cover

E mu PRO/CUSSION Preset Sounds

Published on Jan 7, 2020 SUBTOKYOSHOP

“E mu PRO/CUSSION Preset Sounds

Preset 00 to 50

recorded with ableton live”

subtokyoshop on eBay | subtokyoshop on Reverb

E-MU Systems Emax II Keyboard SN 01201245

via this auction

E-MU E-MAX II in excellent condition. Never been used (part of a collection).
Stereo Output

-MU Systems Proteus 2500 Command Module SN 010201346 w/ New Screen

via this auction

New screen & master encoder.

Emu sp1200 vs emax I

Published on Dec 23, 2019 deepeightyeight

“i always been curious to know the differences between the 2 samplers and so…. open filter on emax (28000 hz), channel 7 on sp1200 (26040 Hz), so pure clean no filter on both
aliasing is on sp1200. pretty clean the emax, u need to go down one octave to find aliasing, on sp1200 is just the next semitone up or down”

E-MU EMAX SE Sampling Synthesizer (1986) *The Power Of MUSIC Love*

Published on Dec 21, 2019 RetroSound

“(c) 2019 vintage synthesizer track by RetroSound
supported by UVI: http://bit.ly/retrosound-uvi

Christmas is coming and I wanted to cover one of my absolute favorite Christmas anthems from 1984.

Love and Peace on earth.
Happy Christmas!

all synthesizer sounds and drums: E-MU #Emax SE #Sampling #Synthesizer (1986)
recording: multi-track
fx: reverb and

ПОЛИВОКС синтезатор POLIVOKS Synthesizer (1982) *Мишка в плохом настроении*

Published on Dec 15, 2019 RetroSound

“(c) 2019 vintage synthesizer track by RetroSound
supported by UVI: http://bit.ly/retrosound-uvi

all synthesizer sounds: #Polivoks Analog #Synthesizer (1982)
drums: E-MU Emax samples
recording: multi-track
fx: reverb and delay

Polivoks Duophonic Analog Synthesizer
Made in #USSR 1982-1990

Designed by Vladimir Kuzmin and produced at the Formanta Radio

DX5 playing New Order "Blue Monday" (Wonder Woman 84 arrangement version)

Premieres Dec 14, 2019 DX5

“** At 03:50 starts the movie OST arrangement **.
I was up to revisite this instrumental cover I’ve already made twice in the past. As I liked the arrangements for the upcoming Wonder Woman 84 movie OST (Hans Zimmer me thinks?), I decided to play New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ again, building a backtrack more faithful to the studio version in combination with some of the


via this auction

“EMU EMULATOR II+HD SAMPLER SYNTH ANALOG FILTERS. Condition is Used. Extremely nice condition, includes power cord,manual,40+ 5.25″mostly commercially produced discs and a container of 10 blank discs.The onboard 20mb. hard drive is not responding and may need to be replaced.The package also includes a serial cable especially wired to connect the sampler with a macintosh