Vinyl Debut by NYZ – SHFTR FRQ – Featuring Aphex Twin’s Sequentix Cirklon & PreenFM2

“+ [Special note for track A9 – SHFTR_CA#BB1] => A huge shout of thanks to Richard D James for gifting me a Sequentix Cirklon sequencer and PreenFM2 synth during my Regional Arts Fellowship in 2017! This was the first track I made using this gear. You can also read up more about my open source Farey Sequence FM programming tool for the PreenFM here =>


DRONE CRASHERS// Roland System-500 + TR-8

Published on Nov 20, 2018 MR TUNA Music

“Went out paddling instead of hanging out in the studio. We threw some rocks, saw some dead fish, smoked some pot, crashed my drone (so worth it), worked ourselves to death (my poor shoulder), saw some eagles and tried to sneak into that ghost ship (no luck)

Lots of fun and shit. Don’t smoke and pilot your drone. (or do, because it was a fucking riot)”

intellijel Rainmaker Tap Melodies

Published on Nov 20, 2018 Intellijel

“With Rainmaker’s per tap pitch shifting, it’s possible to make melodies in your delay from a single note. By changing the Tap# and Groove Type, the rhythms of these melodies can be shifted in interesting ways.”

MATRIXBRUTE + EURORACK: Let’s make some pad sounds!

Published on Nov 20, 2018 BoBeats

“In this episode of Eurorack with Bo we take a look at Black Hole DSP 2 and Befaco Rampage to see if we can create some cool pad sounds using the Matrixbrute.

If you want to help me out join my Patreon:”

TEST SERIES Audio Damage ADM12 Neuron Eurorack with Mojo Hand FX El Guapo Fuzz

Published on Nov 20, 2018 Outsider Sound Design

“Audio Damage ADM12 Neuron Eurorack distorted / destroyed with Mojo Hand FX El Guapo Fuzz.

The purpose of ‘TEST SERIES’ is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential.
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Gristleizer – Sid Guts Deluxe – Akemie’s Taiko – Rings – Edges – Elements

Published on Nov 20, 2018 isvisible isinvisible

“Complex-ish, Abstract-ish melodies with a fuzzy lead-ish provided by the Sid Guts Deluxe being rammed through the Gristleizer.

Drums: Soundmaster ‘SR-88’ into TipTop Audio ‘Z-DSP’ reverb
Bass: Mutable Instruments ‘Rings’
Organ-ish: Mutable Instruments ‘Edges’ into Doepfer ‘A-188-2 Tapped Delay’
Plinky plonks: ALM ‘Akemie’s Taiko’ into

2hp Vowel – Vocal & Formant Synthesis #2hpTuesdays

Published on Nov 20, 2018 DivKidVideo

“So here we have the lovely little 2hp VOWEL. Primed and ready for vocal, vowel and formant synthesis we have a simple little module that delivers a wide range of glottal, throaty tones. There’s pitch and 1v/oct input, then vowel and formant controls both with CV inputs and a two way ‘also’ (algorithm) switch for Vowel of FOF Synthesis.


Bastl Timber – wie man mit nur einem Modul komplexere Modulationen erschafft

Bastl TimberBastl Timber

Sympathisch wie immer stellt das Bastl-Kollektiv vor, wozu und wie man mit dem Bastl Timber-Modul noch mehr machen kann als das, was man sonst damit macht. Nämlich klassische Oszillatoren vielfältiger machen.

Waveshaping verändert ein eingehendes Signal anhand einer Kurve. Das macht natürlich auch das Modul Bastl Timber. Mit Hund zeigt uns Nikol, wie man aus einem LFO oder Hüllkurve mehr raus zu holen ist als die simple und recht vorhersagbare Standard-Schwingung oder der Verlauf eines Hüllkurvengenerators.

Was kann man mehr machen als das was man kennt?

So wird aus einem Dreieck-Signal eine Sinus-Schwingung, die aber eine Unregelmäßigkeit aufweist oder aus einer Treppenspannung auch noch etwas mehr als nur das. Außerdem kann man aus einem simplen Sägezahn einige stärkere und einige schwächere Verläufe mit abflachendem Charakter herstellen, die als komplexer Verlauf für ein Filter oder eine FM-Steuerung gut herhalten können.

Eigentlich ist das gar nicht mal Geheimwissen, aber Bastl haben es auch drauf, sinnvolle Tipps mitzugeben und ihre Module vergleichsweise günstig zu halten.

Dieser Beitrag ist eher ein Hinweis auf solche Hintergründe, die letztlich musikalischer sind und helfen Module vielfältiger einzusetzen, als man sie kennenlernt. So kann ein Ringmodulator beispielsweise auch als AM-Tremolo-Generator missbraucht werden. Vielleicht spart der ein oder andere dadurch oder kann die eigenen Module vielfältiger sehen und anwenden.

Informationen dazu

  • Mehr zu Bastl gibt es hier
  • Zu Timber gibt es hier – (das Modul kostet 185 Euro)


Escape vanilla modulation: Nikol shows you waveshaping powers

You wouldn’t make music with just simple oscillators, so why only use basic, repetitive modulation? In the latest video in Bastl’s how-to series hosted by Patchení’s Nikol, waveshaping gets applied to control signals.

A-ha! But what’s waveshaping? Well, Nikol teaches basic classes in modular synthesis to beginners, but she did skip over that. Waveshapers add more complex harmonic content to simple waveform inputs. Basic vanilla waveform in, nice wiggly complex waveform out. (See Wikipedia for that moment when you say, oh, well, why didn’t my math teacher bring in synthesizers when she taught us polynomials, then I would have stayed awake!)

Bastl unveiled the Timber waveshaping module back in May, and we all thought it was cool:

Bastl do waveshaping, MIDI, and magically tune your modules

But when most people hear waveshapers, they think of them just as a fancy oscillator – as a sound source. But in the modular world, you can also imagine it as a way of adding harmonics (read: complexity) to simple control signals, which is what Nikol demonstrates here.

That is, instead of Waveshaper -> out, you’ll route [modulation/control signal/LFO] -> Waveshaper in, and mess with that signal. WahWahWahWah can turn into WahwrrEEEEkittyglrblMrcbb… ok, okay, video:

Keep watching, because this eventually gets into adding variation to a sequenced signal.

You can try this in any software or hardware environment, but you do need your waveshaper to work with your control input. What’s relatively special about Timber in the hardware domain at least is its ability to process slow circuits.

You can also follow Nikol on Instagram.

But more of Deina the modular dog, please!

Tragically, while Nikol’s English is getting fluent, us Americans are not doing any better with our Czech. So, Bastl, we may need an immersion language program more than synthesis.

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birdkids launches kickstarter for RAVEN semi-modular synthesizer voice

birdkids RAVEN

Austrian tech startup company birdkids has announced that it has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its RAVEN, a 100% analog synthesizer voice. RAVEN combines the simplicity of a performance-friendly, semi-modular synthesizer voice with fully-modular, infinitely flexible, workflow possibilities by assigning Control Voltage I/O’s at (almost) every point in the signal workflow. Each modular component can […]

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