Endlesss is a musical jam app; Imogen Heap, KiNK, Matt Black, more join a stream today

If you’re bored of just video chatting with Zoom, Houseparty, and the like, Endlesss might be the musical switch-up you need. And some big personalities are joining in a day long stream today to give you a taste of what it’s about.

First, Endlesss – it’s an iOS-only (for now) collaborative music creation app. The idea is, you get started right away building loops, using built-in instruments, playable pads, and add-on effects. That makes it accessible to first-timers – so it could be ideal for introducing your friends and family to some music jamming now, especially as an antidote to grainy underlit camera footage of all of us in sweatpants.

Plus, hey, slick visuals, for things like this:

Some apps might just dead-end there. But if you are a musician, you can push Endlesss further. There’s an all-critical microphone input, meaning skilled vocalists and rappers and beatboxers can blow this thing away. Instrument and effects packs go fairly deep. And for musicians, you can connect via Ableton Link, export materials (even as stems, at last), and choose custom key, scale, tempo, time signature and quantization.

Yeah, it’s almost like this thing was made by real musicians. And, of course, it was – Tim Exile has led the Endlesss team; he’s known to us as the ultra-virtuoso mega-geek behind Reaktor tools such as The Mouth and Flesh. And that sensibility is here, too – build on looping facilities to let your musical fancies take flight.

So it’s fitting that some key personalities are joining the stream today.

Imogen Heap is of course another defining artist in modern looping-vocal technique.

KiNK has proven that virtuoso live performance has a place on dancefloors, too, even in the age of linear CDJ mixing.

Matt Black and his act Coldcut built some of the software and performances that showed what audiovisual sampling cut-up culture could be.

And there’s more. Flux Pavilion is a major name in EDM at that meeting point between mainstage and producer, singer-songwriter and electronic production. Dan Le Sac is another legendary UK name (and also crossing into game production). And from our Internet music tech world, Gaz Williams of Sonic State is there both as a presence from journalism and synth and bass musicianship – hi, Gaz!

Twitch.tv, while first established for gaming, has of late become a refuge for musicians. Higher-quality streams, better community features that actually work properly, and proper monetization that might not drive artists further into the poor house all set it apart from the major US tech oligopoly providers. (You know who you are.) So this feed is appropriately launching on the channel by touring app Bandsintown with Twitch, just as artists look for ways to keep some trickle of funds and activity coming in during global lockdown.


Tune in today Tuesday daytime UK time. (I’m inquiring about replays for the USA, which will be slowly waking up toward the end of the programming.) If you’re personally puzzling on how to stream while dealing with competing platforms, they’re using the most popular tool for that, restream.io.

And if you’ve got an iOS gadget (iPad and iPod touch work, too), head to:

Endlesss – Multiplayer Music

The app is free, with in-app purchases of additional content.


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HEX1 – ein kleiner kapazitiver polyphoner Synthesizer mit Looper

HEX 1.0 heißt er, basiert auf dem Arduino, dem bekannten kleinen Minirechner. Er ist polyphon und hat einen Looper an Bord.

Dieses Projekt ist noch in Arbeit und so gut wie fertig. Es nennt sich HEX1 und wird als „Kapazitiver Synthesizer“ angeboten. Kapazitiv ist vor allem die Tastatur oder besser die neun Sensorfelder wie man sie auch von Eurorack-Modulen kennt. Mit ihnen kann man polyphon Melodien in den internen Looper aufnehmen.

Mit Sync!

Natürlich ist der Synthesizer digital, denn der Arduino ist das Herz des HEX1 und es gibt fünf Potis, um den Klang einzustellen.Alles ist einfach und simpel gelöst. Sehr schön ist, dass es auch eine Synchronisationsmöglichkeit für und mit anderen Geräten gibt. Im Beispiel sieht man einen Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator als „Mitstreiter“.

Informationen und Preise?

Aktuell gibt es „nur“ dieses Video und darin die Information, dass es bald mehr geben wird und die Information vollständiger sein wird. Aber wir zeigen ihn euch schon jetzt und ergänzen es, wenn es soweit ist. Mehr dazu gibt es bei Bemy Forest, sobald es Preise und mehr gibt.


Two free plug-ins and a music label take you into ambient worlds

What’s to say a music idea can’t be both a tool and a tape, an instrument someone could play or an album they can get lost in? Puremagnetik are launching their new experimental label with two free tools that let you keep the drones and grains and ambient soundscapes flowing.

There’s a bunch of hype this week because Warner Music signed an algorithm. And in turn with everyone abusing the term “AI,” you might well think that a computer has automated a composer’s job. Except that’s not what happened – in the long tradition of algorithmic music, a group of composers applied their ideas to the development of software. One of the first apps launched for the iPhone, in fact, was the Brian Eno – Peter Chilvers “Bloom.” Endel has more in common with Bloom, I’d argue, than it does some dystopia where unseen, disembodied AI come to rob you of your lucrative ambient music recording contract. (At least, we’re not there yet. Endel is here in Berlin; I hope to talk to them soon – what they’ve done sounds very interesting, and maybe not quite what the press have reported.) Bloom in turn was a follow-up to Eno’s software-based generative music releases. Ableton co-founders Gerhard and Robert released software in the 90s, too.

So let’s talk about the role of musician as blurred with the role of instrument builder. Soundware and software shop Puremagnetik is made by musicians; founder Micah Frank was moonlighting in sound design for others as he worked on his own music. While this may come as shocking news to some, it turns out for many people, selling music tools is often a better day job than selling music or music performances. (I hope you were sitting down for that bombshell. Don’t tell my/your/anyone’s parents.)

But there are many ways to express something musically. Many of us who love tools as we do love playing live and recording and listening do so because all of these things embody sound and feeling.

It’s fitting, then, that Puremagnetik are launching their own record label to house some of the recorded experiments – Puremagnetik Tapes, which already has some beautiful music on cassette and as digital downloads.

And the perfect companion to those albums is these two free plug-ins. Like the label, they promise a trip for the mind.

The two first tapes (also available as digital)… gorgeous sound worlds to lose yourself in on loop.

The label announces it will focus on “experimental, ambient and acousmatic music.” That already yields two enchanting ambient forays. “Into a Bright Land” is in turns crystalline and delicate, warm and lush as a thick blanket. It’s Micah Frank himself, releasing under his Larum moniker. The musical craft is a digital-analog hybrid, part synths and tape machines – the kind the company has been known for sampling in its sound work – and partly Micah’s intricate custom coding work in the free environment Csound.


To accompany Into a Bright Land, there’s the plug-in “Expanse,” a “texture generator,” with a combination of “texture tone” filter, spectral blurring, adjustable pitch shift, and a healthy supply of noise generation and space.

Its drones and sonic landscapes draw from that same world.

Tyler Gilmore aka BlankFor.ms has crafted “Works for Tape and Piano,” pushing each instrument to its most vulnerable place, the tape itself becoming instrument, sounding almost as if at the point of a beautiful breakdown.


Since you can’t just borrow Tyler’s tape machines and such, Driftmaker is a digital equivalent – a “delay disintegration” device. Add your own audio, and the plug-in will model analog deterioration. The artist himself supplies the presets. Again, you have plenty of control – “parse” which sets the record buffer, “chop” which determines how much to recall, and then controls for delay, modulation, filtering, and wet/dry.

Both plug-ins are free with an email address or Gumroad login.

…and the plug-ins, each created to aesthetically accompany the albums.

There’s a pattern here, though. Far from a world where artists remove themselves from craft or automate the hard work, here, artists relish in getting close to everything that makes sound. They make music the hard way because each element of DIY is fun. And then they share that same fun. It might well be the opposite of the narrative we’re given about AI and automation (and I suspect that may also mean artists don’t approach machine learning for music in the way some people currently predict).

Or, well, even if you don’t believe that, I think you’ll easily lose whole evenings with these albums and plug-ins alike.



Requirements: macOS X 10.8 (AU, VST) or Windows 10 (VST) 64-bit plug-ins

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Bright Lights Vocal Sample Pack Vol. 2 & DP On The Beat Kit at Splice

Splice Sounds Bright Lights Vol 2 and DP On The Beat Kit

Splice Sounds has launched Bright Lights Vol. 2, a fresh collection of vocal loops, phrases and one-shots by Bright Lights. Bright Lights is a multi-Grammy nominated Dance-Pop singer, songwriter, DJ and record producer. She has written for numerous pop stars including Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Beyoncé and Usher. Her catalog has amassed over 1 billion […]

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Keep It Sample releases Diablo’s Future House sample pack

Keep It Sample Diablo's Future House

Keep It Sample has released a new collection called Diablo’s Future House, a sample pack featuring loops, samples and MIDI files for Future House music production. Future House is constantly increasing its popularity, so take your chance and find out how to create catchy melodies ready to move crowds in clubs and festivals! This pack […]

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Famous Audio releases Heavy Riddim Dubstep sample pack

Famous Audio Heavy Riddim Dubstep

Famous Audio has released Heavy Riddim Dubstep, a sample collection featuring distorted basses, hard hitting drums, ferocious FX, punching kicks, pounding snares, and hyped-up melodies. In detail this pack includes, 49 Drum Loops, 31 Bass Loops and 40 Music Loops at 150 BPM – 20 Bass Hits, 5 FX Hits and 25 Drum Hits contains […]

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Loopmasters releases Cloud Rap melodic and bass-heavy sample pack

Loopmasters Cloud Rap

Loopmasters has launched its Cloud Rap sample pack, a hazy, wavy and blissed out selection of sky high sonics with a melodic and bass-heavy edge. This is an unmissable collection of aesthetic sounds that are guaranteed to add a desirable injection of lush musicality into your music, all primed for making evocative beats with a […]

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Subhertz – Deep & Dark Dubstep by Production Master at ADSR Sounds

Production Master Subhertz

ADSR Sounds has launched Subhertz – Deep & Dark Dubstep, a new sample pack by Production Master. The collection is inspired by artists such as Plastician, Burial, Benga, Skepta, Skream, Hatcha, Digital Mystiks, Mala, Kode9, Bukez Finest, Coki… and all of the boys notoriously known for that underground UK Croydon sound. Descend to a mystical […]

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Splice Sounds launches STINT Sample Pack Vol 1

Splice Sounds STINT Sample Pack

Splice Sounds has announced the release of Venice Way Studios presents STINT Sample Pack, the first collection by Canadian musician Ajay Bhattacharyya aka STINT. STINT, the alias of Ajay Bhattacharyya, is a Canadian songwriter, producer, and former member of electronic-indie duo Data Romance. His polished production chops and contemporary sound have led him to collaborations […]

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Baltic Audio releases Essential Hip Hop Elements Vol 2

baltic audio Essential Hip Hop Elements Vol 2

Baltic Audio has released Essential Hip Hop Elements Vol 2, a new collection of loops and samples geared towards Hip-Hop music production. ‘Essential Hip Hop Elements Vol 2’ from baltic audio brings the finest Hip Hop sound to your studio! This pack includes premium drums, 808s, basses and different melody loops to create your own […]

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