Modular percussion with DFAM, Avalon Bassline + A4 +TR09 +TB03

Published on Mar 20, 2019 Honeysmack

“Quick live jam on my small modular rig with focus on Moog DFAM. Support from Avalon Bassline, Analog Four, TR09 and TB03. Other modules in use include: ALM Akemie’s Taiko, Mutable Instruments Plaits and Intellijel Plonk.

New album to be released later this year on Awesome Soundwave. Follow me for more details and other live electronica.


Analog Studio Electro Jam

Published on Mar 10, 2019 Peter Maas

“Playing with the machines. TR808, TR09, TR606 and Boss Clapper through Clouds on drums. Novation Peak and Oberheim Matrix 1000 on leads. Intellijel Rubicon+Metropolis and MC202 on Bass. Digitakt and Moog Minitaur on bleeps and blops. Processing with Ensoniq DP/4, Strymon El Capistan, Klark Teknik 1176KT, FMR RNC, Boss RV500.”

Intellijel Steppy Compact Eurorack Gate Sequencer

Published on Mar 1, 2019 Perfect Circuit

“The Intellijel Steppy is a 4 channel 64 step gate sequencer in only 8hp. There is also a 1U version available for Intellijel cases with 1U rows.

Each track on the Steppy can have its own length, clock division, swing, gate delay and probability. The tracks can also be shifted in relation to each other to change up the patterns. The Steppy can also do

Modal Electronics Skulpt Polyphonic Synthesizer with Custom Knobs

via this auction

“Model Electronics Skulpt in excellent condition with an Intellijel knob mod! The Skulpt is an amazing sounding poly synth with tons of capability and a great free editor. If you’re looking for a fantastic poly synth that wont take up a lot of room and is fun to play, the Skulpt is a great choice!

BONUS: Intellijel knob upgrade
With the knob upgrade it makes navigating and

New intellijel Videos

Published on Feb 20, 2019 Intellijel


1. Steppy Gets Loopy
Steppy is a 4-track programmable gate sequencer with eight internal memory slots, external clocking, numerous tweakable parameters, and a performance-first design aesthetic.
2. Noise and Melody
Scales excels at extracting melody from noisy sources.
3. Planar Trills
Planar 2 provides an expressive control input for Scales. By

Ambient Soundscape in C Minor

Published on Feb 13, 2019 theianboddy

“Improvising an ambient soundscape in C Minor.

Tip Top One has a sample of an ambient bed prepared on my Serge system.

I’m then mixing in some analogue Ring Mod FX from the Cwejman FSH1 & Livewire Dalek Modulator (sitting in the rack to the right).

The Make Noise DPO is providing the bass & the Mutable instruments Braids the higher notes.

These are

Quick Tip: Kick Drum Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Patch Tutorial

Published on Feb 12, 2019 Perfect Circuit

“Here is a quick tip on how to make a kick drum with a eurorack modular synthesizer.

You will need:
– a trigger source (clock or sequencer)
– two envelope generators (snappy exponential ones)
– a VCO (voltage controlled oscillator)
– a VCA (voltage controlled amplifier)

The patch:
– trigger source to trigger input of both envelope generators

Morgasmatron Drum Filtering

Published on Feb 7, 2019 Intellijel

“A drum loop playing on Ableton live is fed into the Mormastmatron VCF. The uMidi is also synced to the DAW and provides a divided clock pulse that drives Steppy and advances through a simple 4-note sequence on Scales. This sequence pitch controls the cutoff frequency of the right channel of Morgasmatron to get a melody when it is fully resonating. When you

Intellijel Atlantis SH-101 Style Eurorack Synth Voice

via this auction, also on Reverb.

“The Intellijel Atlantis was constructed in the spirit of the Roland’s legendary SH-101. Like its inspiration, the Atlantis excels at rich bass sounds and soaring leads. However, unlike the SH-101, the Atlantis ditches the sawtooth core for a triangle core, designed by David Dixon, sourced from the Intellijel Dixie. The decision to add a triangle core means

Scales Learning Scales

Published on Jan 31, 2019 Intellijel

“Scales is an 8hp dual-channel note quantizer and step sequencer. Fundamentally, it takes an input voltage, quantizes it to notes in a user-defined scale, and sends that quantized voltage to an output, where you can use it as a melodic pitch source for oscillators or any other module that expects to see discreet note values at its input.

Scales goes far