Save up 50% on Embertone’s classic virtual instruments for NI Kontakt

Embertone Classics Bundle Sale

Embertone has launched a limited time promotion in honor of Classical Music Month. During the Embertone Classics Bundle Sale you can get up to 50% off on selected virtual instruments. These are the VIs that started our journey! Flutes and Brass with smooth legato, and Percussion with lots and lots (and lots) of round robin […]

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Reflekt Audio releases OrganiX virtual instrument plugin (VST/AU)

Reflekt Audio Organix

Reflekt Audio has announced the release of its new and realistic sounding tool OrganiX, an instrument plugin featuring 5 unique real world instruments: Dulcimer, Kalimba, Chimes, Triangle and Flute. Each of the instruments was recorded with professional precision using condenser microphones as well as contact microphone that the user can layer over to get even […]

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Save 40% on Cinesamples percussion instrument libraries!

Cinesamples Percussion Sale 2019

Cinesamples has announced a one week sale on its percussion instrument libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt. Cinesamples’ Percussion Sale Starts Today! Up to 40% Off All Percussion Products and Bundles! ONE WEEK ONLY! The sale includes the following products: CinePerc. Deep Percussion Beds Volume 1 and 2, and Deep Percussion Beds Bundle. Tonal Ticky Tackies. […]

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Dome of Doom launches World Class Percussion by Josh Mellinger

Dome of Doom World Class Percussion by Josh MellingerSplice Sounds has released World Class Percussion, a sample pack that offers over 1,000 loops and one shots of exotic instruments performed by the insanely developed rhythmic chops of Josh Mellinger, and mixed by chart hitting producer AHEE aka Chris Adams. This pack delivers all your worldly percussion needs, from lightning speed Tabla riffs to […]

Mega Bundle Deal: Up to 80% OFF Gospel Musicians, Dream Audio Tools, FrozenPlain & Chocolate Audio

Audio Plugin Deals Mega BundleAudio Plugin Deals has launched a Mega Bundle Deal, offering discounts of up to 80% off on a collection of 19 products from 4 developers. In this limited time sale you have option of buying individual products from different developers at great discounts or buying the whole bundle at a huge 78% discount. The following […]

Ben Burnes releases 100+ free piezo springbox samples

Ben Burnes Piezo Spring ReverbBen Burnes has released a sample pack featuring a collection of over 100 free samples recorded from a homemade piezo springbox. The box may look cheap, but I was really surprised at the wide variety of sounds that you can generate with it. This pack contains metallic clanks, boings, taps, scrapes, and other unique sounds […]

Fine Mallets Bundle for Kontakt by Cinematique Instruments

Cinematique Instruments Fine Mallets BundleCinematique Instruments has launched the Fine Mallets Bundle, a Kontakt instrument library featuring 7 mallet instruments. The bundle consists of 3 complex patches with the sounds of the Vibraphone, Bass Marimba, Metallophone, Glockenspiel, Spieluhr, Kalimba and Crystal Bowl. The library includes 30 articulations with over 3,000 samples. We have set a major focus to come […]

The Control Centre releases Studio Collection, VINYLiZER & Yamaha Tape Drums

The Control Centre Studio CollectionThe Control Centre has released the Studio Collection, a sample pack featuring a collection of 9 acoustic instruments for Ableton Live. Included are a Kalimba, Hohner Student 32 Melodica, Indian Flute, Wooden Frog, Shaker, Finger Bells, Hand Clapper, Bell Fish, and Carob Bean Pods. The Studio Collection features nine melodic and percussive multi-sampled, velocity layered, […]

Cinesamples releases Kalimba instrument for NI Kontakt

Cinesamples KalimbaCinesamples has announced the release of Kalimba, a new World Series instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt. The library features a deeply sampled African kalimba, offering a wide variety of sounds and textures and an intuitive interface. The World Series Kalimba script features intelligent round robin selection, which forces as much variation in the performance […]

Splice Sounds releases Tuned & Tonal Percussion Collection by Soundiron

Soundiron Tuned & Tonal Splice EditionSplice Sounds has released the Tuned & Tonal Percussion Collection, a special edition sample pack by Soundiron featuring a compendium of beautifully-produced tuned percussion instrument samples. This library features a dozen multi-sampled instruments designed to be played with hands, mallets and hammers, offering a wide and diverse palette of enchanting tones. It includes a 25-key […]