Synthetic Soundlabs Pays a Rare Visit to Bell Lab’s VODER Speech Synthesizer From 1939

Photo credit: Doug Slocum via Synthetic Sound Labs. Click here for additional pics.

“For the first time in nearly 80 years, the VODER has been found – well at least some of it. Unfortunately, none of the operator consoles are known to have survived the various archive moves over the years.

On December 15, 2015, SSL’s President Doug Slocum was treated to unprecedented access to the AT&T

Jurgen Haible – Living Vocoder Custom Build

This one was spotted on Muff’s from JanneI and sent in via M Me.

Jurgen Haible started work on the design back in 2009, prototype boards came in 2010, and he unfortunately passed away in 2011. His site is gone, however I was able to find his page on the Living Vocoder at the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine here.

“The Filterbank funktion will have 3 modes:

1) On
The Filterbank will

The Datanomics SYNTHI 100

This one is in via MATRIXSYNTH reader, Daniel Araya of Camp303 who also restored the Belgrade SYNTHI 100 featured here.

“I just restored the University of Cuenca Synthi 100!

This is the last S100 ever made, by the company Datanomics that took over EMS in 1979.

They produced this unit in 1981/82 and it was used at Gabinete de Música Electroacústica de Cuenca (G.M.E.) until it was put in

Rmif Ti-5 Ultra Rare Analog Soviet Synthesizer | Sounds

Published on Dec 2, 2019 Futulyric

“The Soviet synthesizer RMIF TI5 was engineered and produced at Riga Musical Instruments Factory in early 1980.
8-voice analog polyphonic , 16 digitally synced analog oscillators, 8 MOOG-like discrete ladder filters, 1 SAW_UP/SAW_DOWN/TRIANG/SQUARE LFO, 1 noise source, 256 memory presets in four banks (192 ROM, 64 RAM), sequencer and UP/DOWN/UP_AND_DOWN

Voice of the Cylon – Battlestar Galactica, The ARP 2500, and the EMS Vocoder 2000

Published on Nov 20, 2019 supajc

Amazing series sent my way via John L Rice. Playlist and descriptions for each video in the playlist above, directly below. Enjoy. 😉

See here for previous posts featuring Battlestar Galactica.


1. Voice of the Cylon Pt. 1 The Synthesizer
Battlestar Galactica fans & synthesizer community, rejoice! For the first time in history the mysterious sound

Teisco String Ensemble SN T-6591

via this auction

“Very rare Teisco string synth, poor mans Solina string?. Does appear to work on all sounds but the tuning potentiometer has broken off. Has been unused for many years so needs all the controls cleaning as they crackle. The wooden sides are tatty as shown.”

I believe this is the first Teisco String synth featured on the site. Check out the New Old label for additional rare

Novation London Store – World’s 1st Synth Manufacturer Retail Store?

via @WeAreNovation

“We just opened the doors of our Novation London pop-up store. Step into our world of music making, featuring fully interactive music production stations and a packed schedule of inspiring events and workshops. Browse the line-up and grab your tickets >>>”

This got me wondering, is this the first brick & morter, retail shop by a synth manufacturer? Pretty cool to see this.

Rare Vintage Moog 981 Mixer Module from 1967

This one is in via Thesis Audio Service who had the following to say:

“I came across this very rare module in a 1968 Moog IIIp that we are restoring for a client. It is a model 981 four channel mixer which I can find very little info about. It appears in the classic Wendy Carlos modular picture and in some Max Brand pictures. There is no mention of it in any of my Moog archive literature or

Milton Babbitt Demonstration on Electronic Music

Milton Babbitt-demonstration on electronic music (1966) part I

Published on Apr 19, 2016 Joe

A bit of electronic music history in via @auralhistories. Milton Babbitt on television.

Milton Babbitt-demonstration on electronic music (1966) part II


An Interview with Peter Mauzey on Astronauta Pinguim featuring a picture of Milton Babbitt with the RCA MK II synthesizer in 1958.


Meet Colossus – Analogue Solutions Rendition of the Classic EMS SYNTHI 100

You might remember Analogue Solutions EMS SYNTHI 100 for sale from previous posts. It appears they have put it to good use and designed their own version. P.S. I spotted this earlier this morning, but thanks to Soviet Space Child for sending in the link.

via Analogue Solutions:

“Available direct only… Come see Colossus at SynthFest (UK, 5/Oct)

Numbers will be limited – we are currently