Axcel Hartmann’s Original Panel Design for the Waldorf Q & How the Yellow Q Came to Be

swissdoc and I were exchanging emails about the recent Waldorf posts featuring the JADE Q, non-Nextel Pulse, and the manuals for the XT, and MicroWave. Some interesting bits of info came out of our exchange.  You can find them in updates in those posts. Possibly even more interesting are the images you see here in this post. Swissdoc sent them my way with the following. What you are looking

Waldorf Q JADE

Here’s something you might not have seen before. Axel Hartmann, maker of the Hartmann neuron, and the man behind the physical design of a number of synths ranging from Waldorf to Moog, shared this photo online – posters for the Access Virus Indigo, the Waldorf Q in classic Nextel blue, and a Waldorf Q in “JADE” (looks white). Curious if any were ever produced. Also note the poster

The Complete Guide to Synthesizer by Devarahi Including the Con Brio ADS 200, Buchla Touche, Emu Audity, Aries and SMS Modular Systems & More

via this auction

“The Complete Guide to Synthesizers by Devarahi. Covers many legendary, vintage, analog and digital synthesizers. Arp 2600 sections. Many pics and diagrams.”

Some synths featured inside:

Aries Keyboard System III
SMS Modular Synthesizer
Moog System 55
Fairlight C.M.I.
Con Brio ADS 200 Digital Command Console
Crumar / DKI GD ?
Emu Audity
Buchla Touche

Check out an EMS VCS4 at VCS4 Day Event on March 19

Looks like two EMS VCS3s in a custom keyboard controller case. There was a smaller VCS4 and XILS made a software emulation that looked just like this one. You can find both in the archives here.

Details on the event via Eventbrite:

“VCS4 day is a one day event (10–5pm) that pays tribute to the unique early music synthesiser, the EMS VCS4, which has recently been acquired for the Department

GEM Instapiano 73 Demo Italian

Published on Feb 29, 2020 jerry dibella

“A Little demo of the huge Gem Instapiano 73 of the italian manufacturer Gem, It Is a Electronic piano keyboard fron 1983, It gas Just tour piano sounds plus harpsicord, It gas Dynamic keys and a modulari in section with a phaser and a voltage controller filter. It Is absolutelt big, It gas its own stand, handle and cover, bit the weight It Is so much (I

Folktek Impossible Box rare big modular synth art thing by Arius Blaze

via this auction

Original offered by Folktek for $1 million dollars. It went up for auction in 2013 and reached $39,100 with 55 bids at the time of this post. You can find previous posts featuring the Folktek Impossible Box including some demos here.

“Here is the synthesizer Arius Blaze made for himself. He spent one year of his life making this. Originally posted comically as 1 million

Farfisa FX1000 – Vintage Instruments Expander controlled by PolyPhase Generative Random Music

Published on Feb 13, 2020 VSMI

“Farfisa FX-1000 – Micro Vintage Instrument Expander controlled by PolyPhase Generative Random Music Ios app on Ipad. Farfisa Vintage software for Windows virtualized on VirtualBox for MacOS. 4 virtual instruments, GM Expander (piano), Farfisa Compact Combo Organ, Farfisa Drawbars and Rotator, Farfisa Synth Sound Maker.”

Another new old synth to the site. I

Cadans S12 (TOM-1503)

Published on Feb 12, 2020

“Несколько пресетных звуков с редкого советского пролифонического аналогового синтезатора “Каданс” разработчика ТОМ-1501 Геннадия Терехова”


“Several preset sounds from the rare Soviet proliferation analog synthesizer” Kadans “developed by TOM-1501 Gennady Terekhov”

First one featured on the site! See the New Old Label at the bottom of this post for

The MCS70 by ELKA’s Mario Maggi – Only One In Existence Might Come to Soundmit

Published on Feb 10, 2020 Badilevintage

Details on Soundmit with the pics further below.

“Hello everybody , my Hobby it’s restore the old Combo organ and Synth.
In this video i show you the test after restored of ultra rare MCS70 made by Ing. Mario Maggi .
The only piece in the world!!”

[Side note: Mario Maggi was the man behind the ELKA Synthex. There was only one previous post that

The Logan Vocalsynth

Logan Vocalsynth Test after restoration Published on Oct 18, 2018 Badilevintage

“Hello everybody , my Hobby it’s restore the old Combo organ and Synth.
In this video i show you the test after restored of ultra rare Logan Vocalsynth .”

This is the first post to feature the Logan Vocalsynth.