Making DARK Beats on the Novation Circuit

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“In which I use the new pack, “A Force Truly Evil” by Yves Big City (available on Isotonik) to make a bunch of dark beats and jams from scratch on the Novation Circuit, including electro house, techno, and a Glitch Mob type beat.”


via Isotonik Studios

“NOISS COKO have released some awesome MaxforLive devices since they joined the Isotonik Collective a couple of years ago. It made sense as they work on their next release to bring together all their output to ate in one giant pack!

So here it is the Make NOISS Bundle consisting of :

Repeat PRO
Sempler PRO
Modulation Pack
Control Pack

Each device within the pack

Isotonik Studios JJBURRED – Factorsynth 2

Demo – Factorsynth 2 Isotonik Studios

“Factorsynth is a one-of-its-kind device that uses machine learning to deconstruct any sound into elements. After 2 years of the initial release comes Factorsynth 2, the first major update. Following many user suggestions and requests, version 2 is an even more versatile yet easier to use device, with a simplified workflow and numerous new features. It is

Superbooth 20HE: Isotonik Studios – Hybrid DJ Setup Using Live And Serato

Published on Apr 25, 2020 sonicstate

“Isotonik Studios for those of you who don’t know make useful tools and Scripts for Ableton Live, MaxForLive Devices and an array of MIDI controllers. In this video we spoke to Darren at Isotonik studios who has been creating a hybrid DJ/live set up for streaming to his friends over the weekend.

We took a look at Cross Fire Euclidean Mode which is a

Progressive Dream – Novation Circuit Pack – Demo ONE

Published on Dec 16, 2019 Isotonik Studios

“We’re proud to present the fifth pack from Yves Big City for the Novation Circuit, it truly proves what depth the groove box can have when you manipulate the onboard synths.

‘Progressive Dream for Novation Circuit’ has been programmed by sound designer Big City and it includes 64 up-to-date mainstream progressive patches, 32 demo sessions and 64 high

Chaos Culture – Modulat Teaser Trailer – Max For Live Toolkit – Ableton Live – Signal

Published on Nov 6, 2019 Isotonik Studios

“Modulat is a MaxforLive Toolkit of prebuilt modules that you can use to effect parameters, output audio and generally be awesome. Spawn a module from the menu and connect it up using patch cords, this is MaxforLive without the coding! PLEASE NOTE: MaxforLive 8.0.2 is Essential for Use!

Formerly known as Signal, Modulat is a toolbox of modules that can

Cosmogonik by LDM Design for Novation Circuit

Demo – Part ONE – Cosmogonik by LDM Design from Isotonik Studios on Vimeo.Cosmogonik is the first pack for the Novation Circuit from long standing Isotonik Collective member LDM Design. Designed around the theme of Dub Techno you’ll find consistent macros and a dark dubby style to the patches, samples and sessions.

We’ve been banging on at Daniel of LDM Design for monhts now to finish the

New SYNTHFEST 2019 Sonicstate Videos

Published on Oct 7, 2019 sonicstate

Update: EvenHarmonic Stomp Synth added to the playlist.


1. SYNTHFEST 2019 – Expert Sleepers Ultimate Interface ES-9

Expert Sleepers were on hand to show their entirely new ES-9 which takes the concept of modular and DAW integration with DC coupled connections, to its logical conclusion – featuring 16 IO interface, plus 2x balanced Audio outs as

New ENVISION SOUND – Strata Ableton Live Controller

Strata – Prototype Demos

Strata – Quick Start Demos [Beta]

via Isotonik Studios:


Over the past few yerar i’ve lost count of the number of times people have suggested that Isotonik gets into the controller business. I’ve always wondered whether the truly perfect controller could ever exist with the amount of times that I change my mind and

Signal adds the modulation Ableton is missing – and now does steps, crossfader

Signal from Isotonik was already a revelation – a powerful toolkit for adding modulation to Ableton Live. But curves, step sequences, and crossfades add real motion and transformation to your music.

Darren of Isotonik Studios has been busy documenting how to use this with some no-nonsense, clear video tutorials. It’s the latest episode, adding Steps and Crossfader module, that gets really exciting:

The new module Steps alone is reason to write home. It’s capable both of the titular step-sequenced, fixed steps, but curves, as well. And while you’ll find modulation built in in tools like FL Studio, Reason, and Bitwig Studio, the implementation via Max for Live by Isotonik has some really lovely usability that stands alone.

The Crossfader is unique, too – this isn’t just a mixer for audio signals, but modulation sources, as well.

Cross-fading LFO signals.

It’s worth checking the other videos, too. Episode two looked at the cult hit VST plug-in Serum, creating sound design with Signal in combination. And even with Massive X just out, this is some interesting stuff:

You’ll probably want to start at the beginning, which introduces Freeze and LFO (since I’m listing these in reverse chronological order):

You’ll notice the Chaos Culture moniker on there; this is their creation. You’ll probably want Live 10 Suite, but anything Live 9.7.5 or later, plus an active Max for Live 8.0.2 license, will work, across Mac and Windows.

It’s so deep, it suggests whole new workflows and compositional ideas, so I’ll be sure to start some music from scratch with this one. But it’s really quite well done, and a rich enough approach to modulation that developers on other environments may well want to have a look.

Signal is €88.05 – pricey for a Max for Live creation, but then possibly even bigger than any recent Live upgrade from Ableton themselves. If you have a go, let us know how it works; I’ll try to post some more impressions in August.

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