Flintpope releases Brittle free instrument plugin (VST/AU)

Flintpope BrittleFlintpope has launched the Bittle plugin, a free demo instrument that includes some of the sounds from the Bittle soundset for Logic’s Sculpture, also available as a free download. Do you want original sounds created in Logic Scuplture on your Windows PC? In any Daw? Look no further. BRITTLE VST/AU is a demo version of […]

Flintpope releases Hornfish granular sample player for NI Reaktor

Flintpope HornfishFlintpope has launched Hornfish, a new granular sample player ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor. A drag and drop granular sample player that lets you create surprising sounds via randomising playback parameters on the fly. These parameters are changed via mouse drag and/or buttons. Long interesting samples (evolving pads for example) result in far better variations […]

Flintpope releases Palette music paintbox for NI Reaktor

Flintpope Palette REAKTORFlintpope has launched Palette for Reaktor, an eight-layer sample-player that lets you paint music with Native Instruments Reaktor 6. More than a rompler, the instrument allows you to use your own samples as well. Eight banks of 47 samples each, triggered by un-mute buttons initially inspired a painter’s palette. By layering these together you can […]

Flintpope releases Dropscaper sample player for Reaktor 6

Flintpope DropscaperFlintpope has announced Dropscaper, a sample player instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor 6. Dropscaper follows up on the recently released Soundscaper instrument. It features two drag and drop samplers, allowing you to layer different pairs of sounds and tweak the various controls and effects to create new samples. You can record the results with Reaktor’s […]

Flintpope releases Soundscaper for Reaktor 6 + Free VST/AU rompler

Flintpope SoundscaperFlintpope has announced the release of Soundscaper, a sample player instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor 6. It comes with two sound banks featuring 127 samples each, which can be layered in pairs to create over 16,000 combinations. All sounds are made by Flintpope and feature original synthesis; no instruments were recorded at all in the […]

Flintpope Reaktor instruments & soundsets now Pay What You Want

FlintpopeFlintpope has announced that 13 of its instruments and soundsets for Native Instruments Reaktor are now available as “Pay what you want” downloads, including FREE. The offer includes the Drumlines versatile drum looper, Wavcloud sample-morpher that features a pair of grain-resynth sample players routed through a cloud delay, and Dropsynth mixed drag and drop sample […]

Flintpope releases Formed free VST/AU rompler

Flintpope Formed VSTAUFlintpope has released Formed, a free rompler instrument featuring sounds created with Native Instruments Form. Flintpope used this radical Reaktor-based synth to create twelve unusual pad sounds that are long, evolving and occasionally surprising. If you like adding sounds to your tracks that are off the usual spectrum you may like these. Or you may […]

Flintpope releases Molekules VST/AU rompler plugin (FREE)

Flintpope Molukules VST AUFlintpope has announced the release of Molekules VST/AU, a free rompler instrument plugin featuring 10 presets for soundscape creators. The plugin offers ten passive/aggressive sounds created by playing a piano sample at C3 into Native Instruments Molekular and recording the results. MOLEKULAR is a highly versatile modular effects rack that produces movement in the sound […]

Flintpope releases DARK – Free VST/AU offers rich, dark pads

Flintpope DarkFlintpope has announced the release of DARK, a free rompler instrument plugin for creating and playing rich, dark pads. The plugin features a collection of 8 Flintpope samples, all chosen for sonic richness and for their suggestion of a darker space in your music. Any one sample on its own works nicely, but you can […]

Flintpope Drumbox for Reaktor available for FREE for limited time

Flintpope DrumboxFlintpope has re-released Drumbox, a Reaktor ensemble that helps you write new material on the fly. Drumbox can be used as a quick sketchbook for making beats or as an improvisational live instrument. Re-released to make the most of Native Instruments’ 50% price-drop on REAKTOR 6 (till 30 Nov 17) this amazingly good value (FREE) […]