Hohner Bass 3 Synthesizer

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“Vintage bass synthesizer with 3 voice modes. Recapped and power regulator replaced, all trimmers freshly calibrated.”

Hohner Electronium – a vacuum tube synth from the 1950s

Published on Dec 23, 2019 HAINBACH

“In which I demonstrate one of the most beautiful instruments I ever had the pleasure of playing, the Hohner Electronium. Made by Hohner in the 1950s, this vacuum tube synth in Akkordeon form packs a deep bass and a rather poetic midrange. The German avantgarde of the time quickly discovered it, Stockhausen used the Model Pi (piano version), and Harald Boje

Hohner String Performer Synthesizer

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“Vintage string machine with polyphonic and monophonic section. it was one of the last string machines and was made in Germany in the beginning of 80’s.”

HOHNER RHYTHM 80 | Analog Rhythm Box 1977 | HD DEMO

Published on Oct 17, 2019 AnalogAudio1

“(c) 2019 by AnalogAudio1

The Hohner Rhythm-80 was in the seventies a known and widely used analog rhythm box in Germany. Made by Hohner in Germany/Trossingen, the makers of the Clavinet 🙂
There are 20 rhythms, every single rhythm has 4 variations, 80 rhythms in total.
High quality hardware of real wood an metal. The tempo will be shown exactly on the

Hohner String Vox Super Rare String Synth

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“Hohner String Vox. Early 70s. This is in mint condition, fully complete with stand / pedal and case and absolute museum grade. It sounds amazing, fizzy , ethereal and quite unlike any other string synth.”

Hohner String Performer Analog String Synthesizer

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Rare Hohner ADAM 1994 Grey Vintage Keyboard Synthesizer by Waldorf Germany

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“Very rare and vintage Hohner ADAM Synthesizer Keyboard”

Demo in the listing previously posted here. A search on Hohner ADAM will bring up just a handful of previous posts as well. This one is indeed pretty rare.

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