4ms with Tiptop Audio, & Make Noise Post-NAMM Events at Perfect Circuit

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Make Noise, Wednesday Jan 23

4ms & Tiptop, Monday Jan 28

New Tiptop Audio – VCA

Tiptop Audio – VCA from Tiptop Audio on Vimeo.

via Tiptop Audio

“The Tiptop Audio VCA is a full featured, precision calibrated, analog Voltage Controlled Amplifier. At its heart is a novel design of a control circuitry—a function that lets you sweep continuously through three different response curves: Logarithmic, Linear, Exponential—giving you all three shapes in a single module. This

TEST SERIES Folktek Matter Eurorack and Drolo Molecular Disruptor V3 Sound Design

Published on Jan 16, 2019 Outsider Sound Design

“Sound Design experiments with Folktek Matter and Molecular Disruptor V3.

The purpose of ‘TEST SERIES’ is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential.
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What Is WOGGLE?!?

Published on Jan 16, 2019 MAKEN0ISE

“Let’s talk about the LOYAL ORDER OF THE WOGGLEBUG. If you have a Wogglebug, you are automatically a lifelong member.

Grant Richter is lord of all Wogglebugs.

Is the Wogglebug your Synthesizer’s ID MONSTER? Should you FEAR the Wogglebug? Yes, and maybe.

Accept no substitutes.”

The Stylophone goes totally luxe with the GEN R-8

You’ve seen the Stylophone as the mass-produced, toy-like original. And you’ve seen it as a relaunched digital emulation and as an analog instrument. Now get ready for the Stylophone as premium boutique instrument.

The Stylophone began its story back in 1967, and became one of the iconic electronic musical inventions of the 20th century – its appeal being largely to do with its simplicity and directness. The son of the original inventor, Ben Jarvis, went on to revive instrument under the original manufacturer name, Dubreq.

Now, the GEN R-8 is here with some advanced features and flowery description about British circuitry you might expect from the ad copy for a high-end mixing desk. There’s something a bit funny about associating that with the instrument so long known as a (very musical) toy, but – think of the GEN R-8 as a new desktop synth, the full-featured, grown-up monster child of the original.

Oh, and — it sounds like it’s going to be a total bass beast.

So you know in campy horror movies where someone gets hit with a growth ray or radiation or whatever, and turns into a city-smashing giant? Hopefully this is like that, in a good way.

Sound specs:

Dual analog oscillators (VCOs) and full analog signal path.
Divide-down sub-oscillators (one octave lower) and subsub oscillators (two octaves lower) – switch them all on, and you get six oscillators at once.
12 dB state variable filter – low pass, high pass, band pass, wide notch – which they say is their own proprietary design.
ADSR envelope, now with a “punchy” shorter hold stage when you crank attack and decay peaks, they say.

There’s a delay, too – based on the Princeton pt2399 chip, and “grungy” in the creators’ description – which you can modulate via time CV input.

And some classic overdrive, plus an extra booster stage – this part does actually sound a bit like classic British console gear.

And there’s a step sequencer – 8 banks, 16 steps per sequence, both for the internal synth and external gear (CV/gate and MIDI output).

Plus the whole thing is patchable:
There’s an LFO with eight waveforms and dual outputs, which you can patch to all of the CV ins or to other gear.
The patch panel has 19 minijack CV/gate and audio patch points.

The keyboard is now touch-based – so you don’t need a stylus – and has a sort of absurd set of features (MIDI controller output with local on/off, glide and modulation keys, three octaves of keys).

And it’s made of steel.

Price: £299 / $349 / €329
Availability: Late February 2019 [limited edition]

So it’s really Stylophone on steroids – fully patchable, with delay and drive and filter, MIDI and CV, ready to use as a new synth or as a controller tool with other gear (other semi-modulars, Eurorack, MIDI instruments, whatever). It does appear one of the more interesting new instruments of the year – one to watch.



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Escher Sketch – ein 2D-Pad für das Modularsystem – Stift oder Fingersteuerung

LZX Escher SketchLZX Escher Sketch

LZX Industries haben bisher sehr unterschiedliche Dinge vorgestellt, darunter auch Video-Synthesizer und natürlich auch außerhalb des Eurorack-Formats. Ganz neu ist das 2D-Pad namens Escher Sketch.

Das Pad wird rechts und links sowie oben und unten anzeigen, wo sich der Stift befindet. Ja, es ist tatsächlich ein Stift dabei, aber das Pad kann aber auch mit dem Finger betätigt werden. Der Druck der nötig ist, kann eingestellt werden und die Stärke des Drucks lässt sich ebenfalls einstellen. Die Bewegung kann bewusst verzögert werden mit einem „Slew Faktor“, also einer Verzögerungseinheit. Es gibt natürlich auch Ausgänge für Geschwindigkeit und Druck (Velocity und Pressure) neben den beiden Positionen X und Y.

Das Gate doch

Es gibt auch zwei Gate-Ausgänge die manuell ausgelöst werden. Spätestens jetzt müsste man verstehen, dass Sketch wirklich genau so gemeint ist – das Pad funktioniert wie ein Zeichenbrett und wäre sowas wie Markierposition und Maustasten. So könnte man bestimmte Sounds oder Einstellungen suchen und per Gate „freigeben“ zur Übernahme in einen Sequencer oder ähnliche Dinge. Zusammen mit einem schlauen Stück Software und Modulen v0n Expert Sleepers  könnte man dann am Rechner ziemlich intelligente Dinge tun. Alternativ zu den Buttons kann man natürlich auch den Druck per Stift oder Finger nutzen, um es auszulösen.

Mehr Information

Das Pad kostet 499 US-Dollar und man kann hier mehr darüber lesen. Die überaus ungewöhnlichen Module, die es sonst noch gibt, kann man sich hier ansehen. Darunter vor allem Eingabesysteme und Controller-artige Ideen für die Performance und für Videomanipulation.


Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers-Lifeforms Primary Oscillator unboxing and first sound

Published on Jan 15, 2019 Dziam Bass

“After a last delivery from Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers today we have a small unboxing movie Lifeforms Primary Oscillator and the first sound, It’s an amazing VCO but we show a lot more soon and meanwhile, look how nice it looks and taste the sound.”

Workshop with Wowa Cwejman @SchneidersLaden

Published on Jan 15, 2019

“At the beginning of July 2018 SchneidersLaden had the opportunity to welcome Wowa Cwejman again. The occasion was the presentation of four new modules. Wowa Cwejman was so kind to give us an overview of these modules in the large showroom of SchneidersLaden, together with Tom Körting they went through all new aspects of the modules and patched some sound examples.

Neutron & BeatStep Pro & VCV Rack – First Patch

Published on Jan 15, 2019 Omri Cohen

Integration of software & hardware modular.

“So this is literally my first patch with the Neutron and BeatStep pro, combined with VCV Rack. I was still not so sure how to sync the BeatStep with VCV Rack, so what I’ve done is, I set the same BPM in both VCV Rack and on the BeatStep Pro, and sent the Start trigger via MIDI from the BeatStep to trigger the

G-Storm Electro 2xVCA 6HP Eurorack Dual VCA Module Demo

Published on Jan 15, 2019 gstormelectro

“Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2019

Today I demonstrate my 2xVCA Eurorack module, an analog dual voltage controlled amplifier. Channel 1 is processing modulated noise coming from the E352. Channel 2 is handling an arpeggio from the CEM3340 VCO. My 2xADSR dual envelope is sending CVs to the VCA. I’ve added a kick from Future Retro Transient, and