Big Rusty Drums sample library for Sforzando released by Karoryfer Samples

Karoryfer Samples Big Rusty Drums

Karoryfer Samples has a new virtual drum kit for the free Plogue Sforzando sampler called Big Rusty Drums, featuring the sounds of a drum kit that was built by Zygmunt Szpaderski in a one-man workshop in Poland. The collection also includes sounds from a large floor tom made from an Estonian-made RMIF kick drum, and […]

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Karoryfer releases Gogodze Phu Vol II free lo-fi drums for Sforzando

Karoryfer Samples Gogodze Phu IIKaroryfer has launched Gogodze Phu Vol II, a free set of acoustic drum samples inspired mainly by the lo-fi and dead drum sound on Kim Jung Mi’s 1973 album “Now”. Not many people really want drums that are that lo-fi all the time, though, so we took the recordings and made a variable-fidelity kit, not […]

Karoryfer releases Secret Agent Guitar virtual instrument for Sforzando

Karoryfer Secret Agent GuitarKaroryfer Samples has announced the release of Secret Agent Guitar, a virtual guitar instrument with personality and character featuring the sounds of the Polish Defil Tarantella electric guitar. Most people sample the nicest guitar they can get their hands on, but we went for the most interesting. This is over 10000 samples of a Defil […]

Karoryfer Samples releases Gogodze Phu Vol I free percussion collection

Karoryfer Samples Gogodze Phu Vol 1Karoryfer Samples has launched Gogodze Phu Vol I, a free Sforzando instrument library featuring a percussion collection with five bobobo drums from Ghana and a cajon recorded in Poland. The bobobo drums have one articulation recorded for the bass drum, and two articulations for the others. The volume and pan controls are obvious in their […]

Karoryfer Samples releases Swirly Drums for Sforzando

Karoryfer Samples Swirly DrumsKaroryfer Samples launched Swirly Drums, a brushed drum kit for the free Sforzando sampler plugin by Plogue. A complete and detailed brushed drum kit, the most innovative and important feature of Swirly Drums are the snare stirs. This core brushed snare technique is often left out of sampled drum kits, because its nature – using […]

Karoryfer updates Marie Ork for Plogue Alter/Ego to v2.0

Marie Ork 2.0 for Alter EgoKaroryfer Samples has updated the Marie Ork virtual vocalist for Plogue’s free Alter/Ego real-time singing synthesizer. Version 2.0 adds a clean singing voice, and the talker. Marie Ork is a voice bank for the free Plogue Alter/Ego synthesizer. She was created from recordings of a female death metal vocalist, but is capable of much more […]