Yamaha CS80 – SynthFest UK 2019

Published on Oct 8, 2019 Sound On Sound magazine

“Classic polyphonic analog synthesizer released in 1976” with Pete Banks.

DPW MÖG Range – SynthFest UK 2019

Published on Oct 8, 2019 Sound On Sound magazine

Go inside Matador’s breathtaking Dublin studio (Electronic Beats TV)

Published on Oct 7, 2019 Telekom Electronic Beats

“Gavin Lynch aka Matador has a studio in Dublin with a simply inspirational view. In this Tech Talk here on Telekom Electronic Beats TV we visit the producer and RUKUS label founder to hear about the production methods behind tracks on Minus, Cocoon, Perc Trax and more. His synthesizer and drum machine collection contains swaths of recent

Synth Spotting with Duran Duran ‘The early days’

Published on Dec 14, 2013 BMHMusic

“Duran Duran Interview with Nick and Roger about how the band was formed and what was happening in Birmingham during 78 -81. Great insight to how one of the most successful groups from Birmingham who then went on to rule the world !!”

Posting this for the synth spotting. Note what appears to be an all black Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 in the background to

Graham Massey – 808 State – SynthFest UK 2019

Published on Oct 7, 2019 Sound On Sound magazine

“Graham Massey, electronic music pioneer and founding member of 808 state, about synths past and present and 808 State’s new album, Transmission Suite.”

See the SynthFest UK label below for more.

A Guy Called Gerald synthfest 2019

Published on Oct 6, 2019 Jason Dale

“Living legend, Gerald Simpson, AKA A Guy Called Gerald, takes us through his live set up and discuses the state of today’s ‘live’ DJ performances.

I recently watched Gerald perform a full 4 hour set in Manchester, so to see him break down how the magic happens, was a real privilege.”

Sequential In The Spotlight Interview with MAXIME INGRAND

You can find the interview on Sequential’s website here.

“Maxime Ingrand is a guitarist and keyboards player in the French post-rock band Lost in Kiev and producer for the electronica project ARCHE. Lost in Kiev is a blend of epic and massive post-rock, driven by the energy of rock mixed with electronic sounds. Their first two albums, Motions and Nuit Noire (on Dunk! records) were both

Meet the Makers of Modular on TechCrunch

This one was spotted and sent in via Steve. You can find the article on TechCrunch here. It’s pretty amazing to think how far the modular resurgence has come. Pictured is the father of eurorack himself, Dieter Dopfer.

“When Dieter Döpfer, the founder of music instrument manufacturer Doepfer, decided to launch a brand new modular synthesiser system in 1995, no one could have predicted what

Modular Day Barcelona #06 2019 // Synth makers, users, performances, workshops + more!

Published on Sep 25, 2019 DivKidVideo

“So here’s the final video from Modular Day Barcelona #6. Which talks about the event and wraps up with footage from the day time (comment with the new modules you spot and are curious about, there’s some unannounced goodies in there), previews of the performances and also some videos to come with Enorphin.es soon.”

See the Modular Day Barcelona label

Yamaha #Synths1974 Live from Japan

Published on Sep 23, 2019 Yamaha Synths Official


#Synths1974 Live from Japan | Avery*Sunshine MONTAGE8 White Performance
#Synths1974 Live from Japan | Avery*Sunshine MONTAGE8 White Performance
#Synths1974 Live from Japan | Avery*Sunshine Artist Interview
#Synths1974 Live from Japan | MONTAGE8 White OS v3.0 Pattern Sequencer | Yamaha Ginza Store
#Synths1974 Live from Japan | Michael