HoRNet releases SW34EQ MK2 analog modeled equalizer plugin

HoRNet SW34EQ MK2HoRNet Plugins has announced the SW34EQ MK2, an update to the vintage 80s American console equalizer. The MK2 version comes with a new GUI and easier control of frequency and gain for each band. You can tweak the frequency of the high pass filter and an additional low pass (12dB/oct) is included. This plugin is […]

HoRNet Plugins updates ThirtyOne effect plugin to v1.2.3

HoRNet Plugins ThirtyOne 1.2HoRNet Plugins has released a maintenance update for its ThirtyOne spectrum analyzer and graphic equalizer effect plugin. This pair of tools is very common in every rack of any live mixer as the final tool in the master bus, for this reason we decided to recreate the behaviour and specific time response of a very […]

HoRNet Plugins releases Corrosion modulation/distortion plugin

HoRNet Plugin Corrosion featIn collaboration with The Buildzer, HoRNet Plugins has launched its latest plugin Corrosion, a modulation and distortion effect plugin for Windows and Mac. With this new plugin HoRNet aims to offer something that can create distorted, corroded sounds. You can use it to add grit to smooth basses or synth sounds, or use it on […]

HoRNet Plugins releases ThirtyOne spectrum analyzer & graphic EQ

HoRNet ThirtyOneHoRNet has announced the release of ThirtyOne, a new audio effect plugin that includes a spectrum analyzer and a graphic equalizer featuring 31 one-third octave bands. This pair of tools is very common in every rack of any live mixer as the final tool in the master bus, for this reason HoRNet decided to recreate […]

Save 50% off HoRNet Plugins in limited time Super Sale

HoRNet Super SaleHoRNet Plugins has announced the launch of a limited time sale, offering a 50% discount on its audio effect plugins. The sale includes some of HoRNet’s best-selling plugins, such as the SongKey MK2 key detection utility, VU Meter MK3 digital VU meter with automatic gain, AutoGain Pro advanced volume automation and leveling tool, and the […]

HoRNet Plugins releases DynEQ dynamic equalizer plugin

HoRNet Plugins DynEqHoRNet Plugins has announced the release of a new dynamic equalizer effect plugin for Windows and Mac. HoRNet DynEq is designed to apply a specific equalization curve proportionally to the intensity of the input signal. This description may sound complicated, but think about how many times you have found a track that had a specific […]

HoRNet Plugins releases Track Coherence dynamic range meter

HoRNet Plugins Track CoherenceHoRNet Plugins has announced the release of Track Coherence, a dynamic range meter effect plugin for Windows and Mac. Following up on the recent Coherence Meter, this new collaboration with The Buildzer offers a dynamic meter that helps you achieve the right dynamic range in each of the tracks of your mix. The dynamic range […]

HoRNet Plugins releases HoRNet Angle FREE tilt EQ (VST/AU/AAX)

HoRNet Plugins AngleHoRNet Plugins has announced the release of HoRNet Angle, a freeware tilt EQ effect plugin for Windows and Mac. The tilt EQ is a special kind of equalizer designed to smoothly adjust the frequency balance of a track. HoRNet Angle also adds input and output gain with auto adjustment and analog emulation derived by the […]

HoRNet Tape effect plugin gets hiss control in v1.1.0

HoRNet Plugins Tape 1.1.0HoRNet Plugins has released an updated version of its Tape, a tape simulation machine for Windows and Mac. Version 1.1.0 features a new hiss control, and an issue was fixed with the output knob not updating input when controls are linked. HoRNet Tape is a simulation of the effect that magnetic tape apply to the […]

Coherence Meter mixing tool by HoRNet Plugins

HoRNet Coherence MeterHoRNet Plugins has announced the release of Coherence Meter, a useful visual aid for your mixes developed in collaboration with The Buildzer. The Coherence Meter shows you if your mixes are well balanced and ready to be mastered, and gives helpful insights on where there are problems in your mix. This new metering plugin is […]