One of a Kind PPG Wave 2.2 Gold Anniversary Model – PPG Wave 2.2 #500

Published on Jan 10, 2014 WPalmWT

“PPG rooms and coworkers 1983 and the 500th wave 2.2”

Here’s something you don’t see for sale everyday. The 500th PPG Wave 2.2 in gold. This one was spotted for sale and sent in via M Me.

via this auction

“PPG Wave 2.2 anniversary model number 500 in gold colour. Only one was ever made , see and search for youtube video from Mr. Palm ‘PPG 1983’. I bought

Mulogix Slave 32 Documents & Resources

This one is in via the seller of the Mulogix Slave 32 currently listed for sale on eBay here (first posted here).

“Here is a google drive URL to a high quality scan of the Schematic, User Manual in two parts, the Digital Synthesis Module RS-232 Interface Technical Reference manual, Mulib Users Guide, the Feature Specification with reference sheet, blank Beta Test Registration form, Software and

New Analog Mafia RC-808 from Roland’s "Mid-O Series" Developers and the "Failed" Roland TR-808

This post is a bit of a doozy so bear with me. 🙂

First we have a new software model of the TR-808 from the original developers of the 808:

“The RC-808 ‘Re-Create the 808’ emulates the original TR-808 sound with analog manner synthesis. As the name implies, it is with respect to the original 808 sounds which is a criterion for sound synthesis as a vintage. Starting from this criterion,

Vtg 1970s SWTPC Psych-tone Melody Composer Synthesizer Project

Rare SWTPC Psych Tone 1971 digital analog synthesizer sequencer triadex Muse electronic music Published on Apr 28, 2013 salvadory

Interesting note that this was the first digital sequencer synth prior to the Triadex Muse.

“First of all my camera is terrible so my apoligies for audio and video-( my camera keeps shutting off even though the power is charged-)

However this is a very rare SWTPC

Glenn Gould On the Moog Synthesizer

Published on Aug 3, 2019 Bruce Cross

Great bit of synth history. Do not miss the interview. Jean-Jacques Perrey and the Ondioline get a mention.

“Glenn Gould’s radio programme on the Moog Synthesizer as rebroadcast on May 21, 1969.

0:00 Ken Haslam introduction
0:56 Glenn Gould introducion
5:25 On the Moog Synthesizer: interviews with W. Carlos and Jean Le Moyne
42:06 Glenn Gould conclusion

Rare Mulogix Slave 32 – Wendy Carlos DK Synergy Rack Synth SN WC002 ?

via this auction

Only one was previously featured back in 2011 for a MOTM sale posted here. According to the seller: “Supposedly the WC stands for Wendy Carlos but I have never been able to verify it. i even contacted Stoney the creator of the Slave and he thinks I am correct BUT he can not find the records in his attic.”

Auction description: “I purchased this Slave in 1998. I was not even

DEPECHE MODE – DAVID GAHAN´s BBC Acorn Master / UMI Sequencer For Auction?

via this auction

“A true gem of electronic music history:

BBC Acorn Master / UMI Sequencer
obviously used by DEPECHE MODE (David Gahan)
on their VIOLATOR TOUR 1990.

Why we can be sure that this setup is authentic:

1.) Registered user

The internal UMI-software on the Cartridges shows David Gahan as registered user.

2.) Original Freight labels

This system was sent as part of several

EMS Rehberg Analyse-Filterbank B1-II pair with matched serial numbers

via this auction

Another one in via M Me. I believe these are the first to be featured on the site. Anyone know when they were produced? I’m not finding them on the EMS Rehberg site.

“EMS Rehberg Analyse-Filterbank B1-II pair (2) available for sale! These units are ultra rare and it’s probably the only chance to find two with matched serial numbers. Both units are just been serviced and in

New Digitone DS1000 Ad & the Digitone Teclado 44RT

This is not click bait, I swear! 😉 For those looking for new Elektron products though, this is not it. That said, this might be just as interesting. Well, for those that find vintage-synths-long-lost-in-the-annals-of-history interesting, at least.

To the left you will find a ROCK STAR vintage ad for the Digitone DS1000. Below you will find a video for the Digitone Teclado 44RT. How did we

Tonus Model 2002 Predecessor to ARP 2500

via this auction

“Only around 20 units produced between 1970-1971 before production started on the later ARP 2500 Model 2515.

Recently fully restored by Phil Cirocco at CMS Discrete Synthesizers in the US.

Additional calibration and snagging carried out by Keith Kniveton at Lucid Sound in the UK.

Cabinet fully restored.

2 X Model 1004T VCO
1 X Model 1004R VCO (very rare rocker