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Looptastic HD For The iPad

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iPad Music Software: This is a demo of Looptastic HD, a $9.99 large-screen version of Sound Trends’ flagship Looptastic Producer iPhone app.

The iPad’s larger screen puts all of Looptastic’s realtime performance controls into a single window, making mixing more intuitive and tactile. Now the loop browser, X-Y effects pad, scratch strip, crossfader, and tempo control are always at hand, and the elastic mixer provides fingertip control over 22 loops at once, up from 10 on the iPhone.

Looptastic HD includes almost every Loop Set in the Sound Trends Loop Store — 900 audio loops, nearly 80 minutes in total length. Genres include Ambient, Breakbeat, Drum ’n’ Bass, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Minimal, Progressive House, Reggaeton, and Trance. The loops are available via free download from within the app.

If you’ve used Looptastic HD, leave a comment with your thoughts.

Looptastic HD Features:

  • Widescreen mixer holds 32 loops with 22 on screen; cue up to 26 while the music plays.
  • Free download access for 900 loops — nearly 80 minutes of samples.
  • Nine realtime effects with X-Y touch pad control, including Bit Crusher, Multimode Filtering, Flanger, Delay, and Glitchy Repeater.
  • Automatically time-stretches all loops to fit the master tempo.
  • Triple-zone mixer with crossfader for cues and breakdowns; apply effects to any zone.
  • Unique scratch strip retriggers a loop from anywhere in the waveform.
  • Import original loops and sound bites in AIFF, WAV, or OGG format using an easy Web interface. (Requires a Wi-Fi connection to a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer)
  • Capture and export performances to Mac or PC as 16-bit stereo AIFF files.
  • Import audio loops from compatible applications via Sonoma Wireworks AudioPaste.

New iPad Synthesizer, miniSynth Pro


iPad Music Software: Yonac Software has released miniSynth PRO (App Store link), a new iPad synthesizer.

miniSynth PRO is a fully-featured virtual synthesizer, designed as an FM / Subtractive hybrid synth.

miniSynth PRO features include a dedicated arpeggiator module, dual individually adjustable keyboards, user control matrix, and 82 presets. Users are able to record their own performances, as well as save and recall any number of their own presets in the brand-new YPAT patch design format.

You can preview miniSynth PRO below:

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  • Dual Subtractive / FM virtual-analogue monophonic synthesis
  • Fully configurable FM, filter or modulation based tone shaping
  • 44100, 16-bit CD-quality stereo audio output
  • Zero latency sound processing
  • Dual syncable oscillators
  • Six optimized, custom waveforms per oscillator
  • Dedicated oscillator octave, fine tune and mix controls
  • Osc 2-to-1 adjustable frequency modulation
  • Custom VCF (Variable Capacitance Filter — “Vincent”) with adjustable quadruple (Initial, Peak, Sustain, Final) stages and dedicated envelope
  • VCA (Amplifier) ADSR envelope
  • Noise generator with adjustable mix
  • LFO with 8-octave range and 6 waveforms
  • Dedicated LFO fine tune
  • Five individually adjustable LFO destinations (Osc1, Osc2, FM, VCF, Amp)
  • LFO key syncing and phase reset options
  • Control matrix with pitch shift (vertical) and filter modulation (horizontal)
  • Adjustable, continuous glide
  • Faithful monophonic, “latest-priority” keyboard control algorithm
  • Adjustable dual keyboards, with individually settable key width and position
  • Option to have dual keyboards covering the whole screen, half the screen, or just to have a single keyboard.
  • Option to wire upper keyboard to control the Arpeggiator, and the lower for live performance
  • Custom-design arpeggiator module with four different note orderings; hold, track or trigger modes; 5-octave stepping with up to 5 repeats-per-octave
  • BPM-based arp timer, and settable arp note value
  • Custom analog-tone stereo reverb with individually adjustable channels
  • Performance recording module, with file saving and playback
  • 82 carefully engineered sound presets, including retro, bass and arpeggio programs and more
  • Users can save any number of their own presets

Rj Voyager Turns Apple iPad Into Powerful Reactive Music Player

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iPad Music Software: This is a quick preview of Rj Voyager (App Store link) for the Apple iPad, a free reactive music player.

According to RjDj:

The main goal of the Rj Voyager is to create a simple to use music controller that unlocks more features in scenes created with the RJC1000. This application succeeds in creating a fun experience for everyone whilst also providing dynamic control over complex scenes for performers.

via RjDjme:

Rjing the scene ‘Doppelganger’ by Kids On DSP on the Rj Voyager app for the iPad.

BeatSequencer BoomBap Comes To The iPad


iPad Music Software: BeatSequencer BoomBap (App Store link) is a $6.99 mobile music production environment that is designed to let you produce, record, edit and arrange, a song from your phone.

Details below.


  • Sequencer
    • Record in real time
    • StepEditor edits beat positions
    • Adjust beats per loop
    • Use up to sixty patterns
    • Uses midi timing
  • Effects:
    • Puncher, Delay, Reverb, Filter and Chorus
  • Mixer:
    • Master volume
    • Sixteen volume meters
    • Six effects for each sound
  • Sound library
    • Many categories
    • Drums, Sound Effects, Samples and more
    • Download or add your own sounds
    • Email your mixes or recordings
  • Sound Groups
    • Sixteen Pads in each group
    • Assign sounds from the library
    • Use your own sounds
    • Save twenty groups for each song
    • Name each groups
  • Editor and Recorder
    • Record wav files with a mic or input
    • Use recordings on pads
    • Add recordings to the library
    • Edit the start and end position
    • Send to email
  • Song Arranger
    • Organizes patterns into a song
    • Remembers tempo changes
    • Stores up to fifty patterns
  • Disk:
    • Manage projects
    • Save and load zip files
    • Email any file
    • Download zip files from the web
    • Save all files to a computer
  • Web Browser
    • Download zip files from any site
  • A touch arranger, for detailed event placement.

Sonorasaurus Rex – New iPad DJ App

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iPod Music Software: Pajamahouse Studios has introduced Sonorasaurus Rex, a mobile DJ app for the Apple iPad.

Sonorasaurus Rex Features:

  • BPM Tapper to calculate BPM easily
  • Beat-highlighted waveforms to fascilitate beatmatching
  • Two standalone decks for playing your uploaded or bundled songs+ Dedicated effects module per each deck
  • High quality Reverb, Flange, Distortion, Tremolo, Echo and Highpass effects
  • Tweakable parameters for all effects
  • Dual virtual LED Level meters
  • Crossfader for mixing songs together to any degree you choose
  • Persistent Pitch Control for adjusting playback speed (Beatmatching)+
  • Dynamic Jog Area for dramatically and temporarily affecting pitch
  • EQ and Gains for fine tuning the volume, low mid and high frequency ranges
  • Built in HTTP upload interface for adding songs to your mixing library (requires local WiFi network)
  • Full MP3 format support including VBR and CBR (128 to 320 kbps)
  • AAC format support+ Bonus tracks, courtesy of Melee Beats and Service Sweden
  • Gorgeous full-screen UI to enhance your mobile DJ experience
  • Note:To upload your own tracks, you need to connect to your iPad via WiFi on the same local network.

It’s available now for $12.99 in the iTunes App Store (App Store link).


Big brother to Sonorasaurus on iPhone, Rex adds exciting new features such as the BPM Tapper and beat-sensitive waveforms to facilitate your beatmatching experience. The user interface has been redesigned to make the most out of the iPad’s spacious screen and factor in the new features.

Rex sports two independent decks, each with their own dedicated effects module, permanent and temporary pitch controls, level meter, parametric EQ and gain adjustment.Because Sonorasaurus Rex contains everything you need, it lets you carry your turntables, mixer and music library all on one device, without either the cost and bulk of professional hardware equipment.

via pajamahouse:

A quick demo of Sonorasaurus Rex for iPad. Sonorasaurus Rex is an expanded version of Sonorasaurus, a deejay app for the iPhone. Rex takes advantage of the spacious screen and includes some new features, like waveforms, which can be seen in the video.

Learn more about Sonorasaurus Rex at sonorasaurus.com and look for it soon on the iPad.

Korg iElectribe For The iPad No April Fool’s Joke (Video)

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iPad Music Software: Some people thought that the Korg iElectribe Apple iPad app we told you about yesterday was an April Fools’ joke.

No – it’s actually a $10 app that turns an Apple iPad into a Korg Electribe. It’s not equivalent in capabilities to a $300 Electribe, but, it’s still pretty powerful.

Check out the video and let us know what you think!

via iELECTRIBE, derrick s

Korg iElectribe Turns An iPad Into A $300 Electribe ER-1 Beatbox For $10


iPad Music Software: Korg has announced that their popular Electribe·R has been reborn as a dedicated iPad app – the Korg iElectribe virtual analog beatbox (App Store link).

A few more apps like this and the economics of the iPad as a music platform will be apparent. By using mass market hardware, Korg is able to turn a $300 beatbox into a $10 application.


  • Sound Engine:
    • Analog Synthesizer Modeling; PCM Samples; Virtual Valve Force Tube Modeling
  • Instrument Voices (Parts):
    • 8 Total: 4 percussion synthesizer parts; 4 PCM synthesizer parts
  • Effect Section:
    • Master Effect: Assignable per step/per part
    • 8 Effect Types: Short Delay, BPM Sync Delay, Grain Shifter, Reverb, Chorus/Flanger, Filter, Talking Modulator, Decimator
  • Sequencer Section:
    • Patterns: 64 steps maximum per part, Motion Sequencing can memorize all knob motions in a pattern
    • Tempo: 20-300BPM (with Tap tempo and Swing function), Pattern-set function
  • Memory patterns:
    • 160 Total: 32 preset patterns x 2 banks; 32 basic patterns x 1 bank; 32 blank patterns x 2 banks

A special introductory price of US  $9.99 is being offered until June 30, 2010.


With the iELECTRIBE, sound creation is easy, fun and intuitive – just as on a vintage analog synthesizer. Simply choose a part (or sound) and touch the 16-step sequencer to quickly build a groove. This easy-to-use interface combines forces with the iPad’s 9.7” multi touch display to offer an intuitive “hardware” feel, sure to inspire and captivate the imagination of any user.

The iELECTRIBE faithfully recreates the historic ELECTRIBE·R’s entire sound engine and sequencer capabilities. In addition, it provides advanced Motion Sequencing, eight supercharged effect types, plus 64 new preset patterns that instantly allow the user to create music in a wide variety of dance and electronic music styles.


  • iELECTRIBE has no “Song” function.
  • iELECTRIBE cannot be used with iPhone and iPod touch

Pianist Pro iPad Piano

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This video is a sneak preview of Pianist Pro – the “iPad piano”.

via MooCowMusic:

The best-selling iPhone piano, Pianist, just went Professional with “Pianist Pro” for iPad.

Available now in the iPad App Store. See http://moocowmusic.com for more information.

iPad Music Software Preview – bleep!Box


iPad Music Software: bleep!BOX 1.2.0 – a n electronic drum/synth beat box for the iPhone, iPod touch and now the Apple iPad – has been submitted to the App Store:

1.2.0 is a universal binary, meaning it runs on both the iPad and iPhone / Touch devices using the same executable. You won’t have to buy bleep!BOX again to get it on the iPad – if you already own it on the iPhone, you can use it on the iPad and take advantage of the bigger interface. 1.2.0 has a few feature additions – a delay effect has been added to each of the Synth parts (meaning you can get individual delays for those, in addition to the existing global delay). We also made it so you can tap and drag any of the top edit buttons on the SEQ page to edit their values. This makes it possible to do quick adjustments in one gesture. I also have included a number of bug fixes and the interface overall should run faster thanks to some rendering optimizations.

I decided to make bleep!BOX work in both portrait and landscape on the iPad. This ended up taking about 12+ hours to do yesterday, but I was worried that it might not be approved if I left the current behavior of forcing the landscape orientation. Overall, I think it’s a cool feature and I’m looking forward to seeing it in action on a real device.

It looks like bleep!Box – and a lot of other iPhone apps – will be a lot more usable on the iPad. Full feature list below.

Features List

  • 10 Synth / Drum parts (aka voices)
  • Emulations of ‘classic’ x0x drum sounds (snares, hihats, claps, bassdrums, toms, cymbals)
  • Ringmod, FM, Phase Modulation, Sync
  • 50+ Parameters
  • Global delay FX
  • Soft / Hard distortion FX
  • 8 Waveforms – Saw, Square, Sine, Triangle, etc
  • Save patches and presets
  • Live performance modes – Loop / Stutter, Mute
  • Step sequencing + recording modes
  • Parameter automation
  • Realtime processing – NO SAMPLES
  • Song Mode – make songs from multiple patterns
  • WAV export
  • Pattern export / import

MIDIPad Turns Your iPad Into A Multi-Touch MIDI Controller


MIDIPad is a new app for the iPad/iPhone for music creation and live-performance.


  • communicates with MacOs and Windows based PCs
  • communicates with stand-alone-applications and hardware
  • communicates via network-MIDI-protocol
  • plug & play via Apple Bonjour, wireless-LAN
  • multitouch Interface

Preconfigured setups:

  • studioView
  • djView
  • launchView
  • fxView

It looks like iPad music software may get interesting fast.

Check out the details below and let me know what you think!


Here’s what the developers have to say about MIDIPad:

The striking feature of midipad is its ability to directly communicate via network-MIDI-protocol. So there is no need to install any communication-peer-software on the Mac! Simply plug-and-play via Apple Bonjour – wireless. This kind of connectivity has not been used in any similar iphone-software.

This multitouch-capable midi-controller-application communicates with your Apple Mac your Windows-based PC and even standalone hardware-synths via Wifi.

So you can control all of your music-applications with just a few finger-gestures without having to sit at your desk and no annoying cable.

In the production-environment midipad can control host-applications like Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo, Ableton Live etc.

It can also be used to control stand-alone applications from companies like Native-Instruments, Spectrasonics and many more.

As a live-musician you can control sub-mixes of your virtual keyboard-rig, activate setups and change parameters of the virtual instruments or even hardware-instruments – all in realtime on stage.

If you are a DJ, you can control your favorite application wireless as well.  So you just might take a stroll through your ecstatic audience.

midipad incorporates various commonly used controller-types like buttons, trigger-pads, sliders, ribbon-control in one & two dimensions, rotary-knobs, or complete functionality blocks like transport-control.

midipad also reacts to midi-data from the connected remote computer, to provide instantaneous feedback for your performance.

Preconfigured setups, divided in seperate views can be activated concurrently.  Using multi-touch various functionality of the remote-software can be controlled. The features to be controlled can be configured by the user in the setup.

Midipad.de, via Twitter