KORG MONO/POLY MP-4 monophonic synthesizer serviced

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KORG POLY-800 Reverse Keys

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“This is a 49-key 8-voice DCO synthesizer. Since the main body had advanced functions such as MIDI and sequencer at that time, it was used by various people regardless of Japan. Even today, it is still popular because of its unique sound.”

Patch of the Week 27: volca modular + contact microphone/external audio

Published on Oct 12, 2019 Korg

“We combine volca modular with a mutable ears module to show how users can use external gates and envelopes to trigger volca modular’s internal functions, as well as sending audio into volca modular through its CV input, in this case, using a cup of water and applying volca modular’s internal reverb.”

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WholeTone Revolution Synthesiser Chromatic Keyboard In Box (Korg N5) SN 01000404

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“The WholeTone Revolution has the Chromatic / Janko keyboard. They Synths engine is the same as the Korg N5.

Muto Music Method・MUTO KEN layout

(halftone arrangement + whole tone arrangement)

Number of Keys

88 keys

Width of 1 Octave


approx.11.5cm (20mm)”

Volca FM: Dark Knight Melody

Published on Oct 11, 2019 RemixSample

“Download Patch & Midi: https://www.patreon.com/posts/volca-f…
KORG Volca FM playing Batman / Dark Knight Melody.
I recorded the sequence onto the FM and added FX to make it sound cooler. Soundtoys effects and valhalla shimmer was used.”

Recording a song from scratch with synths

Published on Oct 11, 2019 once upon a synth

“In this one I show you how I record my song ‘Mothership’ using the Korg MonoPoly and Moog Grandmother. This one is a bit different in that I don’t use any guitars.

You can listen to the song here:

Korg Wavestation – The Most Powerfull Sound!(set)

Published on Oct 8, 2019 LFOstore

Also see Korg Wavestation – “Best Pads & Drones” – 50 presets by Chronos below.

“Something is Coming!!!

Enjoyed our “Best Pads & Drones” Soundset?

Ok – here it is:

No more intrigue – we’re creating second part – 50 more great sounds!
It will work with WS: EX,AD, VST, SR.

Stay Tuned!”

Note this video was originally featured in

Korg Poly-61 | Arpeggiator Italo Disco | Studio Work

Published on Oct 11, 2019 Espen Kraft

“While working on my Italo Disco sample pack coming later this year I fired up the Korg Poly-61 to use the great arpeggiator for octave bass, strings and other apreggiated parts.”