Korg ARP Odyssey Rev2 Limited Edition 37-Key Duophonic Analog Synthesizer Black/gold

via this auction

“Comes with synthesizer cable kit:
On-Stage Keyboard Sustain Pedal
HOSA HMIC – 010 Pro XLR cable 10′
HOSA HGTR – 010 Pro Instrument cable 10′
AD INFINITUM 3.5mm patch cable set
and power cord

Comes in hard shell case AND original cardboard box (which holds the synthesizer perfectly)!”

System Cartesian – castle mountain

Published on Feb 16, 2018 Jae Ryan

“I wanted to explore AM synthesis a little more and dig in to the sounds of the Buchla I fell in love with when I borrowed it. Also the sounds of Cortini’s Forse which was a huge influence in me getting addicted to west coast and modular synthesis in general.

I’m running the STO through the modDemix but using the Telharmonics phase output as the modulator.

ENIGMA MACHINE// Sub37, System-8, MS2000, JD-Xi

Published on Feb 16, 2018 MR TUNA Music

“Blair came over for a jam and it got a little out of hand…”


Published on Feb 16, 2018 YODKAMLUE MUSIC

“This is my cover version of Depeche Mode’s ‘i feel you’.
Equipment used: Novation MiniNova, Korg ES2, Moog Sub Phatty, Roland Jx-03 and some VST synth and drums.”

Forgotten Keys releases Oxypops vintage drum machine instrument for Kontakt

Forgotten Keys OxypopsKontakt Hub has launched Oxypops, a virtual simulation of an old drum machine from the 1960s generally known as the Mini Pops 7. Forgotten Keys returns with the sounds of the Korg/Keio Mini Pops 7, a non programmable analog rhythm box which was used by Jean-Michel Jarre on the Oxygene album. The sounds in Oxypops […]

Novation Peak, Monologue and Strymon Big Sky – Ambient Jam

Published on Feb 14, 2018 Bonedo Synthesizers

“Korg Monologue, Novation Peak and Strymon BigSky – Ambient Jam.”

Korg Volca Live Performance With The Volca Mix

This video captures a live all-Volca performance by Tony Horgan.… Read More Korg Volca Live Performance With The Volca Mix