Future Sound Systems – Brunswick DIY Workshop @ Thonk

Streamed live 8 hours ago Thonk Synth DIY

Website: http://www.thonk.co.uk

Soundmit 2018 – Interview: Felix Visser and Stijn Haring-Kuipers about the new Fenix

Soundmit 2018 – 3/4 Nov 2018


We had the pleasure of hosting a great character from the world of synthesizers.

On the occasion of the active collaboration with the guys from This Is Not Rocket Science, Felix Visser, founder of SYNTON, the Dutch company famous for Syrinx and Fenix synthesizers (I, II and III),

Sonic State Live@dBs Music with Adrian Utley, Dave Spiers, Will Gregory, & Ty Unwin

Published on Dec 3, 2018 sonicstate

Adrian Utley: Minimoog – Live@dBs Music
Dave Spiers: 8 Voice Oberheim Live@dBs Music
Will Gregory: Korg MS20 Live@dBs Music
Ty Unwin: Orchestral Tips Live@dBs Music

Suzanne Ciani at Don Buchla Memorial Concerts

Published on Nov 27, 2018 Suzanne Ciani

“Sunday, 23 April 2017 at Gray Area in San Francisco for the Don Buchla Memorial Concert series.

Hosted by Naut Humon. Shot by Connie Field and Gregory Scharpen. Edited by Rachel Aiello.”

TURNLAB presents: An Evening With The MOOG ONE (Aftermovie)

Published on Nov 28, 2018 Turnlab

“At the 22nd of November 2018, TURNLAB.be presented the Moog ONE at DE Studio in Antwerp, Belgium. – Surrounded by some of its ‘little’ brothers & sisters, and some vintage ancestors, the first ONE in the BeNeLux was demoed by Niels Broos with the option to get hands-on with it and a Q&A-session afterwards.

Fun evening it was! Here’s an impression…”

Pennies from Heaven #9 // Andrew Lafkas Live at CONTROL

via Control on Eventbrite

“Pennies from Heaven, a collaboration between Control and Bánh Mì Verlag, is a new series focused on contemporary experimental culture with an emphasis on the liminal and the underrepresented.

Andrew Lafkas’s musical efforts are focused on the practice of contrabass and the development and participation in groups engaged with group intuition. He believes music to be a

Soundmit 2018 – International Sound Summit – Overview

Published on Nov 23, 2018 SOUNDMIT

Soundmit 2018 – 3/4 Nov 2018

Soundmit 2018 – Overview

Exhibit at Soundmit 2019!
Contact us at info@soundmit.com

The second edition of the Soundmit – International Sound Summit ended keeping all the promises. 35 exhibitors from 11 different countries, over 800 visitors and 170 operators in


“FingerRing (FrR) – is a simple, cheap, intuitive and easy way to play with electronically mediated multi-channel sound. It was developed in Moscow Sound Art Studio SA))_studio by sergey kasich in 2016 to provide accessible d.i.y. technology for multichannel live performances. The simplest version of FrR does not require anything at all, except what you already have, if you want to play with

WELTKLANG Electronic Music – Improvisation@ Mindscape Concert, Capitol Cinema, Zeil am Main, Germany

WELTKLANG Electronic Music – Improvisation@ Mindscape Concert, Capitol Cinema, Zeil am Main, Germany from Open Video Medien Labor on Vimeo.

“The Beginning of the Mindscape Concert by Weltklang at Capitol-Theatre, Zeil. Starting up with a beautiful slow and silent old school live improvisation by Weltklang (Richard Aicher & Andreas Merz) together with Gerhard Mayrhofer (Synth-Werk) and Gert

Conversations and an overflow of music, streaming from Ableton Loop

Don’t have a ticket to Ableton’s Loop “summit for music makers” in Los Angeles? There’s an overabundance of music and conversation from the gathered artists streaming, much of it live, available now.

It’s easy to imagine Loop as turning into something really focused on the particular software and hardware products from Ableton, but the people programming the event have made it something very different. Loop’s programming itself extends through a range of artistic and technological frontiers, many of them only tangentially related to Live or Push – everything from AI to electronic instrument engineering to sonifying data from space. Most of that does require a ticket – which means you need to be in Los Angeles right now, and tickets were in short supply. (Even for ticket holders, capacities are constrained as workshops and seminars often take place in small quarters.)

What you can get access to is a couple of the mainstage talks, and a whole bunch of the music culture around Loop. That says a lot about the kind of artists Ableton has befriended, and the sort of hub Los Angeles can be for musicians. So Dublab Radio are broadcasting, for instance – and they’ve made Loop their home.

We’ll be talking to artists, too, in our own way – stay tuned for that. But meanwhile, part of what I get is that there’s a ton of music to experience. It’s not just one genre, and it’s also not just about the people Loop programmers thought were important. If music production tools are driven by an urge to create and share, then it’s little wonder that the participants here have self-organized their own collaborative playlist to share what they’re doing.

So let’s listen. Here’s your guide:

Loop has their live streaming schedule online, with events starting mainly 2PM (5PM NYC, 11PM Berlin) daily, earlier on Saturday:

Timing on the West Coast of the USA tends to run a little late even in the Americas, and winds up at weird hours for Europe/Africa and the Eastern Hemisphere. But here you go — think afternoon – early evening LA time Friday and Saturday and afternoon Sunday. That means evening east coast USA, early morning Japan, and … Europe you might want to wait for the archive unless you’re a night owl.

Highlights for me include Sunday – Damien Licht has been doing some great productions and has a new album, and shesaid.so, Naomi Mitchell & Coco Solid should be terrific as they’re bringing in loads of new and diverse music interests and community activation. Plus Dennis DeSantis, Laura Escudé, Patrice Rushen, Photay talking Saturday about what happens when plans go awry – well, that’s relevant to all of us, and this is an utterly amazing selection of different life experiences professionally. We all talk about the Instagram-friendly perfect side of our creative lives, and very rarely about the failures – even if adjusting to failures is usually where the good stuff happens.

Plus there are live performances in the evening if you can catch them.

Music you can tune in any time, though, via Spotify.

What’s great is the chance for participants to share with one another:

And Dublab would love to welcome you to LA’s extraordinarily dynamic scene:

For more sounds – including the lineup at Loop and a guide to why the venue EastWest Studios has put out music you already know and love:


And if you are at Loop, see you here:

Touch, Code, Play: creating hybrid physical-digital music instruments

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