SampleRobot Korg Edition Makes It Easy To Make Samples For The Oasys, Kronos, Volca Sample & microSampler

SampleRobot has released a new app, SampleRobot KORG Edition, that’s designed to make it easy to create new samples for Korg instruments. … Read More SampleRobot Korg Edition Makes It Easy To Make Samples For The Oasys, Kronos, Volca Sample & microSampler

Free Music Friday: Korg MicroSampler Experimental Electronica

Free Music Friday: Reader Jono Wise sent word about a free EP created primarily with the Korg MicroSampler. Here’s what Wise has to say about the release, inVALID INvalidE.P.: I recorded various sounds into the Microsampler, often making use of the … Continue reading

Save $150 On The Korg microSampler


If you’re interested in the Korg microSampler, now may be the time to buy.

Korg USA is offering $150 off on the Korg microSampler:

More than just a sampler, the Korg microSAMPLER is a complete sound design studio for creating up-to-the minute loops and phrases. Unlike other Beat & Groove samplers, microSAMPLER is also a keyboard instrument, able to provide incredibly musical results, instantly.

It’s now being offered at $150 less than the original price.

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Free Sample Pack For Korg microSAMPLER

Korg microSampler

Korg has released a free sample library for the microSampler – the microSAMPLER: Bonus Sample Pack Second (.zip):

microSAMPLER: Bonus Sample Pack Second Edition keeps the inspiration coming! Seven additional banks of ready-mapped material including loops, one-shots, and chromatically playable samples. Check out the new ElecTribe ESX/EMX banks, plus three awesome banks from acclaimed Japanese artists Jet Daisuke, Denkitribe, and Yasushi.K, and more.

The original Korg microSampler bonus sample pack is also available (.zip).

Free Sample Pack For The Korg microSampler

Korg has released a free Bonus Sample Pack for the microSAMPLER.

Here’s what Korg has to say about it:

The Bonus Sample Pack provides a convenient shortcut for all microSAMPLER users by offering professionally recorded samples organized into fully-finished banks of sounds with sample-based musical patterns, all fully compatible with the microSAMPLER.

Find it on the Software section of Korg’s microSampler support page.


  • Korg Vintage Keyboards: Korg M1, CX-3 T1, Polysix, WAVESTATION, Trinity and more
  • Korg Vintage Rhythm Machine: 70s & 80s Drum Machines – KPR77, KR-55, S3, DDD1
  • Korg ES1/EM1: First generation of Korg Electribes – ES-1, EM-1
  • Vintage Keyboards: famous keyboard sounds from the ’70s and ’80s.
  • Electrohouse Construction
  • Breaks D’nB Dubstep
  • Drum and Bass
  • Alt Rock
  • Electronica

Each bank can also be customized by the player using the free Editor/Librarian software that is provided with each microSAMPLER. The microSAMPLER connects to Windows or Mac OS-based computers via USB.