zenAud.io releases ALK2 looping software for Windows

zenAudio ALK2 Windows

zenAud.io has released the previously announced Windows version of its critically acclaimed ALK looping software. The Mac version of ALK2 has been a favorite among songwriters and live performers and enjoys an enthusiastic following amongst loop artists all over the world, recognized as “an extremely easy to use looper station that overrides typical limitations, adds […]

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Strymon intros Volante Magnetic Echo Machine pedal (pre-order available)

Strymon Volante

Strymon has announced its Volante Magnetic Echo Machine, a stereo multi-head delay that also offers a looper and vintage spring reverb, with powerful sound-sculpting controls for limitless sonic possibilities. Create instant retrofuture atmosphere with evocative vintage delay tones. Activate your imagination with evolving ambient echoes and warm, organic feedback with just the right amount of […]

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Warum das Alesis Strike Multipad mehr als nur Controller ist

Alesis Strike MultipadAlesis Strike Multipad

Neun Pads mit Dynamik stehen zur Verfügung und kompakt für alle, die irgendwo zwischen EBM, Synthpop und auch als Drummer mit eigenen Samples arbeiten wollen. 

32 GB ist nicht wenig. Phrasen, Loops und Samples können per Stick eingeladen werden. Der Clou ist, dass dies wirklich ein „Sampler“ ist, also hat es auch entsprechende Eingänge zu bieten. Es geht nicht darum, nur interne Aktionen aufzunehmen. Außerdem gibt es 5 Trigger-Eingänge, um die bis zu 9 Sounds auszulösen. So etwas kann aus einem modularen Sequencer kommen, aber auch aus einer Eigenkonstruktion mit angeklebten Kontaktmikrofonen stammen.

Was geht?

Auf Drumpads kann man melodisch spielen oder auch den Looper nutzen. Die Pads des Alesis Strike Multipad starten und stoppen den Loop, quasi als Mute. Außerdem kann man natürlich Tap-Tempo „einschlagen“. Außerdem gibt es selbstverständlich auch noch Effekte.

Was und wie tut es was?

Im Prinzip ist das Alesis Strike Multipad ein Controller für jeden, der rhythmische Dinge einspielen will. Für die Bühne braucht man keine externe Klangerzeugung, da eben alles selbst sampeln kann. Eigentlich ist es das, was wir uns in den Achtzigern schon wünschten, nur da war das alles nur ein Controller mit ein paar Sounds im internen Speicher, jetzt ist es ein Looper, ein Sampler und hat eben auch dynamische Pads. Es funktioniert auch für Drummer. Als Zusatz für ein klassisches Set. USB-MIDI ist sofort verfügbar, da es „Class Compliant“ ist.

Wozu die Farben?

Die LEDs zeigen durch Pulsieren, wie das Tempo ist und läuft, außerdem kann man durch die Farben sehen, ob es eine Bassdrum, eine Snare oder Toms ist. Man versucht also auch die Sache etwas intuitiv zu machen. Schon drin sind 7.000 Klänge. Aber das WICHTIGE sind eben die eigenen Samples, die man nicht nur einladen, sondern von außen zuspielen kann. Voilà – ein Sampler, der sogar für lange Loops und Dinge mit langem Release anzeigt, wie lang der Sound läuft.

699 Euro kostet das Alesis Strike Multipad.

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zenAud.io Black Friday: Save 33% on ALK2 sequenced looper

zenAudio Black Friday

zenAud.io has launched a Black Friday Sale, offering its ALK2 arranged-live-looping DAW for only 99 EUR through Monday 26th. ALK2 was released on the Mac platform earlier this year to much appraise, including a number of awards and nominations. For the first time, musicians can control what gets looped, and when — all within the […]

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Ableton Live Looping gets its own custom controller

A crowd-funded custom controller has just arrived on the scene, designed to assist live triggering and looping in Ableton Live. And there’s already a free download for Max for Live to get you started, even without the hardware.

Hardware like Ableton’s Push lets you play Live with your fingers – but what about your feet? (Ableton Sole?) And what about looping? Pierre-Antoine Grison, Ableton Certified Trainer and producer/musician signed to Ed Banger Records, has come up with his own solution – just in time to show it this weekend at Ableton’s aptly-titled Loop “summit for music makers.” “State Of The Loop” is a custom MIDI controller for Ableton Live’s built-in Looper device.

The Looper in Ableton Live has been around for a few versions, after loads of requests from users. It delivered the kind of looping workflows you’d expect form a looping pedal. But that doesn’t mean everyone knows how to use it, or use it effectively. There are some nice resources online, including:

Ableton Looper Cheat Sheet (Free Download) [Beat Lab Academy]

Ableton Live Devices – How To Use Live Looper [Loopmasters.com articles]

and a ton of tips here:

The stomp-style hardware controls not only the Looper device itself but also scenes. So it works for both controlling entire sets and for pedal-style looping, and you can use multiple (software) loopers so you can layer using different on-screen devices.


Display and control the state of Live’s Looper
Unlimited number of loopers !
2 Expression Pedal inputs with “dynamic mapping”
Scenes Mode to launch Scenes and display their color and name
Sturdy metal case
100% Made in France
USB or MIDI connection for longer distances (up to 15m/50ft)
USB powered
Very light on the CPU
Easy configuration
Weight : 1.7 kg / 3 lb
WxLxH : 30 x 13 x 6 cm / 12 x 5 x 2.5 inches

There’s even a free download that adds some features Ableton Live forgot – the equivalent of follow actions for scenes, plus a heads-up display so you can see what’s happening without hunching over your computer screen. (Seriously, Ableton, those belong as standard features in Live!)

You can use that download as long as you have a compatible version of Live and Max for Live; no hardware needed.


Dig this custom version too:

Pricing starts at 240EUR for an “early bird” price, 260EUR after that. (There’s also a 350EUR limited edition still available as I write this).

Project info on Kickstarter:


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zenAud.io teases ALK sequenced looper for Windows

zenAudio ALK Windows

zenAud.io has announced that it is working on a Windows version of the ALK2 sequenced looper. The following video has been posted to the company’s social feeds, demonstrating ALK2 running on a PC laptop. ALK2 was released on the Mac platform earlier this year to much appraise, including a number of awards. For the first […]

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Destructive Looping Synth Jam

Bastl Instruments’s Václav Peloušek shared this demo of his destructive looping technique.… Read More Destructive Looping Synth Jam

Numerical Audio releases RE-1 virtual tape machine for iOS

Numerical Audio RE-1Numerical Audio has announced the release of RE-1, an authentic tape echo emulation for iOS/AUv3. RE-1 is a full featured virtual Tape Machine capable of delivering authentic tape based echo and chorus effects but it doesn’t stop there. With it’s interactive tape player, sample, loop and overdub features it’s possible to use it like a […]

Free App, Cycle, A ‘Time Lag Accumulator’ For Making ‘Tasty Soundscapes’

Cycle is a free app, for iPhone and iPad, designed for making ‘tasty soundscapes’, using a decades-old decaying looping technique.… Read More Free App, Cycle, A ‘Time Lag Accumulator’ For Making ‘Tasty Soundscapes’

zenAud.io: Flash Sale on sequenced looper ALK2 this weekend + 2.1 Update

ZenAudio ALK2 salezenAud.io has announced a Flash Sale on its award-winning ALK2 sequenced looper for Mac. Zenaud.io ALK2 is a linear sequencer for audio and MIDI files, including automation, VST support and routing, as in conventional DAWs. The difference, however, is that ALK2 is optimized for loop-based production. This sequenced looper allows users to pre-create an arrangement […]