K-Devices HERSE Max for Live audio effect on sale for 5 EUR

K Devices Herse

Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive sale on the HERSE Max for Live device by K-Devices, offering over 70% off on the sound design tool designed to rearrange and process audio. Looking for an effect to inject life in your beats? A companion to work with during your guitar performances? Something to enrich your vocals, […]

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K-Devices TAPP delay & WOV modulation plugin on sale at up to 30% OFF

K Devices WOV & TAPP sale

Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive sale on the new Phoenix Series effect plugins TAPP and WOV, offering discounts of up to 30% off regular through March. TTAP is a delay with two buffers. Each buffer features extensive controls for shaping the envelope of the delay sound, with another control set for glitchy pre-feedback repeats […]

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K-Devices releases WOV and TTAP, new Phoenix Series for VST, AU & AAX

K Devices TTAP

K-Devices has announced the release of the previously announced WOV and TTAP, two new audio effect plugins in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats. These plugins are K-Devices first in a new series of creative audio effects with DSP referred to as the Phoenix series. This new series also introduces a new GUI design philosophy to […]

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K-Devices intros WOV amplitude modulator & TTAP creative delay with 50% OFF pre-order

K Devices WOV & TAPP

K-Devices has announced WOV and TAPP, the first two titles in a new series of plugins. The plugins come with a flat and easy to handle GUI and offer immediate satisfaction in getting DSP purpose results as well as the option to go into experimental and unusual territories. WOV is a creative amplitude modulator, able […]

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More surprise in your sequences, with ESQ for Ableton Live

With interfaces that look lifted from a Romulan warbird and esoteric instruments, effects, and sequencers, K-Devices have been spawning surprising outcomes in Ableton Live for some time now. ESQ is the culmination of that: a cure for preset sounds and ideas in a single device.

You likely know the problem already: all of the tools in software like Ableton Live that make it easy to quickly generate sounds and patterns also tend to do so in a way that’s … always the same. So instead of being inspiring, you can quickly feel stuck in a rut.

ESQ is a probability-based sequencer with parameters, so you adjust a few controls to generate a wide variety of possibilities – velocity, chance, and relative delay for each step. You can create polyrhythms (multiple tracks of the same length, but different steps), or different-length tracks, you can copy and paste, and there are various random functions to keep things fresh. The results are still somehow yours – maybe even more so – it’s just that you use probability and generative rules to get you to what you want when you aren’t sure how to describe what you want. Or maybe before you knew you wanted it.

Because you can trigger up to 12 notes, you can use ESQ to turn bland presets into something unexpected (like working with preset Live patches). Or you can use it as a sequencer with all those fun modular toys we’ve been talking about lately (VCV Rack, Softube Modular, Cherry Audio Voltage Modular, and so on) – because 5- and 8-step sequencers are often just dull.

There’s no sound produced by ESQ – it’s just a sequencer – but it can have a big enough impact on devices that this “audio” demo is just one instance of ESQ and one Drum Rack. Even those vanilla kits start to get more interesting.

K-Devices has been working this way for a while, but ESQ feels like a breakthrough. The generative sequence tools are uniquely complete and especially powerful for producing rhythms. You can make this sound crazy and random and IDM-y, but you can also add complexity without heading into deep space – it’s really up to you.

And they’ve cleverly made two screens – one full parameter screen that gets deep and detailed, but a compact device screen that lets you shift everything with single gestures or adjust everything as macros – ideal for live performance or for making bigger changes.

It seems like a good wildcard to keep at your disposal … for any of those moments when you’re getting stuck and boring.

And yes, of course Richard Devine already has it:

But you can certainly make things unlike Devine, too, if you want.

Right now ESQ is on sale, 40% off through December 31 – €29 instead of 49. So it can be your last buy of 2018.

Have fun, send sequences!


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K-Devices Twistor modulation Max for Live device 80% OFF!

K Devices Twistor 80 offPlugin Boutique has launched an exclusive sale on Twistor by K-Devices, offering a 80% discount on the unique Max For Live audio effect designed to modulate anything you want in Ableton Live. Twistor is easy to master.You can start considering a classic step sequencer modulator: steps of a given duration sending values to a controlled […]

Plugin Boutique Top 5 Friday: Ableton Racks & Max for Live devices

PIB Top 5 Friday Ableton RacksPlugin Boutique has launched another Top 5 Friday round-up. In this new video, producer Tim Cant runs through five of the most popular Ableton Racks and Max for Live devices. All available at Plugin Boutique the top Ableton Racks & Max for Live are… 5. AutoBeat by K-Devices. It might look like a half a […]

AutoTrig and TATAT generate rhythms for Ableton, modular gear

Composer Alessio Santini is back with more tools for Ableton Live, both intended to help you get off the grid and generate elaborate, insane rhythms.

Developer K-Devices, Santini’s music software house, literally calls this series “Out Of Grid,” or OOG for short. They’re a set of Max for Live devices with interfaces that look like the flowcharts inside a nuclear power plant, but the idea is all about making patterns.

AutoTrig: multiple tracks of shifting structures and grooves, based on transformation and probability, primarily for beat makers. Includes Push 2, outboard modular/analog support.

TATAT: input time, note, and parameter structures, output melodic (or other) patterns. Control via MIDI keyboard, and export to clips (so you can dial up settings until you find some clips you like, then populate your session with those).

AutoTrig spits out multiple tracks of rhythms for beat mangling.

And for anyone who complains that rhythms are repetitive, dull, and dumb on computers, these tools do none of that. This is about climbing into the cockpit of an advanced alien spacecraft, mashing some buttons, and then getting warped all over hyperspace, your face melting into another dimension.

Here’s the difference: those patterns are generated by an audio engine, not a note or event engine per se. So the things you’d do to shape an audio signal – sync, phase distortion – then spit out complex and (if you like) unpredictable streams of notes or percussion, translating that fuzzy audio world into the MIDI events you use elsewhere.

TATAT is built more for melodic purposes, but the main thing here is, you can spawn patterns using time and note structures. And you can even save the results as clips.

And that’s only if you stay in the box. If you have some analog or modular gear, you can route audio to those directly, making Ableton Live a brain for spawning musical events outside via control voltage connection. (Their free MiMu6 Max for Live device handles this, making use of the new multichannel support in Max for Live added to Live 10).

Making sense of this madness are a set of features to produce some order, like snapshots and probability switches on AutoTrig, and sliders that adjust timing and probability on TATAT. TATAT also lets you use a keyboard to set pitch, so you can use this more easily live.

If you were just sent into the wilderness with these crazy machines, you might get a bit lost. But they’ve built a pack for each so you can try out sounds. AutoTrig works with a custom Push 2 template, and TATAT works well with any MIDI controller.

AutoTrig 29€ ($34 US)
TATAT 29€ ($34 US)
Bundle AutoTrig + TATAT 39€ ($45 US)

Bundle MOOR + Twistor + AutoTrig + TATAT 69€ ($81)

They’ve presumably already worked out that this sort of thing will appeal mainly to the sorts of folks who read CDM, as they’ve made a little discount coupon for us.

The code is “koog18”

Enter that at checkout, and your pricing is reduced to 29€ ($34 US) for both AutoTrig and TATAT.

Check out their stuff on the K-Devices site:

OOG part 2: AutoTrig and TATAT, lunatic Max For Live devices


See, the problem with this job is, I find a bunch of stuff that would require me to quit this job to use but … I will find a way to play with Monday’s sequencing haul! I know we all feel the same pain there.

Here we go in videos:

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K-Devices OOG Bundle of Max for Live devices launches at 34% OFF

K Devices OOG Bundle dealK-Devices has launched the new OOG Bundle, a collection of 4 “Out Of Grid” series Max for Live devices: MOOR, Twistor, AutoTrig and TATAT. The OOG devices are designed to write music and control instruments and effects in a brand new way. OOG tools offer unique features that will let you easily create incredible music […]

Computer Music Label, Elli Records, Debuts First Full-Length Title

Elli Records, an independent label focused on computer music, has released its first full-length album, “Spectra,” by Tom Hall. Founded in 2015 by Alessio Santini of K-Devices, Elli Records is an independent label focused on “music made by humans, for humans, with computers.” Santini explains: “Our goal is to promote artists that create computer media,… Read More Computer Music Label, Elli Records, Debuts First Full-Length Title