Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth Sound SuperBooth2019

Published on May 15, 2019 Perfect Circuit

“Gamechanger Audio showed their latest version of the Motor Synth which uses 8 electric motors to generate sounds instead of traditional oscillator designs. The Motor Synth has a unique sound with two oscillators per voice that have 4 different sound options and the option for variable glide per voice. There is also a filter with overdrive built in.

SUPERBOOTH19: Gamechanger Audio MotorSynth // HANDs ON // Demo // No Talking

Published on May 13, 2019 LESINDES

“Rebirth of the tonewheel! Amazing synthesizer from Latvia is using a new form of synthesis that is reminding a bit of the the HAMMOND ORGAN with stunning results:
Gamechanger Audio MotorSysnth // HANDs ON // Demo // No Talking.
This is a prototype and it may undergo further changes until its release by the end of this year.
This video features the sound

Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth Makes Music Using Drone Engines

Published on May 12, 2019 Synthtopia

“At Superbooth 2019, Gamechanger Audio gave us a demo of their upcoming Motor Synth – one of the most unique synthesizers we’ve ever seen.

From Synthtopia’s Superbooth 2019 Coverage:…”

Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth – SOS Superbooth 2019 – Audio Demo and Product Rundown

Published on May 10, 2019 Sound On Sound magazine

“Gamechanger Audio demo their Motor Synth , which uses innovative brushless-motor driven oscillators.”

Motor Synth

Gamechanger Audio MOTOR Synth First Look | Superbooth 2019

Published on May 9, 2019 SYNTH ANATOMY

“Gamechanger Audio has reworked its MOTOR Synth, known from the NAMM 2019, and is now the desktop synth. On Superbooth 19, I interviewed Teodor, one of the developers about this unique but super crazy new Synthesizer.”

Gamechanger | Audio unveils revolutionary electro-mechanical Motor Synth at SUPERBOOTH19

Published on May 9, 2019 Gamechanger Audio

All sounds produced by MOTOR SYNTH
(& 1970 Dodge Challenger)

4 Note poliphony
2 Voices per Key (with separate Envelopes and Portamento)
4 Analog Filters with Envelope and Distortion
1 LFO with Envelope and 3 sends
4 Analog Waveshapes with Cross-modulation
Integrated Arpeggiator, Sequencer and LOOP Modes
Performance mode

Here are some of the weirdest musical instrument ideas from NAMM

Trade shows can be a strenuous onslaught of noise, cost, and crowds – but then it’s often the weirdest stuff that makes it worth it. And no one finds strange quite like Barry Wood and his annual NAMM Oddities.

Barry impressively tracks every kind of freakish appearance at the enormous US music instruments show, and it’s worth digging through his whole NAMM Oddities guide category by category ($1.2 million-dollar guitar straps and all). I’ve taken the liberty of picking some of my favorites from this year’s haul. Some of it is genuinely useful and cool – some will just make you shake your head and mumble, say wha?

One Synclavier knob. Built-to-order, $399 – half of which you owe as a deposit. This is evidently for people who are esoteric rich people, but with a fraction of the money of really rich crazy people. They … I don’t want to use the word “explain” as that would imply I understand who this is for, but they describe how this four hundred dollar knob is historically accurate:

The weight and feel of the knob are identical, as we have used the exact measurements and a balanced spring arrangement. The two-inch diameter knob is milled from a solid bar of instrument-grade aluminium (yes, we were doing this long before Apple). The interface software and hysteresis algorithm are taken from Synclavier II.

Full hammer action, in any quantity of keys. This is actually a great idea – Piano de Voyage is a hammer action keyboard broken into modules. Want just 2 octaves? Get just one module. (I always wondered why people want a full 88 keys in electronic contexts, actually.) Or if you do want as many as 8 octaves, you can break down the modules so they fit in a bag – unlike a usual full keyboard. No word on pricing or availability, but there’s a sign-up.

A food pedal that looks like it was prototyped in Play-Doh. Effigy Labs Control pedal is what it’s called, and the makers promise unique expression in a foot controller. (This was evidently a big hit at the show, too!)

Color sensing rings. Sphero Specdrums are wireless, optical, color sensing rings. (The idea of having musical rings just keeps coming.)

Giant panda piano. The piano section at NAMM and Germany’s Musikmesse always has something unusual, but this Seiler upright – out there. And if you figured something weird and panda-related came out of Asia, you’d be wrong – Seiler started in Germany, is now a US brand, and recently was bought by Nashville’s Samick Music Corporation.

Remember, never say no to panda.

A light-up uke. Solo Music‘s Lighted Ukulele should qualify as this year’s strangest use of RGB LEDs (though I know given what controllers look like these days, we can’t really make fun of ukelele players).

Brass knuckle mic accessory. Signs you may want to talk to your booking agent about the quality of your venues. Someone at Metaldozer had ideas about what to do with the metalworking.

And basically everything from Game Changer Audio. Need a sound source that’s got spinning discs with optical sensors and electromagnetic pickups? Or 3000 volts of plasma for distortion? Game Changer is all over new ideas; we’ll have reviews of their stuff soon.

Sonic State takes a look:

— and did a nice writeup.

Plenty more where these came from – do check them out:

And you’ll get loads more bizarre finds on Barry’s Facebook page, like… whatever this is:

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Danger Hight Voltage! Warning on the Gamechanger Audio Plasma Drive

On the back of the Gamechanger Audio Plasma Drive eurorack module.

via @PerfectCiruit

Gamechanger Audio Plasma Pedal Sound Demo (no talking) with Novation Peak

Published on Feb 15, 2019 Bonedo Synthesizers

“6:00 following: Sorry for merzbowing your Speakers…”

NAMM 2019 Floor Walk and Awards Handout

Published on Feb 1, 2019 sonicstate

“Sunday AM is when we hand out the awards, and usually we just take the photos, this year we decided to combine a floor walk with the awards. Contrary to most award ceremonies, this one is not at all organized..”