Borsini Nostalgic Accordion ‘Lars Ek’ w/ MIDI & Ketron XD3

“Lars Ek Nostalgic games are mostly hand built. Lars Ek Nostalgics staircase keyboard prevents the depressed button from reaching the level of the external button row. A very important detail. The cut carvings on the back of the lid open the game and give Lars Ek Nostalgic its big powerful tone. The secret behind Ranar Sundqvists fantastic bellows technology is the straight edges and the deep

Ketron SD4 Tabletop Synthesizer Midi Sound Module w/ Original Box

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“Ketron manufacturer description:
The Ketron SD4 is a pocket sized sound module designed for all PC and MIDI applications. The module is equipped with a new, powerful sound engine including a Professional Grand Piano sample (across 88 notes), huge orchestral and beautiful voices such as Saxophones, Brass, Woodwinds, Guitars, accordions, organ digital drawbars and many others.

Ketron SD1000 Professional Sound Module Demo (AJAMsonic)

Published on Sep 28, 2018 In The Mix

“This video features various sounds and instruments from Ketron SD1000 Professional sound module. All sounds in this video come from the SD1000.”

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“The SD1000 is the first hardware sound module at this price point that integrates both audio and MIDI sequences! Our advanced technology packs stunning sounds in a pocket-size unit.

The SD1000 is