Radikal Technologies Delta CEP Set to Ship Next Week

DeltaRND Seq Published on Feb 13, 2019 Jörg Schaaf

“The Delta CEP A’s LFO can trigger the ADSR envelope.That works even, when the LFO is set to. Each Random Voltage step will simultaneously create a gate signal. Just hold SHIFT and turn the ADSR section decay knob for a LFO-ADSR Assignment. The shift & decay combination will control the gate time of the LFO ADSR sync signal..

The RND signal is

carly rae jepsen run through volca modular

Published on Feb 13, 2019 Nick Kwas

Strange Patching: QPAS Gong

Published on Feb 13, 2019 MAKEN0ISE

“This patch uses two low pass filters in parallel to simulate a long ringing bell or gong sound.

Two VCOs are tuned to a perfect fourth apart, and then ring modded together. The result of this is patched one filter, while the unaltered output of one of the VCOs is patched to the other. They are then mixed together and gated using a percussive envelope with

Ambient Soundscape in C Minor

Published on Feb 13, 2019 theianboddy

“Improvising an ambient soundscape in C Minor.

Tip Top One has a sample of an ambient bed prepared on my Serge system.

I’m then mixing in some analogue Ring Mod FX from the Cwejman FSH1 & Livewire Dalek Modulator (sitting in the rack to the right).

The Make Noise DPO is providing the bass & the Mutable instruments Braids the higher notes.

These are

Ritual Electronics Altar // State variable Eurorack filter with lots of CV control

Published on Feb 13, 2019 DivKidVideo

“**TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW** I was pleased to see Ritual Electronics announce Altar after first enjoying Miasma and working with them on that demo (link below). Altar is a state variable filter that rather than switching between low, band and high pass modes allows you to vary and blend between them both with the knob AND with CV control. That’s a

[8] The Radiophonic One – STG Soundlabs | Matt Chadra

Published on Feb 13, 2019 ClavAnother

“Here is the final installment in my series on the new STG Soundlabs Radiophonic One synthesizer. This is a long form exploration of just some of the sonic capabilities of this amazing instrument.”

Radiophonic One videos by ClavAnother

Quick Tip: Kick Drum Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Patch Tutorial

Published on Feb 12, 2019 Perfect Circuit

“Here is a quick tip on how to make a kick drum with a eurorack modular synthesizer.

You will need:
– a trigger source (clock or sequencer)
– two envelope generators (snappy exponential ones)
– a VCO (voltage controlled oscillator)
– a VCA (voltage controlled amplifier)

The patch:
– trigger source to trigger input of both envelope generators

Soundmachines (arches) Universal Tactile Interface Midi CV Gate Bluetooth

via this auction

-multi-element control surface
-light strips, buttons and pads
-single or aggregate controls
-user friendly configuration
-virtual keyboards
-arpeggiators and sequencers
-32 configurable CV/Gate outputs
-multi-standard(Euro, Buchla, V/Hz)
-internal/external clock
-MIDI(standard and USB)
-wireless MIDI over Bluetooth

Synth Rorschach #60: German Mainframe Computer DERA – Documentary from 1963

Published on Feb 12, 2019 MonoThyratron

“[Enable English Subtitles, please]

At the time of this film (1963) the computer colossus DERA (Darmstädter Elektronischer Rechenautomat) was actually already outdated. It was created in the tube era of electronics. The construction of the calculating machine was conceptually based on the American calculator MARK IV by Howard Aiken (* 8 March 1900 † 14

Cascading Two Filters Tips/Tricks Delta VCF Eurorack Synth [Demo #4]

Published on Feb 12, 2019 gstormelectro

“Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2019

Today we’ve got a good one.
I’m going to show you some fun to be had running two filters in series and parallel.
You can do these things with any filters w/ lowpass and bandpass.
This time using two of my Delta VCF modules.

0:00 Opening
0:38 Cascading Filters (2 Filters in Series)
4:20 Parallel (Stereo)