Fine Mallets Bundle for Kontakt by Cinematique Instruments

Cinematique Instruments Fine Mallets BundleCinematique Instruments has launched the Fine Mallets Bundle, a Kontakt instrument library featuring 7 mallet instruments. The bundle consists of 3 complex patches with the sounds of the Vibraphone, Bass Marimba, Metallophone, Glockenspiel, Spieluhr, Kalimba and Crystal Bowl. The library includes 30 articulations with over 3,000 samples. We have set a major focus to come […]

The Control Centre releases Studio Collection, VINYLiZER & Yamaha Tape Drums

The Control Centre Studio CollectionThe Control Centre has released the Studio Collection, a sample pack featuring a collection of 9 acoustic instruments for Ableton Live. Included are a Kalimba, Hohner Student 32 Melodica, Indian Flute, Wooden Frog, Shaker, Finger Bells, Hand Clapper, Bell Fish, and Carob Bean Pods. The Studio Collection features nine melodic and percussive multi-sampled, velocity layered, […]

Cinesamples releases Kalimba instrument for NI Kontakt

Cinesamples KalimbaCinesamples has announced the release of Kalimba, a new World Series instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt. The library features a deeply sampled African kalimba, offering a wide variety of sounds and textures and an intuitive interface. The World Series Kalimba script features intelligent round robin selection, which forces as much variation in the performance […]

Splice Sounds releases Tuned & Tonal Percussion Collection by Soundiron

Soundiron Tuned & Tonal Splice EditionSplice Sounds has released the Tuned & Tonal Percussion Collection, a special edition sample pack by Soundiron featuring a compendium of beautifully-produced tuned percussion instrument samples. This library features a dozen multi-sampled instruments designed to be played with hands, mallets and hammers, offering a wide and diverse palette of enchanting tones. It includes a 25-key […]

Audiowarrior releases X-Ray Kong Drums ReFill for Reason

AudioWarrior X Ray Kong DrumsAudiowarrior has launched X-Ray Kong Drums, a ReFill sound pack for Propellerhead Reason. The library features 500 royalty free sounds, including airy kicks, long shimmering crash, ride, splash cymbals. X-Ray Kong Drums features 8 Sixteen(16)-Sound Acoustic Kong Kits. 8 Sixteen(16)-Sound Exotic World Percussion Kong Patches. 12 Kong Metal Power minor-Chords. 58 Rex Kit variations. 58 […]

When a record label gets into making cool, weird instruments

Streaming revenue may be hit or miss, but record labels can always make their own boutique sound hardware.

Ghostly International have long pioneered new ideas in the category of “selling stuff that isn’t vinyl.” There was the Matthew Dear Totem, for instance – though that served zero practical function and didn’t make sound. Their store feels as much a trendy boutique for design fetishists as a record outlet.

But I think it’s their musical instrument collaborations that are most interesting. Yeah, okay, you could say this is getting a bit hipster-y. But remember that it’s really musical instruments that have since the dawn of civilization been the norm. Recorded music is the aberration.


The latest such offering is Ghostly Zoots – a custom-designed kalimba and looper rolled all in one. (I find this personally amusing, as just a couple weeks ago I did an impromptu live performance of a kalimba with the iPad app Samplr, before I saw this. Building the two into a single piece of hardware is a great idea!)

This being a Ghostly product, it features a dark ebony finish and Ghostly logo.

The design is the product of Brandnewnoise and designer/builder Richard Upchurch, who make their stuff in Brooklyn.

He’s made two other interesting creations for Ghostly. There’s a xylophone/looper:


Phone-Home: Ghostly Edition

Also in the looped category, Looped Visions combines a simple looper with design work by Brandon Locher.

Check out the builder:

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Rare Tones by Push Button Bang explores sounds from tribes & cultures around the world

Push Button Bang has launched Rare Tones, a sample pack featuring a large collection of unique sounds from tribes and cultures around