Splice launches new sounds from X&G, Decap, The Glitch Mob & more

Splice Decap Drums That Knock 8

Splice Sounds has released Love Death Immortality, a new sample pack by The Glitch Mob. The Glitch Mob are back, this time with the sounds of their sophomore album, Love Death Immortality, which debuted at number 13 on the Billboard 200 in 2014. Typical to their reputation today, they explored a different style on this […]

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Video Teaser: Elektron zeigt neues Gerät – Machinedrum & Monomachine inside? Just…

Elektron justElektron just

Es steht nur dort „Just…“ und Elektron, man sieht einige Symbole und lustiges buntes Zeug. Ach, ja – es ist bald Messe (NAMM) und deshalb zeigt man erst einmal „nichts“, damit wir hier raten können.

Wir werden demnächst die Details erfahren und diesen Text und Bilder auffrischen. Bis dahin können wir grob analysieren. Die Wiedergeburt der Machinedrum wäre möglich. Sie ist schon länger aus dem Programm gefallen und Elektron hat als puristische Drummachine mit Synthese „nur“ eine analoge, nämlich Analog Rytm.

Erste Einordnung und Spekulation

Da man deutlich Begriffe für Drumsounds erkennen kann, sind mindestens Bass(drum?), Cymbal, Hihat und Clap an Bord zu finden. Die Symbole erinnern an Monomachine und Machinedrum, die so genannten „Machines“ scheinen aber auch eine Sample-Engines an die Seite gestellt zu bekommen. Denkbar wären also diverse Synthesizer-Kanäle und die klassischen „virtuellen“ Drum-Modell aus Machinedrum und Monomachine, die durch Samples ergänzt werden. Sample-Drums gibt es auch in der Digitakt, jedoch keine synthetischen Modelle. FM gibt es ebenfalls bereits. Es kann eine Maschine im klassischen Formfaktor sein, um beispielsweise Sampling, Synth-Drums und vielleicht Melodiespuren zu beherbergen oder aber es gibt lediglich Schlaginstrumente. Das ist leider nicht klar zu erkennen.

Begrifflich naheliegend wäre ein kleines Design mit Digit***-Benennung.


Mehr dazu gibt es noch nicht. Aber die Elektron-Website wird es wohl am 24.1. kund tun.


Splice launches Originals series sample packs with Laraaji, Machinedrum, Susie Ibarra, Mike Birnbaum and more

Splice Originals

Splice has announced the launch of its new Splice Originals series of sample packs. The new in-house sample label launches with a collection of five new packs in collaboration with artists who have made unique contributions to music and sound. With our expansion from sample curation to sample creation, we hope to identify and dive […]

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New sounds from Bob Sinclar, IAMSIAM, Champagne Drip & NAAFI at Splice

Splice Sounds Bob Sinclar, IAMSIAM, Champagne Drip & NAAFISplice Sounds has released the Bob Sinclar Sample Pack, a collection of 384 samples and loops from French record producer, house music DJ, remixer and the owner of the record label Yellow Productions Christophe Le Friant aka Bob Sinclar. With a touch of French house, electro, reggae fusion marking his signature sound, Bob Sinclar’s legacy […]

New Faderfox, from mixer-style controllers to RGB insanity

Want something vanilla, like a MIDI controller with a classic mixer layout or a bunch of pots? Or want something crazy – like a psycho-bright light-up show controller? Faderfox has you either way.

The one-person German boutique controller company Faderfox has been making clever controllers since some of the first days of doing that for software, and they keep getting better. Mathias – he really is just one guy – wrote with the latest. He’s Mathias is now shipping the first controllers in his “MODULE” line. The idea here is, you get to mix and match some simple options to build up a virtual mixing surface, for your hardware or software.

These are pre-configured to work with Ableton Live and Elektron’s boxes, and the form factor even matches the Elektron so you can arrange or rack them together neatly.

You can use the new MODULE line with any MIDI-enabled hardware or software, but fans of Elektron will notice something about the dimensions.

On the MX12, you get twelve fader strips – 12 faders, 24 pots, and 24 buttons. Those still send whatever you want, so you can control whatever hardware or software tool you wish (via control change, program change, all the goodies), either by manually creating templates or using MIDI learn to automatically assign them.

On the PC12, you get just pots – 72 of them. You could put those two together, or use them individually, or build a monster system by chaining these together.

You might get away with the generic one and some adjustment in your software, but there are up to 30 custom setups if not.

And each comes in an aluminum case with both two MIDI in and two MIDI out, plus USB. An extension port lets you connect to other stuff.

Oh, and this is cute and useful – these come with a dry erase marker and empty overlay, so you can mark up your controller and know what everything is. There’s even a matching stand. Different colored fader caps let you add additional visual feedback.

399EUR (before VAT) for each.

Okay, so that’s the practical – now let’s get to the impractical (but fun). Mathias has done various one-off custom controller builds, but the GT1 is the craziest, biggest yet – a light-up, 144 RGB LED show controller.

So, for anyone complaining about laptop performance behind a blue glow, uh… take this.

Of course it syncs to music. Of course.



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Ableton announces Loop 2017 lineup, incl. Goldie, Nosaj Thing + Daito Manabe, Ben Frost, Machinedrum & Chloe x Halle

Ableton Loop 2017Ableton has announced the lineup of its Loop 2017 summit, featuring a bigger group of participants, more performances and an expanded program

Ableton Announces Preliminary LOOP Lineup for 2017

Several weeks before the promised full program announcement, Ableton gave a sneak peek this morning at the lineup highlights for the Loop 2017 conference. The third annual, three-day Loop summit for music makers is coming up November 10 – 12 in Berlin, and features performances, panels and presentations by artists, producers, educators and creative technologists.… Read More Ableton Announces Preliminary LOOP Lineup for 2017

This free B-side from Machinedrum is the perfect thing for the solstice

Ready to raise your energy level and channel your higher self on the longest day of the year? (Or the shortest day of the year, if you’re in the southern hemisphere?)

Machinedrum (the artist, not the Elektron box) has quietly released the track that has the perfect vibe for that – even if you didn’t spot the track name. And it’s now a free download. It’s short, but otherwise sounds as much hit single as b-side, warm, friendly, and uncomplicated – genius.

You might put it on repeat as instant anti-depressant. Enjoy!

1 W/ GOD

B-Side from the album “Human Energy”

Vocals : Daisy

And oh yeah, catch that whole album:


Want to see Travis in person? He’s got a busy tour schedule for the USA and Europe, from Slovakia to North Carolina:


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Elektron’s Digitakt is a compact drum machine, sequencer, sampler

Elektron has been making some beautiful analog stuff with, well, “analog” in the name. But it seems the time has come to fill a glaring opening in the market – one left not just by Elektron, but by the industry in general.

Digitakt is dedicated drum machine hardware that’s also a sampler and also (at last) a powerful sequencer for external gear. In other words, it’s the box that does what the computer does as far as sampling, sound design, and gear control – but focused on just those tasks.

It’s also an answer to Elektron users shouting “why doesn’t the analog four let me sequence external gear” asking “huh, it looks like the Octatrack was just discontinued I wonder if that means something new is going to replace it.”

Oh, yeah. And it’s US$/€ 650. Whoa.

The Digitakt isn’t exactly an Octatrak II. The design philosophy is unlike anything we’ve seen from Elektron before, in fact. It’s uncommonly friendly. It’s got backlit buttons. It’s got an OLED screen. It seems to take some inspiration from Swedish neighbors (and Elektron vets) Teenage Engineering, as well as some of the other better examples of design today. It looks like Elektron thinking from the ground up.

But it also combines the stuff a lot of people so desperately wanted: sampling, audio tracks, versatile digital drum machine, effects, sequencing of external gear. Elektron also tease at asymmetrical beats and polyrhythms, which makes me hope there are some smart features in there.

8 internal audio tracks
8 dedicated MIDI tracks
1 × Multi-mode filter per audio track
1 × Assignable LFO per track
Delay and Reverb send FX
Sampling capability
64 MB sample memory
1 GB +Drive storage
2 × ¼” input & 2 × ¼” balanced output
1 × High Speed USB 2.0 port
MIDI IN, OUT and THRU ports
Overbridge support

Coming in spring.

There are a lot of questions here. I think the most important one is what the audio and MIDI tracks actually do. Are those eight mono MIDI tracks? What sort of editing and arranging workflows are there? (At some point, I could imagine it being too complicated, with too much menu diving… but at the other extreme, it’s also possible to be too simple, easily.)

All of those questions will determine what this means as a live rig, and how much production you’d want to do.

But Elektron, you had me at “live-friendly sequencing.”

I’m very keen to see how that vision looks – and whether Elektron can establish a new generation of their hardware. Stay tuned for more details as we get them.


This is really Sweden’s NAMM, folks. Y’all want to meet back in Scandinavia once the sun starts coming up again?


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