Loopmasters releases Boom SFX explosive sample pack

Loopmasters Boom SFXLoopmasters has released Boom SFX, a sample pack featuring a collection of explosive sounds. We’ve set our finest field recording agents and sound designers at work to bring you one of the biggest libraries of weaponry and explosion samples on the market today, all 100% royalty free. Get ready to accompany your compositions and moving […]

Michael Picher releases Baking Pan-demonium for sforzando

Michael Picher Baking Pan demoniumMichael Picher has announced the release of Baking Pan-demonium, a sample library in which Michael set himself the goal to go nuts and sample as many baking pans as he could. Everyone has turned a baking pan into some kind of impromptu drum at some point in their life. So, I sampled 9 pans of […]

Technosphere sample pack offers organic soundscapes and natural field recordings

Famous Audio TechnosphereFamous Audio has launched its latest sample pack Technosphere, a collection of sounds from cities, cafes and restaurants, public transportation, parks, forests as well as other sounds recorded from the real world. SO, if you are looking to warm up your productions with organic soundscapes and natural field recordings, then this pack is a great […]

MixerFace R4 mobile recording interface now shipping worldwide

CEntrance MixerFace R4CEntrance has announced its is now shipping the MixerFace R4 – Mobile Recording Interface, which is designed for songwriters, podcasters, video bloggers, and others to easily record professional-quality audio anywhere. Debuted at NAMM, the battery-powered 4-channel device turns a smartphone or tablet into a multitrack DAW, making it quick and easy to capture musical ideas, […]

ModeAudio Summer Sale 2018, Sample packs & synth presets 30% OFF!

ModeAudio Summer Sale 2018ModeAudio has announced its 2018 Summer Sale, offering a 30% discount on its sample packs, synth presets and field recordings. It’s that time of year again; we’ve dusted off the shades & inflated our oversized beach ball to get well & truly in the mood for the ModeAudio Summer Sale! Featuring every last one of […]

FieldScaper sound warp field recorder gets step sequencer in v2.0

FieldScaper 2.0Igor Vasiliev has released version 2.0 of FieldScaper, a sound warp field recorder and scapes constructor for iOS. The update includes a built-in step sequencer, allowing you to add rhythmic effects and distortion. The sequencer and LFOs can be synced with other apps and devices thru MIDI, Inter-App Audio or with Ableton Link. Also included […]

Cinematique Instruments Melt offers creative blending of sounds

Cinematique Instruments has launched Melt, a new instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt. MELT is a fascinating instrument that allows you to create highly complex sounds, ambiences and textures in an extremely easy way. You are able to blend between 4 of MELT’s beautifully varied and inspiring sound sources and thus create unique, interesting and […]

From Japan, an ambient musician on solitude and views of the sea

As haunting, oceanic wells of sound sing achingly in the background, Tokyo-based ambient musician Chihei Hatakeyama talks in a new documentary about what inspires him.

The creative series toco toco follows the musician to the places and views that inspired the images of his music – including gazing into the sea. Of that view, he says:

“There wasn’t any gap in space, it was translating directly into music.”

Filmmaker Anne Ferrero writes to share her work, as she follows the artist “to the roots of his universe, in the Kamakura and Enoshima areas, where he grew up.”

And he speaks of the beauty in ambient music, and its connection to nature. And while solitude in computer music is often seen as something of a liability, here he talks about its importance – as he uses that laptop as a box for editing improvisations.

Being able to create music alone made it more personal. The music that I wanted to make could now express my mind – what I felt inside.

The film is subtitled in English, with Japanese audio. (Don’t forget to turn CC on.)

It’s a deeply personal film all over, and even talks about the journey from electronic sounds on dancefloors to the quieter, more contemplative world of ambient music. And he finds that moment of liberating himself from the beat – not by trying to copy what people would call ambient music on a superficial level, but by fumbling his way to this solution after eliminating obstacles to expression.

Hey, I love both modes of music, myself, so I can appreciate that balance. It’s just rained here in Berlin, and I’m reminded of that feeling of relief when it rains after long periods of sun … and visa versa. Maybe music is the same way.

Have a watch, and I’m sure you’ll want to pick up a guitar or laptop, or go to a beach, or take a personal field trip to the museum and stare at paintings.

Painting with colors in sound … filling the world with oceans of your own expression. What could be more lovely?

Now, an insane amount of beautiful music:




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Spray Granular Texture Samples released at ModeAudio

ModeAudio SprayModeAudio has launched a new sample collection called Spray – Granular Texture Samples, featuring 188 granular textures. Close your eyes – at first, there’s nothing. Then, as if emerging from a thick fog, a shimmering, bright sound flickers into life. It sweeps along a current of sound, ebbing and flowing as it’s gradually joined by […]

Famous Audio releases Psytronica sample pack

Famous Audio PsytronicaFamous Audio has launched its latest sample pack Psytronica, a collection of 410 loops and samples featuring handpan melodies, synthetic pads, textures and field recording sounds with a psychedelic touch. In this immersive sample pack you’ll find a lot of inspiring materials to enhance your existing production or get you started on the next one. […]