Sound Radix intros POWAIR dynamic processor at AES 2017

Sound Radix POWAIR compressorSound Radix is to unveil a brand new product at AES 2017. POWAIR is a novel design two-stage leveler/compressor plugin, designed to control dynamics and bring a sense of power to vocals, instruments, and mixes. The first stage in POWAIR is a k-weighted perceived loudness (LKFS) auto-leveler. Whether you need to deliver tracks to EBU […]

BBE Sound “Sonic Sweet” bundle updated to version 4.0

BBE Sound Sonic Sweet V4BBE Sound and Plugivery have announced a major update to the Sonic Sweet audio plugins bundle that brings BBE Sound’s legendary tone to your productions. Version 4.0 has been built from the ground up within a new framework that brings the classic sound of BBE Sound into the future. When Audio Professionals talk about their […]

Newfangled Audio and Eventide release Elevate mastering plugin

Eventide ElevateFollowing up on the release of EQuivocate, Newfangled Audio and Eventide have now launched Elevate, an advanced mastering plugin for Windows and Mac. Elevate is a unique multi-band limiter, human-ear EQ and powerful audio maximizer that will increase the loudness of your mix while maintaining or improving its dynamic perception. The plugin is designed to […]

Save 75% OFF Audiority Harmonic Maximizer plugin (VST/AU/AAX)

VST Buzz Harmonic MaximizerVST Buzz has launched a sale on the Harmonic Maximizer effect plugin by Audiority. The multi-band exciter and loudness shaping plugin lets you breath new life into your tracks. “Harmonic Maximizer” by Audiority is a simple but highly effective plugin that will help your tracks sound larger than life and take them to the next […]

MeterPlugs Dynameter dynamics meter 30% off at Plugin Boutique

MeterPlugs DynaMeter salePlugin Boutique has launched a sale on Ian Shepherd’s Dynameter, offering a 30% discount on the metering effect plugin that offers a clear overview of the dynamics of your audio. Dynameter lets you instantly assess the dynamics of your audio and optimize its punch, power and impact to achieve competitive loudness on any platform. Dynameter […]

HoRNet releases CLMS Constant Loudness Monitor System

HoRNet CLMSHoRNet Plugins has released CLMS, an audio effect plugin system designed to solve the “loudness deception” issue allowing for a constant loudness mixing experience. CLMS features two plugins to offer constant loudness monitoring during mixing and mastering, and effectively remove the different perception of frequency response at different loudness levels. A “Send” plugin reads the […]

ToneBoosters updates plugin installers to v1.0.6

ToneBoosters Barricade 4.1.9ToneBoosters has announced version 1.0.6 of its plugin installers. The update extends Reverb 4 with a global ‘disable dry’ switch for easier operation when running the Reverb in a send bus. Barricade 4 now features an integrated loudness meter that is compliant with international standards such as EBU R128, ITU-R bs.1770-4, and ATSC A/85. It […]

NUGEN Audio updates MasterCheck Pro with FLAC & Opus encoding

NUGEN Audio MasterCheck Pro 1.4NUGEN Audio has launched version 1.4 of its MasterCheck Pro plugin for optimizing your mixes for today’s music delivery services. The update adds FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) and Opus encoding to the indispensable, award-winning loudness, dynamics, and codec toolset. The term codec is an acronym for coder/decoder. Music streaming services such as Apple Music® […]

Sonic Anomaly releases Unlimited free loudness maximizer & limiter plugin for Windows

Sonic Anomaly Unlimited CompressorSonic Anomaly has released Unlimited, a free loudness maximizer and limiter for stereo and 5.1 surround material. The plugin includes an ITU-R BS.1770 compliant loudness meter in addition to RMS output meters. Unlimited aims to have balanced characteristics: avoiding audible distortion typical to hard limiting and clipping to the extent it is feasible, yet still […]

Save up to 50% off iZotope RX 6 and RX Post Production Suite 2

iZotope RX 6 pedal noise removalPlugin Boutique has launched a sale on iZotope’s RX 6, offering up to 50% off on audio repair tool, including the Advanced version, RX 6 Elements as well as upgrades. RX is the industry standard audio repair tool that’s been used on countless albums, movies, and TV shows to restore damaged, noisy audio to pristine […]