Superbooth Berlin 2019 studentsmusic personal view

Published on May 12, 2019 studentsmusic

“excerpts from many things i found interesting, strolling around and checking. also liked GRP Vocoder – together with A2 and Sequencer makes aperfect system! errata: motor synth is a synth, not a distortion device..reminds me to cahills telharmonium in a way (microversion of a historical beast) Overssen Behringer RD 909…also ‘new'”

New GRP V22 VOCODER Revealed

A front panel drawing first went up here. We now have an image of the actual unit, and some details on the new GRP V22 VOCODER:

“After a sneak preview in Florence at Meff, we are working hard to be ready for the official presentation of the V22 at Superbooth 2019 in Berlin. Before Superbooth, another preview in Rome May 4th at Synth Day & Night with Mr. Enrico Cosimi.

A 22 band full analog


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“The Grp Synthesizer was developed to offer the enthusiasts of analogical sound a more affordable synth in terms of price and dimension in comparison with the precursor model A8, without renouncing to the quality and performance that characterize our synths. Being featured with the same step sequencer used for the Grp A8, this synth is able to guarantee nearly infinite sound

"must see" – worldclass rare vintage synth collection

Published on Apr 5, 2019 studentsmusic

“Have an eye on every serious synthesists dream in one place !

EMS, Roland, Oberheim, Yamaha, Moog, Serge, PPG (howard jones used Roland Jupiter 8- not ppg wave i suppose), Waldorf, Ekdahl, Arp, Synclavier, Fairlight, John Bowen, Elka, Mellotron, Alesis, Korg, Prophet, Emulator,….and many more”


Published on Mar 25, 2019 JOSEF KLANG


Published on Mar 25, 2019 JOSEF KLANG


GRP A2 Analog Synthesizer

Published on Mar 12, 2019 Perfect Circuit

“The GRP A2 has two thick analog VCOs and a state variable VCF. The A2 has tons of routing and modulation options all available on rotary switches and a ring modulator as well as a VCLFO and regular LFO as well as two envelopes that are each unique.

There are CV as well as midi control inputs and an arpeggiator built in. The glowing VU meters let you

GRP A4 – Italian analog mega mono semimodular

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“This was built to order by GRP in 2013. They make a limited somewhat annual run with about a 6-9 month wait.

3 VCO analog mono beast of a semi modular. Dual filters, Rich ladder VCF, cool Berlin School step sequencer with all the bells and whistles, like step repeat, back and forth, odds and evens for counter point type sequences.”

GRP Vocoder V22

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“GRP has just shown a vocoder as a draft, he obviously has access to his 22 tapes – hence his name V22 – and you can patch them apparently – which usually does not work, certainly analog and therefore interesting.”


via this auction

“In very good shape, have only one rash ( see the photo ) otherwise it is in perfect shape and it is working perfectly”