The Art Of Production: Surgeon’s Techno Live Setup

Published on Oct 29, 2019 Resident Advisor

LepLoop, Octatrack, and OTO Boum.

The Art Of Production: Surgeon’s abstract live setup

Published on Oct 29, 2019 Resident Advisor

SOMA Lyra-8, Roland SH-01A, OTO BIM, and EHX looper.

You can learn a lot from Surgeon’s live rigs

Our friends at Resident Advisor took a peek at the techno legend’s battle-tested live rigs. And it’s not so much about gear – it says a lot about musical technique.

First, it’s simple but irresistible – Surgeon’s live rig is devastatingly effective, thanks to some economical decision making and inarguable musicianship:

  • Octatrack – six drum sounds, some backing tracks
  • LEPLOOP – FM oscillators, noise, and then sequenced sample and hold and LFO, plus it filters and delays the Octatrack
  • Faderfox controller accesses Octatrack parameters without menu diving (the PC4 pot controller, though see also the new EC4 if you prefer encoders and display)
  • OTO Machines BOUM – compressor/warmer

Laboratorio Elettronico Popolare’s LEPLOOP is the unexpected star of this one – a unique sequencer – synth – drum machine. Surgeon does say that devices tend to come and go, but I’m glad RA caught him with the LEPLOOP in the mix – it’s really adding a lot of dynamism to his sets at the moment. (Well, and it’s nice when the lesser-known gear gets some love!)

It’s also interesting that he uses the BOUM as a kind of glue to keep things from jumping out in the mix.

“It does make you want to … jump around.” Hell, yes.

He also takes a look at the “abstract” live set. Actually, I think this is more idiosyncratic – meaning it’s harder to learn from how he works. So, sure, the inexpensive SH-01A from Roland makes loads of sense – it’s a melodic favorite of mine, and I think a more versatile instrument than the all-about-acid 303s everyone has talked about lately. (I’m sticking with its Juno sibling, myself, but the SH-01A is my other favorite Boutique.) And the LYRA-8 is simply dreamy – it’s the creation of the wonderful SOMA, who I’ve profiled.

Maybe the most telling part of this is the Electro-Harmonix looper, the 45000. Just as the techno set is all about controlled modulation, the spice of the LEPLOOP atop the foundation of the Octatrack, here the composition focuses on the looper’s structure. That allows spontaneous layering of new material, with the regular patterns from the Roland and Lyra building up a skeleton.

There’s a full feature interview on RA, and well worth a read – it’s a must if you’re a Surgeon fan, but full of sage advice even if your own music lies in another idiom.

The Art Of Production: Surgeon

The whole series from RA has been great, but I’d wager this one may be the most useful to other artists – and of course, I’m a sucker for anyone talking about how they actually play live.

For some longer-form discussion with Surgeon, he also gave a recorded 45-minute talk at Berlin landmark SchneidersLaden:

Oh yeah, and the set? It’s a couple of years old, but here’s a nice video from Glasgow:

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Leploop/TAT Nasty Filter

Published on Oct 6, 2019 paul tas

“This is really nasty as hell. Using the big old parts and also it’s very affordable only available in the shop”

supper FAT NASTY filter

Simple 12 db low pass filter.

This filter is

for the cutoff, instead

I’ve develop it with Peppo at LEP lab. in Milano.

design TAT rotterdam ,,

Deluge 3.0 Firmware Update adds Live Looping

Published on Apr 24, 2019 Synthstrom Audible


1. Deluge 3.0 Firmware Feature Tease: Live Looping 1 of 3
We asked Secret Knives ( to jam on our alpha firmware to explore live guitar looping on the Deluge. Live Looping is part of the upcoming 3.0 firmware release due mid-2019.

You can read more about the upcoming update here:
2. Deluge

New Black Aluminum Cases for Leploop Arpopone & Multicassa

“Happy to introduce new Alluminium Box for :

||| Arpopone |||
||| Multicassa |||

Solid and beautiful 1.5 mm black matt aluminum box.

If you own Multicassa or Arpopone with wooden box and want to upgrade it with alu. box contact us.”

Its the LEPLOOP!!!! A Deep dive with -CALC-

Published on Mar 22, 2019 -CALC-

“This is a really long video… its 7 minutes before I stop waffling and there is even any Leploop sound.
Finally though here is a tutorial I have been wanting to make for a long long time.
The marvellous Italian groovebox of wonders…. the LEPLOOP.

Clocking in at 1 hour and 8 minutes this is not for the faint hearted, it gets pretty hairy at points too but

LepLoop Eurorack Drum Modules

via Leploop

“Percussion modules based on LepLoop V2 Cassa design.
Cassa: Same as LepLoop v2 Cassa, hard\soft BD generator can go full resonance.
Cassa CV: Add cv control over frequency and resonance with cv amount.
Bongo: Same as Cassa one octave higher pitch range, Tom and Bongo like sounds.
Bongo CV: Add cv control over frequency and resonance with cv amount.
Legno: Very high pitch Cassa