Introduction to the KOMA Field Kit [Episode 106]

Published on Jan 21, 2019 CatSynth TV

“We introduce the KOMA Field Kit, and a standalone box with combines modular synthesis with electro-acoustic features such as driving external DC actuators (solenoids, motors, etc.), contact mics, a CV-controlled radio input (FM, AM, shortwave), and more.

We go through a few short examples:
1) Contact mic
2) Radio
3) Solenoid and objects in the Field Kit

Friday Fun Synth Jam – Arturia Keylab MKII, Pittsburgh SV-1, Koma Field Kit FX

Published on Nov 2, 2018 sonicstate

“Another in our occasional Friday Fun synth Jam series – this time we’ve hooked up the Arturia Keylab MKII, the Pittsburgh Modular SV-1 and the Koma Elektronik Field Kit FX.

Nicks Music:”

New KOMA Dual Discrete VCA Eurorack Module

Published on Oct 3, 2018 KOMA Elektronik

“The KOMA Dual Discrete VCA offers two independent high quality VCA channels, both built up out of discrete transistor cells with low CV and audio bleed, very low noise and distortion. The VCA’s feature set also enables you to experiment with the linear/exponential response curve, changing the dynamics of your sound. Play around with the gain settings

KOMA Strom Mobile Now Available

KOMA Strom Mobile – How does it work?Published on Oct 3, 2018 KOMA Elektronik

“Strom Mobile is a portable power solution for music makers and everyone who needs reliable voltage source at all times! The Strom Mobile transforms the output voltage of USB power banks (5V DC) to either 9V or 12V DC to power any (music) device running on those voltages. There are two independent channels which can

Run your audio gear off of USB power banks: KOMA’s Strom Mobile

You’re on the go. And those wonderful USB power banks will charge your phone – so why not audio gear, too? KOMA Elektronik’s new Strom Mobile makes it possible.

Here’s the problem: USB power banks (mobile batteries and whatnot), while plentiful, only output 5V power for phones and USB, and they’re anything but “low noise” (meaning you’ll hear garbled interference when you plug a lot of them in).

A lot of your compact audio gear is probably running on 9V or 12V power, and it’ll make you happier if it’s low noise. (Some gear is 5V, of course, but that’s another story.)

Enter Strom Mobile, a small accessory from KOMA that adapts power banks for your gear. Specs:

  • 9V/12V DC power compatibility (clean, low noise)
  • Two power channels – plug in to one or both, and set each channel to either 9V or 12V
  • Indicators to show you which power is connected, and how much current you’re using
  • Four outputs for gear – or connect more via daisy chaining (until you run out of current, anyway)
  • Cables and manual in the box: 1x USB B, 2x DC-DC, printed guide

The USB B cable is especially designed for this application.

There’s also a Strom Mobile Cable Pack you can buy as an add on, which includes another of those special USB B cables, a 1-5to-5 daisychain DC cable, 2 more DC cables, and 1 polarity changing DC cable.

And of course, this is intended for use with the Field Kit and Field Kit FX from KOMA, but the list of 9V/12V drum machines, recorders, samplers, effects pedals, mobile synths, and the like is very long.

Pricing: 175EUR suggested retail, or 35EUR for the Cable Pack.

Check the intro video:

Artists Hainbach (known for his lovely cassette tape videos and ambient creations) and Wouter (KOMA founder, here with his ODD NARRATIVE project) play and record using the gear en plein air at Berlin’s former airport-turned-park Tempelhofer Feld.

Product page:

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ambient_02 delay_repeat: rhodes, meeblip, nanoloop, count to five, H9

Published on Sep 23, 2018 Chris Randall

“Some Sunday afternoon vibes. The Rhodes is running through the Montreal Assembly Count To Five pedal, where I grab that initial chord that provides the bed of the song. From there, to an Eventide H9 Max for some reverse delay action, and then in to the iPad.

The Gameboy (running the nanoloop mono cartridge) goes in to the Field Kit, and the Field Kit’s

ambient_01 magnetosphere : dictaphone + field kit + guitar

Published on Sep 16, 2018 Chris Randall

“Two dictaphones with three tapes (field recording, Rhodes, and synth), played through the Koma Elektronic Field Kit provide the bed; the iPad provides the mixing surface and effects. Unfortunately, I can’t include the iPad screen in this video, as it is running unreleased software that I’m not allowed to show. Multi-speed on the Rhodes tape and acoustic

Warnung Koma

Published on Aug 31, 2018 Jurgen SONICrider

“Koma Warnung” is probably the best warning till now…

In a live studio session exploring some of the possibilities the Koma Elektron Fieldkits have in term of sounddesign, CV manipulation and controlling electronic devices.

Sound only:…

Used gear:
– Koma Fieldkit
– Koma Fieldkit FX
– Korg Arp Odyssey

Fever Ray producer Christoffer Berg takes us inside his stunning Gothenburg studio

Published on Aug 30, 2018 FACTmagazine

“A synth haven in the heart of Sweden.

Christoffer Berg may not be a familiar name but you’ve most likely heard his work: as well production and engineering for Depeche Mode, he’s worked extensively with both The Knife and Fever Ray.

We were given the opportunity to visit his Gothenburg studio and jumped at the chance, having heard rumors of his