ENSONIQ ESQ-1 w/ KORG Branded Flight Case

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Note the “Ensoniq The Technology That Performs” badge on the case.

“Vintage Ensoniq ESQ 1 Analog / Digital Sample Playback Synthesizer. Gives battery message at startup suggesting battery replacement is needed. Cartridge & flight case included.”

Ensoniq VFX SD demo

Published on May 29, 2020 Panu Savolainen

“Ensoniq VFX SD multitrack-demo – own FX + Valhalla reverb + Waves delay used.”

Best Ambient Synth Shootout #90: Ensoniq SQ-R Plus – Song 3

Published on May 22, 2020 Christian’s Sonic Spaces

“This is the third song with the SQ-R Plus/32. It’s a 32 voice 8-part multitimbral synthesizer. It features 9 Transwaves, Ensoniq’s kind of wave tables.

I used for the recording the following FX chain:
SQ-R Plus/32 – Digitech Obscura – Pigtronix Echolution 2 Deluxe – GFI System Specular Reverb 2. Depending on the recorded track some FX are

ENSONIQ WAVE SEQUENCING with the EPS-16 Plus, SD-1, ASR-10 & TS-10

Published on May 10, 2020 Robin Bausewein

“Hyperwaves Light, Hyperwaves, Superwaves and Megawaves…. you will find it all in this video about doing Wave Sequencing on the Ensoniq EPS-16 Plus, SD-1 (VFX, VFX-SD), ASR-10 and TS-10.

This is a Programming Tutorial.

By using this principle it is also possible to blend Custom Samples with a TS-10 (TS-12) Hyperwave.


0m:00s Intro Song

Ensoniq SD1 Music Production Synthesizer in Original Box

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“The SD-1 is the polyphonic aftertouch wavetable synthesizer of the 90s your music craves. Ensoniq produced a powerful workstation capable of sequencing full songs and patterns, this hardware will invite you to spend days forming otherworldly patches that modern gear has yet to touch. Change up your performance with 32 voice multi-timbrality and two patch blender/variation

Ensoniq DP/4+ | Amazing Cult Classic Effects

Published on Apr 30, 2020 Espen Kraft

Ensoniq DP/4+ on eBay | on Reverb | on Amazon

00:00 Intro
01:10 Audio examples
02:50 Configurations and setup
07:16 Audio examples
09:11 Using the DP/4 as an external effect in the DAW
14:45 Vocoding

“The Ensoniq DP/4 entered the market in 1992. I bought one and set it up as 4 independent effects processors through my mixer. One for each AUX send. Worked

Indossa releases Classic Synths free sample pack for OP-Z

Indossa Classic Synths for OP Z

Indossa has announced the release of Classic Synths for OP-Z, a collection of samples from some classic ’80s ‘odd-ball’ synths, programmed for the OP-Z multimedia synthesizer and sequencer from Teenage Engineering. The pack also comes with some bonus 808 sounds and drum samples. 80’s Synth Waves programmed for OP-Z! Mount your OP-Z in content mode […]

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In dreams they wake – Ensoniq Mirage

Published on Apr 23, 2020 MIDERA

“Sampled a single oscillator from Korg Gadget to come up with this. Just edited parameters as I went along.

Used Eventide Blackhole for some extra reverb”