Modular Synth vs Pedalboard

poorness studios

“I thought this would be a fun video. I play guitar through my modular synthesizer and my pedalboard trying to create three sounds on each: 1) spacious clean tones, 2) modulated lead tones, and 3) sonic decimation. Have a listen and see which one you like best.”

Beetronics – Swarm – Fuzz Synthesizer

Dennis Kayzer

“Guitar Effects Pedal Demo – Beetronics – Swarm – Fuzz Synthesizer”

“The Swarm is an Analog Fuzz Harmonizer that sounds like a thousand killer bees coming to get you!

It basically turns your input signal into a square wave, than multiplies and divides the frequency of that wave, giving you nine possible harmonies in two different octaves. Modulation is applied to the harmonies

Squaver P1+, Modular A1 and the Moog Mooger Foogers


“Maxime Graff shows how the Squaver P1+ and the Modulor A1 can interact with the Mooger Fooger pedals via CV patches. Moog pedals use 0V – 5V so some attenuation is needed but they are all 1V per octave and tracking is great so it’s easy to stay in tune.”

The Legend of Zelda – Main theme – Played on a Boss Bass Synthesizer SYB-3


“Here’s a very minimalist track.”

Synth Rorschach #76: Mooer E7 Synth Polyphonic Guitar Synthesizer Pedal

Giving this one the Synth Rorschach label for the look of this pedal. It’s like a Waldorf Q and MFB Dominion Club had a baby.

This is the first one to be featured on the site. The following is a quick intro video from Mooer.

Roland GR-700 MIDI Guitar Synth

via this auction

“Very good condition. And working perfectly.

It comes with the memory cartridge, and the mains cable, but it doesn’t come with the cable to connect the unit to the guitar.”

Synth Guitar Tones

Synth Guitar Tones “I am the Universe” pt.1


“All you’re about to hear was recorded using guitar, pedals and a few fx plugins. #electroharmonix , #earthquakerdevices ,#subdecay , #digitech

Pedals: Electro-Harmonix POG2, Electro-Harmonix SuperEgo, Electro-Harmonix Attack Decay, Electro-Harmonix Graphic Fuzz, Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander, Earthquaker Devices Data Corrupter,

Can I turn my modular synth into a guitar pedalboard?

Published on Jun 6, 2020 poorness studios

“Well this was a fun experiment. I decide to make a crude guitar pedalboard out of my modular synthesizer. Obviously, you could do this in a much smaller case if that was the intent… but it was a fun experiment nonetheless.

The 6 Eurorack modules I used were: Doepfer A177-2, Pittsburgh InOut, Make Noise Phonogene, Doepfer A-124 Wasp, Alright Devices

BOSS SY-1 Synthesizer Pedal by @ericdifool

Published on Jun 3, 2020 Eric Difool

“Boss SY-1 demo!!! I have composed this little fragment to test in depth this amazing pedal. All the sound are from the SY-1, except the drums by GGD. Only compression, delay and reverb have been added to the synthesizers. I hope you enjoy it!!!”