Animoog & Parat+ 02 16 18

Published on Feb 16, 2018 Marc S. Langelier

“Modulating Animoog with Parat+’ programmable stepped faders, switched faders, continuous faders & source LFOs. The programmable stepped faders are a powerful new feature for Parat+. More interaction between Parat+ faders, results in some interesting modulations of Animoog.
Midimittr was a big help in establishing a solid BlueTooth connection between

AudioKit Pro FM Player | 80s Hybrid Sound patch (iPad iOS synthesizer app)

Published on Feb 13, 2018 Whentherushcomes

“Playing the AudioKit Pro FM Player ’80s Hybrid Sound’ patch, using the Yamaha Reface CS as a midi controller.

More info on this great free app:

FM Player

iOS App Store link:…”

Samplebot 1.1 Released

Published on Feb 12, 2018 ATastyPixel

“Samplebot is a sampler, clip launcher and sequencer app all rolled into one. Version 1.1 introduces sophisticated media management, speed and pitch controls, and support for Ableton Link synchronisation.”

iTunes: Samplebot – A Tasty Pixel

What’s New

Feb 12, 2018 Version 1.1
1. Now you can import audio from iCloud, Dropbox and other cloud services, from

Fred Anton Corvest updates FAC Chorus to v1.3

FAC Chorus 1.3Fred Anton Corvest has released version 1.3 of FAC Chorus, a chorus effect that has quickly become a reference tool in the arsenal of the iOS and macOS musicians. To be even more flexible and suit all the situations requiring a chorus, this update comes with a new “Thick” character, support for the view configuration […]

New Yamaha FS1R iPad Editor For Patch Base

Yamaha FS1R Voice Editing with Patch Base

Published on Feb 7, 2018 Coffeeshopped

via Coffeeshopped, makers of Patch Base:

“Patch Base 2.10 adds an editor for the most complex FM synthesizer I’ve ever encountered: the Yamaha FS1R. This thing is a beast. First of all, it has 8 operators for FM synthesis! Imagine the possible chaos. And, each operator has both a “Voiced” and “Unvoiced” part. The

Jim Pavloff – Back to the Roots (GR-16 demo)

Published on Feb 3, 2018 jimpavloff

“Old school breakbeat track inspired by the well known electronic band. Written entirely in Groove Rider GR-16 using only its internal default samples and oscillators.”

iTunes: Groove Rider GR-16 – Dmitrij Pavlov

Sonoris improves convenience and efficiency with DDP Player iOS app

Sonoris iOS DDP PlayerSonoris has announced that its DDP Player iOS app is now available with the desktop version of its DDP Creator and DDP Player software. Previously available only for the OEM version of its software, Sonoris’ DDP Player iOS app is the only such app available in the App Store that plays DDP files on the […]

IK Multimedia announces iRig Stomp I/O pedalboard with 96k audio interface

IK Multimedia iRig Stomp IOIK Multimedia has announced iRig Stomp I/O, an all-new generation of USB pedalboard controller for live and studio use, featuring a built-in audio interface. iRig Stomp I/O is a sturdy, portable pedalboard controller that has 4 built-in switches along with an expression pedal and features a professional high-definition audio interface with 24-bit audio and up […]

Groovebox for iOS gets new MiniMon wavetable synth

Ampify Groovebox for iOS MiniMonAmipfy has announced version 1.8 of its Groovebox for iOS, a free, beautifully designed music studio app packed with inspiring synths and drum machines. After introducing song sections in version 1.6 and making the app look good in iPhone X with version 1.7, this new update introduced the new MiniMon wavetable synthesizer instrument as an […]

Auxy Studio updated to v5 incl. redesigned drum instrument

AuxyAuxy has released version 5 of its Auxy Studio music production software for iPad and iPhone. First released in 2014, the updated app features a redesigned drum instrument, a massive sample library and two new sound packs. Auxy is designed to remove friction and make sure technology won’t stop you from being creative. Our goal […]