Published on Sep 21, 2019 Caspar Hesselager

“Improvisation on Macbeth Elements EL2 synthesizer using Strymon Timeline in looper-mode. No post processing.”

MacBeth Elements 2 – rare black, only 30 made

via this auction

“A rare opportunity is here

My knee surgeon did not want to be paid in gear, so …

Here is a MacBeth Elements 2. One of only about 30 made in the black and gold styling.

For those of you that know, this is one of those special synths that sound unlike anything else on the planet.

For those of you that don’t know, here’s a quick feature rundown:
3 VCOs, a voltage-controlled

Macbeth M5 Repair

Published on Sep 14, 2019 wedream2

“After 14 years of frustration, I decided to attempt a fix of 2 non-functioning slider potentiometers on my M5. The problem turned out to be poor solder connections rather than with the slider pots themselves. Perhaps these pics will help others perform similar repair/maintenance on a synth that never came with an owner’s manual, nor service manual &

T.Raumschmiere and FucKETy BuCkEty live @SUPERBOOTH19

Published on Sep 4, 2019 Superbooth Official

“Like last year, T.Raumschmiere and FucKETy BuCkEty played a concert at Superbooth together. FucKETy BuCkEty’s Ken MacBeth is an instrument maker, he develops analog synths and modules for Scotland’s MacBeth Studio Systems – his own brand. T.Raumschmiere is the solo project of Shitkatapult label boss Marco Haas. He plays concerts worldwide and worked


Published on Aug 27, 2019 Caspar Hesselager

“Improvisation on Arvo Pärt’s theme from ‘Variationen zur Gesundnung von Arinuschka’ played on Macbeth Elements EL2 synthesizer.

Original piece (Gianluca Casioli):

Macbeth Mk1 – Oscillator A, Filter A, Dual EG

via this auction

“Three amazing sounding Macbeth 5U/MU Mk1 modules.”

Oscillator A
Temperature Compensated Oscillator Core
– Wide Ranging Frequency – 0.001Hz to over 25KHZ
– Low Frequency Mode
– Octave Switching
– Switchable Glide Function
– Variable Stability Control
– 5 Separate Waveforms: Saw, Ramp, Variable Pulse, Variable Triangle/Sine
– Pulse Width Modulation with Attenuated Input
– Log

Macbeth Elements (EL2) SN EL2-016

Published on Jul 20, 2019 Kory Westerhold

via this auction

“Reselling my Macbeth EL2, which is the latest revision of the Elements that Ken released last year. I’m the second owner. I bought from a guy in Switzerland here on reverb back in May [posted here] and just have ended up needing the money to fund a couple of outboard purchases.

There were only 30 of these made, and this is serial #

MacBeth M5N – White

via this auction

“Up for offer a rare and beautiful near mint condition Macbeth Studio Systems M5N. Only 50 ever made of the white version.

Handeled with care by previous owner.”

Macbeth Micromac-D X-Series Analog Voltage Controlled Desktop Synth

Lovebot’s First Micromac Demo
Lovebot’s Second Micromac Demo
Micromac Electronic Pop Demo (short)
Micromac > MA35
Micromac running through VD400 BBD delay
GHOST TAPE demo (Micromac, reel to reel saturation, BBD delay)

“Here I take the Micromac through the paces, focusing more on the ambient/surreal side of the synthesizer, but there’s percussion, bass, leads