Sinevibes offers two free plugins with Creative Collection purchase

Sinevibes bundle dealSinevibes has launched a limited-time offer for its Creative Collection bundle. For 10 days until June 23rd, you can get two extra plugins completely free of charge when you purchase Creative Collection (priced at $129 USD). These can be any two plugins from the Sinevibes catalogue, regardless of their price. For instance, you can even […]

ToneBoosters updates ReelBus tape simulation to v4

Toneboosters ReelBus 4ToneBoosters has announced the release of ReelBus 4, an major update of the audio effect plugin that faithfully simulates magnetic tape recording, tape flanger and echo. ReelBus 4 combines tape saturation models from Ferox as well as ReelBus 2 and 3, supports an all-new echo and flanger simulator, a tape stop simulator, and last but […]

FutureSonic releases FS Refraktor flanger app for iOS (AUv3)

FutureSonic FS RefractorAfter the recent release of FS Reverser Delay and FS FreezeVerb, FutureSonic is back with a new iOS app with an innovative twist on modulation effects. FS Refraktor sits somewhere between a delay and a flanger, offering endless possibilities, from rhythmic flanging to chaotic pitch modulation and unpredictable stuttering. The highly flexible sixteen step sequencer […]

Sinevibes Creative Collection plugin bundle on sale for $99 USD

Sinevibes Creative Collection saleSinevibes has launched a limited time sale on its Creative Collection bundle, comprising 6 of its creative effect plugins for Mac. The bundle includes the following plugins: Corrosion is a multi-purpose, multi-algorithm distortion processor. It features 7 distortion curves – from well-known classics to unique Sinevibes-developed “triangle clip” – all of which are 4x oversampled […]

DLYM free ‘Delay Modulator’ plugin (VST/AU) released

Imaginando DLYMImaginando has launched a free audio effect plugin that offers phaser, flanger and chorus style effects. Using Imaginando’s powerful processing technology, DLYM expands on the functionality of the chorus effect of DRC, the virtual analog polyphonic synthesizer. Whether you’re looking to add just a touch of depth to your sounds or radically change them, DLYM […]

Sinevibes intros Creative Collection plugin bundle for Mac

Sinevibes Creative CollectionSinevibes has announced the launch of a new Creative Collection bundle, a collection of 6 of its most recent Audio Unit plugins for Mac at a 43% discount. The bundle includes the following plugins: Corrosion multi-algorithm distortion. Dipole through-zero flanger. Dispersion bouncing-ball delay. Emission artificial reverb. Eternal barber-pole flanger. Malfunction circuit-bent filter. The bundle is […]

Save 62% off Tantra multi-fx plugin by Dmitry Sches Audio at VST Buzz

VST Buzz Dmitry Sches Tantra 62 offVST Buzz has launched a sale on Tantra, offering a 62% discount on the rhythmic multi-fx effect plugin by Dmitry Sches. The main idea behind Tantra is as simple as it is effective: whenever you would like to add some rhythmic pattern to any kind of sound, a lifeless basic synth sound or deep evolving […]

Universal Audio releases Helios Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection, A/DA Flanger & Friedman Buxom Betty Amplifier

Universal Audio Helios Type 69 Preamp and EQUniversal Audio has announced the release of UAD Software v9.5, which includes an exacting model of the iconic Helios Type 69 console channel and new plugins from direct developer Brainworx. Helios Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection Whether it was housed at Olympic in London, Musicland in Munich, or in the famed Rolling Stones mobile […]

Native Instruments launches Effect Series – Mod Pack incl. flanger, chorus & phaser

Native Instruments Mod PackNative Instruments has announced the release of a collection of three classic modulation effects with additional new features to give each effect its own unique twist. The Mod Pack consists of three VST/AU/AAX plugins: A flanger called Flair, a chorus called Choral, and a phaser called Phasis. Each of the plugins offers new creative possibilities, […]

Sinevibes releases Dipole through-zero flanger plugin (AU) + Holiday Sale

Sinevibes DipoleSinevibes has released Dipole, a through-zero flanger effect plugin for Mac. Following up on the recent Eternal barber-pole flanger plugin, Dipole offers a stereo flanger with bipolar feedback and through-zero time capability. It employs two separate playback timelines for input audio, one of them being able to run earlier or later in time in relation […]