Eventide Fission effect plugin 60% OFF for limited time

Eventide FissionPlugin Boutique has launched a sale on Eventide Fission, a versatile tool for sound designers. Fission lets you split and manipulate audio to create and explore sounds never heard before. Fission is the first plug-in to use our ground-breaking Structural Effects technology – A new method for processing audio. It allows you to split a […]

"Ferrofluid" [Octatrack / Analog Heat / TB-303 / Eventide SPACE]

Published on Nov 22, 2017 Masaki Takada

“My new EP now on sale 🙂

Used Equipments:
Elektron Octatrack
Elektron Analog Heat
Roland TB-303
Eventide SPACE
E-RM Multiclock”

Thankful – a Dawless song

Published on Nov 18, 2017 millolab

“A Dawless Song. Headphnes highly recommended
Gear used: Elektron Octatrack, Elektron Machinedruma Korg Electribe2, Eventide H9
Thanks for watching.”

MangledVerb reverb plugin (VST/AU/AAX) from Eventide now available

Eventide MangledVerbEventide has released MangledVerb, a unique effect that combines reverb and distortion, capable of creating lush reverbs, ripping distortion leads and sound-sculpting musical chaos. MangledVerb is ported directly from the award-winning H9 Harmonizer unit, which guitarists have used for years to create signature sounds. MangledVerb starts with a variable pre-delay which feeds a stereo reverb […]

Shade beneath wings of black

Published on Nov 11, 2017 MIDERA

Spectralis 2
Virus TI
Korg EMX
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Eventide Space

Yamaha Reface DX & Eventide Space

Published on Nov 5, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

“Reface DX synthesiser through the Space reverb. Delay and modulation effects are the DX’s onboard effects.

No further processing except normalisation.”

Eventide intros MangledVerb creative reverb plugin

Eventide MangleVerbEventide has announced MangledVerb, a new H9 plugin series reverb effect for Windows and Mac. Somewhere in Eventide’s storage facility, ghoulish sounds have been reported. Our resident ghost hunter has been deployed to investigate and you won’t believe what he found. MangledVerb, a unique effect combining reverb and distortion, and is the second release of […]

A4 External Input Jam with Touché

Published on Oct 29, 2017 coyotesynth

“Expressive E Touché controller deals with both filters at the same time, to tweak a little motion sequence. Kronos sends a drumtrack into the external in, while Eventide Eclipse add some delay.”

experimentalsynth :: The Krell Suite by Chris Stack

Published on Oct 28, 2017 experimentalsynth

“The Krell Suite was inspired by one of Make Noise’s Patch of the Week videos, a demo of their 0-Coast version of that abstract electronic music staple, The Krell Patch, based on Louis and Bebe Barron’s ground-breaking soundtrack for the movie Forbidden Planet. Stream and download at https://chrisstack.bandcamp.com/album…”