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Published on Mar 16, 2019 zamisers7k

“RS7000 ,AN200 slightly modified Aggressor Hex LED for line input Kaoss Pad 2 on vocs”

See if you can recognize the music on this one.


via this auction

“Not many of these were made and this is serial number: 0040

CONDITION: In superb condition with only very minor signs of wear or age to the face. The end cheeks are clean with some damage around the corners and edges. See photos for more information on cosmetic condition.”

#korgmonotron #korgmonotrondemo KORG Monotron – Benjamin LAZZARUS

Published on Mar 15, 2019 Benjamin LAZZARUS

“This track is only made with sounds coming from the KORG Monotron
Video: ‘Chronos’ – Ron Fricke”

Yes, the drums as well. via Benjamin LAZZARUS in the comments for the video:

“Yes the drum too, with a little trick for the ‘noise’ I used the exit breath (which is strong enough on the monotron) to accentuate the highlights, and I cut the same breath

Korg Volca Keys patches and sounds – Korg Volca Keys Expert Guide update

Published on Mar 15, 2019 Tony Horgan

“I’ve added a new ‘Patches and sounds’ chapter to my ebook Korg Volca Keys The Expert Guide. The Google Play Books edition for Android and PC now has patch sheets, and and the iPhone, iPad and Mac edition has patch sheets and interactive audio. Android/PC edition here, iOS/Mac edition here”

Korg Polysix w/ MIDI Vintage Synthesizer SN 382524

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The Hombres KORG POLYSIX Vintage Synthesizer Keyboard SN 384521

via this auction

“This keyboard came from a warehouse auction. This KBD with due respect belonged to a known keyboardist of ”The Hombres” who played for Jerry L. Louis of Memphis I don’t know a lot about how this old school keyboard should work.I here a lot about battery failure in these keyboard so I had battery replaced.The KBD looks well and turns on and has sound.It has lots of

Top 3 Synthesizers for BoBeats

Published on Mar 14, 2019 BoBeats

“In this video I talk about 3 synthesizers that I think are really nice.

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KORG DDM-220 Super Percussion Digital Drum Machine SN 007504

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Korg MS-20 Mini w/ Custom Wood Sides SN 011470

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“The Korg MS-20 Mini is a modern reproduction of the classic MS-20 at 86% of the original size. Allowing for a truly classic synth experience it’s semi modular allowing the modulation of sound via the wheel and various patch cable configurations. It can also be used as a midi controller. This Korg MS-20 Mini comes to you with custom wood sides for a more authentic vintage