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Ned Rush FX Pack for Ableton Live released

Isotonik Studios has announced he release of the Ned Rush FX Pack, a collection of 5 Max for Live devices. The first

Lightfinger launches Future Frontiers for Novation Circuit

Lightfinger Future Frontiers for CircuitIsotonik Studios has announced a new collection of patches for the Circuit groovebox by Novation. Lightfinger was the first of our Novation

Isotonik Studios intros Modular Series LE

Isotonik Studios Modular Series LEIsotonik Studios has announced Modular Series LE, a new subscription based service that offers a new Ableton Live device every week. For

Isotonik Studios releases MultiClip Editor & MIDI Modulators for Ableton Live

Chaos Culture MultiClip Editor & MIDI ModulatorsIsotonik Studios has announced MultiClip Editor & MIDI Modulators, an unconventional arpeggiator for Ableton Live. The original MultiClip Editor from Chaos Culture

Isotonik Intros Circuit Editor Pro Standalone Version

Isotonik has released a standalone version of the Circuit Editor Pro, which was previously available as a AU/VST version for use in your DAW software.… Read More Isotonik Intros Circuit Editor Pro Standalone Version

Isotonik Studios updates Circuit Editor to v1.1.0 incl. Standalone

Isotonik Studios Circuit EditorIsotonik Studios has released version 1.1.0 of Circuit Editor, adding a standalone version to the editor software for Novation’s Circuit synth, drum

Isotonik releases free Crystal Goblets for Ableton & Eugene for Kontakt

Flintpope has announced the release of a Crystal Goblets & Eugene, a free instrument pack for Ableton Live and Native Instruments Kontakt,

The Producer’s Kitchen launches Max for Live Madness: Tutorials, Roundups & Big Giveaway

This March is Max for Live Madness. The Producer’s Kitchen has announced it is offering free tutorials, roundups, demos and downloads to

Novation Circuit Gets Professional Patch Editor

Isotonik Studios has announced Circuit Editor Pro for the Novation Circuit – a new patch editor, designed to offer professional level features and performance. … Read More Novation Circuit Gets Professional Patch Editor

Isotonik Studios releases Circuit Editor PRO & New Circuit Patch Store releases

Isotonik Studios has announced the release of Circuit Editor PRO, an editor software for the Circuit grid-based groove box by Novation. It’s