Empty Vessel releases Entropy for TAL Sampler & Somnus for Sandman Pro

Empty Vessel Entropy for TAL SamplerEmpty Vessel Sound Design has announced the release of a new sound library for the TAL-Sampler plugin by Togu Audio Line. The Entropy sound library comprises 64 long, evolving, organic textures varying from gently dusty and characterful with slight wonkiness to quite broken, digital, glitchy and disturbing. I usually put ‘hold keys’ in the name […]

Save 30% off Audiomodern Sample Pack Bundle at Plugin Boutique

Audiomodern Sample Pack BundlePlugin Boutique has launched the Audiomodern Sample Pack Bundle, an exclusive bundle deal that includes all Audiomodern sample packs at a 30% discount. For a limited time only get this great value bundle, which features all of Audiomodern’s creative and inspiring sample packs. Perfect for cinematic sound design and ambient experimental production, this collection of […]

Puremagnetik releases Re-Function buffer modulation controller

Puremagnetik RefunctionPuremagnetik has announced the release of Re-Function, a buffer modulation controller that records incoming audio, stores it in a temporary buffer and allows you to manipulate the playback positioning with 4 dedicated LFOs. Re-Function works excellently on rhythmic material and can create intricate, shimmering ambiances with pianos, mallets, and guitars. Re-Function also excels as a […]

Glitchmachines Biomorph, Idiom & Microsphere 50% OFF

Glitchmachines 50 off salePlugin Boutique has announced a sale on three Glitchmachines sample packs, offering a 50% discount for a limited time only. The following titles are on sale: Biomorph features a collection of nearly 5 GB of cutting-edge sound effects with an otherworldly sci-fi aesthetic. Idiom features over 2,100 unprocessed organic sounds harvested from a broad range […]

Outsider Sound Design releases Fatal Error sample pack

Outsider Sound Design Fatal ErrorOutsider Sound Design is back with a new sample pack. Fatal Error offers a collection of one-shot samples designed for glitchy percussion and electronic malfunction sound effects. Circuit bent digital hardware oscillators and noise sources were modulated, sampled, heavily reprocessed, and sculpted into 260 unique sounds that range from unconventional bass and snare drums to […]

Save 40% off UNDRGRND Sounds sample packs at Loopmasters

UNDRGRND Sounds SaleLoopmasters has launched a sale on UNDRGRND Sounds, offering 40% off on selected sample packs and synth soundsets for a limited time. UNDRGRND SOUNDS is a team of producers and sound designers inspired by the freshest sounds from the hottest artists and labels in house, techno, electronica and urban genres. UNDRGRND SOUNDS champions music production […]

Snazzy Effekt Serie – Glitch, Noise, Gitarren-Synthesizer und Modulation

snazzy fx tracer city

Mit der neuen Snazzy FX Serie hat Erica Synths eine Reihe sehr spezielle Effektmaschinen vorgestellt. Sie sind nicht nur für Synthesizer gedacht, sondern auch für Gitarren und wo es eben noch passen könnte.

Die Geräte sind von Dan Snazelle entworfen worden, daher stamm auch der Name der Serie. Er stammt aus New York und macht abstrakte Elektronik und Techno. Die Geräte kosten zwischen 300 und 390 Euro plus Steuer hierzulande, was gut 50€ mehr ausmachen wird. Es gibt aktuell drei Geräte:

Zunächst das Tape Glitch Noise Pedal Wow and Flutter für 300 € (plus Steuer und Versand), das Mini-ark 350 Euro (gleiche Bedingungen), ein Gitarren-Synthesizer – den man aber auch für alles was tonale Geräusche machen kann einsetzen kann. Das dritte Gerät ist Tracer City 390 € (ebenfalls plus Steuern und Versand) ist ein analoges Modulations-Effekt-Pedal.

Alle diese Geräte sind zwar hier mit Gitarren vorgeführt, funktionieren aber auch mit anderen Signalen und machen seltsame Dinge mit dem Signal. Es lässt sich einfach nicht in Worte fassen. Man benötigt etwas Phantasie, sich diese mit eigenen Signalquellen und Instrumenten vorzustellen. Ein wenig Melancholie mit Pads und Strings könnte in die Richtung gehen, wie man sie von skandinavischen Bands kennt…

Der Gitarrensynthesizer erlaubt jede Art von Experiment mit dem zugeführten Signal, die Vorführung ist daher eher „konservativ“. Eigentlich folgt der Synthesizer der Stimmung des Signals, egal ob es gepfiffen, gezupft oder mit Tasten gespielt wird.

Aber Töne sagen mehr als tausend Worte:



Save 20% off Vengeance Sound plugins in Easter Sale

PIB Vengeance Easter Sale 20Plugin Boutique has announced an Easter Sale on Vengeance Sound, offering a 20% discount on its plugins for a limited time. The sale includes the popular VPS Avenger synthesizer, audio effects such as Tape Stop and Glitch Bitch, and many more. The offer end April 15th, 2018. More information: Vengeance Sound

Cerebral Ambient Glitch sample pack FREE at 123Creative

123Creative Cerebral Ambient Glitch FREE123Creative has released the Cerebral Ambient Glitch sample pack by Electronisounds as a free download. The sample pack contains loops and one-shots useful for many electronic music genres including, Chillout, Downtempo, Glitch, IDM, Ambient, Dub, Trip Hop, Leftfield, Chill, Psybient / Psychill, Experimental, Lo-Fi. These cosmic compositional tools will lead you in a sonic journey […]

Save 62% off Tantra multi-fx plugin by Dmitry Sches Audio at VST Buzz

VST Buzz Dmitry Sches Tantra 62 offVST Buzz has launched a sale on Tantra, offering a 62% discount on the rhythmic multi-fx effect plugin by Dmitry Sches. The main idea behind Tantra is as simple as it is effective: whenever you would like to add some rhythmic pattern to any kind of sound, a lifeless basic synth sound or deep evolving […]