Irijule announces TheoryBoard – a revolutionary MIDI controller on Kickstarter

Irijule, A consumer electronics start-up based out of San Francisco, just launched a Kickstarter to fund the first round of

Roland refreshes the KC keyboard amplifier series

Roland has refreshed the KC series, the long-running lineup of stage amplifiers for performing keyboardists. For over 20 years, players

Eventide enters Eurorack world with EuroDDL

Eventide is proud to release the EuroDDL — entering the ever-expanding Eurorack modular market with a 16HP (DDL) module made

Expert Sleepers announces General CV

Eurorack module- maker and audio plug-in developer Expert Sleepers is proud to launch General CV — combining a powerful General MIDI synthesizer with a

What’s Inside the Behringer Model D? synthpro explains!

Jareth from synthpro opened up the new Behringer D analog synthesizer. In his video, Jareth shows the assembly of the D, from the chassis to the

OB-X neo Teaser – Software or hardware?

This teaser of  new OB-X came online a few days ago… Please let it be hardware! Let us know if

Schmidt Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer thoroughbred back with third 25-unit batch beckoning

Schmidt-Synthesizer, makers of the no-expense-spared namesake Schmidt Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer thoroughbred, is proud to announce that it is taking orders

Roland SE-02 Studio Electronics analog monophonic synthesizer – Gearjunkies review

Introduction Roland’s Boutique collection has been growing steadily over the last few years, mainly following the formula of taking a

Vermona announces quadroPOL polarizing mixer and ringmodulator

VERMONA is proud to announce availability of the quadroPOL polarizing mixer / ringmodulator — a four-channel polarizer module for the

Roland announces the D-05 linear synthesizer

Roland announces the D-05 Linear Synthesizer, the latest addition to the growing Roland Boutique electronic instrument lineup. The D-05 is