Bank D "Hip Hop Beats": patterns demo for Groove Rider GR-16


“Patterns bank ‘Bank D: Hip Hop Beats’ will be available soon inside Groove Rider GR-16 app as In-App purchase!

Based on old school Hip Hop and Rap music, this bank represents smashing dirty beats and pumping hip hop grooves of 90’s era! Patterns include elements from gangsta rap, alternative hip hop, ragga, acid jazz, trip hop.

Hip Hop Beats bank is composed from 17 separate

iPad Piano Arpeggio In The Wild

Perplex On

“Some improvised arpeggios on a windy day. #Launchpadmini sequencing #ravenscroft275 piano and #noiseapp. #RozetaArpeggio is used as midi sequencer while #Mozaicapp infuses some randomness on midi velocity and timing.”

Create unique effects and lo-fi drum sounds with the SKIIID app for iOS

All The Machines SKIIID

Stephan Bolch of All The Machines has announced the release of SKIIID, new drum synthesizer app for iOS, featuring 4 expressive pads and the possibility to morph between them. With its randomization feature you can create unique effects and lo-fi drum-sounds quickly. On top of that we’ve added a fun sequencer. But don’t expect a […]

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Berlin School jam: Hydrasynth, Slim Phatty, Virus C, Pro 2, Gadget, Thor… "Centaurea montana"

Brittle stR music

“(Centaurea is the genus including cornflowers and knapweeds.) You can’t quite see me tweaking the cutoff on the Slim Phatty – that’s going on while I’m not playing Thor – on my wife’s old iPad with the X-Key. Ambient wash by Hydrasynth and strings by Virus C. Pro 2 does the falling space whistle. Sequencing and percussion by Gadget 2 on my own – almost as old – iPad. Phatty

Yamaha CS 60 MIDI controlled (HQ re-upload)

Rainer Keizer

“In this video you hear a very simple acid arpeggio, played through MIDI by my Yamaha CS 60 from 1977. The arpeggio is simple, but illustrates the control possibilities over MIDI, along with showing that a CS can even be used for fast stuff that can’t be played by hand – it’s not just a synth for pads 🙂
Apart from playing the notes over MIDI, my CS 60 is controlled by my iPhone

Let’s Play with Mela – Synth & FX

Tim Webb

“Mela Synth came out a while ago, but it just got an update that greatly expands its possibilities! In this video I use the modulation matrix to drastically morph the oscillators, and damn near everything else!

Mela – Synth & FX on App Store:

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AMBIENT IPHONE SESSION (Xynthesizr + Ripplemaker)

Perplex On

“Ambient session on the go: iPhone 6S loaded with #xynthesizr, sequencing 2 instances of #ripplemaker. Some extra modulation is happening by automating parameters with a #RozetaLFO. All spiced up with #k7d, #tapecassette2, #blackholereverb and #woott.’

Hydrasynth, Slim Phatty, Virus C, Pro 2, Gadget, Thor: "Celandine"

Brittle stR music

“2 separate time signatures in this one: 6/8 followed by 4/4, then back to 6/8 for the ambient coda (mostly ). I borrowed my wife’s iPad/Thor for the live part. The Hydrasynth is a pretty decent VA instrument I’m discovering, even though best known as a wave morphing machine. The 24db/oct ladder filter emulation is lovely. The coda is mostly Helsinki in Gadget, with automation

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SoundScaper – The Mad Scientists Sound Lab – Let’s Experiment – iPad Live

The Sound Test Room