Korg Volca Drum & Modular, minilogue XD, KROME EX & KRONOS and KROSS Special Editions

Korg volca drum & modular, KROME EX and minilogue XD

Korg has introduced a number of new products in the lead-up to the NAMM 2019 show. Volca Drum The Volca Drum is a digital percussion synth with a 6-part x 2-layer structure. The volca series is all about unique sound. Whether it’s analog, PCM, or FM, the volca series puts unique sounds into an accessible […]

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UVI’s Korg PS-3200 inspired virtual synthesizer is on sale for $49 USD!

UVI Workstation 3 UVS-3200

UVI has launched a sale on the UVS-3200 virtual instrument, offering a 38% discount on the tribute to the rare 48-voice Korg PS-3200 synthesizer. UVS-3200 is a deeply editable instrument with pristine sound quality that comes with over 220 patches, covering classic and modern styles. UVS-3200 breaks from the ordinary with its rich, warm character […]

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Rare WHITE Korg 707 Synth

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“The Korg 707 is a pressure and velocity sensitive 49 key (8 voice, 8 channel multitimbral) dual oscillator synthesizer, featuring saw and square waveforms, dedicated pitch, amplitude, and timbre (FM) envelopes, LFO (triangle, saw, square, S/H waveforms), portamento, digital delay, and MIDI. The 100 user editable presets can be saved via MIDI SysEx or memory card. Strap pegs

Space – Just Blue (1978)

Published on Dec 14, 2013

“Space was a French group, created around Didier Marouani (Ecama) and Roland Romanelli, acclaimed for their 1978 spacesynth hit ‘Just Blue’.”

Some KORG synth spotting via bÖsch.

Also see the classic Magic Fly and others here.

New KORG KROME EX Music Workstation

KORG KROME EX – Overview Published on Jan 15, 2019 Korg

“An evolved go-to synthesizer with a focus on “FUTURE BASICS”

KROME, the best-selling synth focused on packing the most usable sounds into an easy to use platform, has received a major refresh. Updated to meet the needs of the current music scene, KROME EX has a special emphasis on sounds that can immediately fit into productions of all

New KORG KRONOS SE Music Workstation w/ Italian Grand Piano and KApro Showcase

KORG KRONOS SE – Loaded with the new Italian Grand Piano and KApro Showcase.

Published on Jan 15, 2019 Korg

“KRONOS Special Edition
Loaded with the new Italian Grand Piano, This special KRONOS features a lush red gradation finish

With a red gradation finish that makes it identifiable at a glance, this KORG KRONOS features the new Italian-made grand piano that debuted on the KORG Grandstage.


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“Korg released the Korg MR-16 MIDI Rhythm Sound Unit in 1985.

The MR-16 does not have a built in sequencer or pattern generator but was created to be a MIDI Sound Module with greater flexibility available at that particular time.

This is not exactly a drum machine. It doesn’t possess a sequencer so you will need to trigger this with external hardware such as a MIDI keyboard,

KORG KPR-77 Programmable Rhythm Analogue Drum Machine SN 459393

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“Own a piece of Korg history! The KRS77 has all original buttons knobs and sliders and all function as intended. All inputs have been tested and are working. Unique drum machine in great condition for its age. Comes with leather carrying case. Power supply not included.”

Korg M1R EX Workstation Synthesizer SN 012119

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“Korg M1R EX Workstation Synthesizer

with Original MANUAL 2 Memory cards, 2 MIDI Cords, 2 1/4″ cords

Exceptional cosmetic condition. Fully functional.

Original manual
2 memory cards
M1 programs (mystery sounds!)
2 MIDI cords
2 1/4″ audio cables
Power cord”

#Jamuary Day 15 – Synthwave on Volca Keys synced to Ds-10

Published on Jan 15, 2019 ChrisLody

“Day 15 of Jamuary

Depressing news in Britain today, and with that in mind here’s a bit of a 80’s post apocalyptic movie soundtrack kind of thing, synthwave if you will, on a Korg Volca Keys synced up to Korg Ds-10 on the Nintendo Ds-10 with my own little green tin box mixer. It’s not a happy post apocalypse, by the sounds of it I think the robots are