Mastering The Mix Levels audio metering effect plugin updated to v1.2

Mastering The Mix Levels 1.2Mastering The Mix has released an update to its Levels metering plugin that help you achieve a technically excellent mix. The update

Deal: Slam Pro mix phattener 33% off for a limited time

BeatSkillz Slam Pro SaleBeatSkillz has announced that its Slam Pro mix phattener processor is on sale at a 33% discount. The audio effect plugin offers

PreSonus launches Studio One 3.5 update incl. Fat Channel XT

PreSonus FatChannel XTPreSonus has announced the release of Studio One 3.5, an extensive update to the popular DAW for Windows and Mac. The update

MAAT launches with free 2BusControl monitor control & balance and correlation metering plugin

MAAT 2Bus Control GUIMAAT has announced its formal introduction to the world market, and the launch of a new web site. Comprised of a core

Beatskillz updates Valvesque and Slam Pro effect plugins

Beatskillz ValvesqueBeatskillz has released version 1.2 of Valvesque, a valve distortion EQ plugin that models the sound of the British valve distortion found

iZotope RX 6 Audio Editor now available

iZotope RX 6iZotope has released RX 6, the latest update to its flagship audio repair and enhancement software. Built on years of extensive research

Sonic Anomaly releases TriLeveler 2 free broadcast voice leveler plugin

Sonic Anomaly TriLeveler 2Sonic Anomaly has released TriLeveler 2, a free EBU R-128 compatible voice broadcast leveler effect plugin for Windows and Mac. TriLeveler 2

Tom Marks chooses NUGEN Audio’s Halo Upmix & MasterCheck Pro for ‘Sense8’

Tom MarksNUGEN Audio has announced that renowned rerecording mixer Tom Marks is using NUGEN Audio’s Halo Upmix and MasterCheck Pro on the mix