Pure Acid for iOS: patterns preview demo

Published on Nov 16, 2019 jimpavloff

“Available for preorder on iTunes App Store!
Pure Acid : new acid bassline synthesizer and classic drum machine for iOS by JimAudio. Inspired by legendary bassline synthesizers and drum boxes like TB-303, TR-808, 909 and their numerous replicas, it is made to immerse you into a world of acid house, techno and big beat!
Sneak peak of the built in sounds and

Coffee and iPad Music app Break :iDensity Granular Synth.

Published on Nov 15, 2019 Sound Provider

“Always in love with iDensity Granular synth from ApeSoft.This App for iPad is so Musical .
Perfect for Drone or Dreamy or ambient or experimental music .”

Save 50% on UVI BeatHawk & Ravenscroft 275 Piano apps for iOS

UVI iOS Sale

UVI has announced a November Sale on its iOS apps, offering 50% off on the BeatHawk and Ravenscroft 275 Piano for the next few weeks. Calling all musicians! Are you looking for a portable music production studio? Check out BeatHawk and create beats, sample, mix, arrange and perform songs on the go, then explore 46 […]

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Improvisation for Virtual Ans, Otis and Una Corda

Published on Nov 13, 2019 junklight

“I’ve not made much music of late – happy to let things gestate and present themselves when ready. However things are starting to brew!

This is part of an improvisation in preparation for a longer piece I’m working on – which hopefully will see the light on this channel soon”

Numerical Audio releases FD-1 semi-modular filter delay app (incl. AUv3)

Numerical Audio FD 1

Numerical Audio has announced the release of FD-1, a semi-modular effect including dedicated filter, delay and modulation sections. FD-1 is built around a virtual analog filter section paired with a stereo delay and topped off with an analog-style step sequencer and LFO. At it’s core, FD-1 is designed to create filter rythms and grooves by […]

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Quick And Glitchy Launchpad + iPad Jam

Published on Nov 10, 2019 Perplex On

“Just a quick improv using the iPad and a connected Launchpad Mini. The Launchpad is used to play ravenscroft275 piano app with the help of an app called GridInstrument. It’s served with beats coming from Playbeat routed through Effectrix. The piano is also sent to a fx track with yaleD with the right launchpad buttons mapped to the hold time and replay

EōN by Jean-Michel Jarre | 4 minutes non stop

Published on Nov 8, 2019 Apps4idevices rebirth

EoN – Infinite Musical Creation by Jean-Michel Jarre – Demo for the iPad

Published on Nov 9, 2019

“You can get EoN here at the App Store

EōN by Jean-Michel Jarre

Published on Nov 7, 2019 Apps4idevices rebirth

Spotted this one on discchord.

Jean Michel Jarre launches a Music App EōN on the Web Summit

Published on Nov 7, 2019 servicesmobiles

“Jean Michel Jarre unveils infinite music app EōN – iOS app produces infinite, ever-evolving music composed by Jarre
– https://apps.apple.com/app/e%C5%8Dn-b…”

“EōN produces infinite, ever evolutive music,

New AUv3 MIDI App – RhythmBud

Published on Nov 1, 2019 Cem Olcay

RhythmBud – AUv3 MIDI FX | an Overview by Apps4idevices rebirth
RhythmBud and StepBud sequencing Moog Mother 32
RhythmBud – Strum Mode Demo
RhythmBud IAA Demo with Bluetooth MIDI Keyboard

via http://keybudapp.com/rhythmbud

Create Your Rhythm Patterns

RhythmBud is a MIDI effect application that would transform incoming MIDI messages into the

Eventide’s MangledVerb now available for iOS (AUv3 & Standalone)

Eventide MangledVerb for iOS

Eventide has announced the release of MangledVerb for iOS, a unique effect that combines a rich reverb and devastating distortion that is capable of creating everything from granular ambience and moody auras to sound-sculpting mangled chaos. The new app follows the release of Rotary Mod for iOS earlier this month. iPhone- and iPad-based mobile music-makers […]

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