Niche Audio Jungle DNB sample pack by Dope Ammo & Serial Killaz

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Smooth Hip Hop sample pack by XXL Audio at Prime Loops

XXL Audio Smooth Hip HopPrime Loops has released Smooth Hip Hop, a sample pack that features a smooth selection of Hip Hop sounds, with summery feel-good vibes, hazy grooves, and loose beats. The new sample pack by XXL Audio offers a tasty selection of super-chilled and dusty Hip Hop samples, construction kits, Maschine templates and Ableton Racks. At the […]

Raw Haze – Hip Hop Kits Volume 2 sample pack released at Loopmasters

Raw Cutz Raw Haze Hip Hop Kits Vol 2Raw Cutz has released Raw Haze, the second installment of a smoking stash of kits, loops and samples. The pack by Turf Smoke is filled with plenty of jazzy hazy samples to fire-up smoking delightful grooves and soul into your next music production. HIPHOP KITS – VOLUME 2 is bursting with classic Dirty SlicedUp Chords […]

Antidrum Machine for Kontakt Player released by Soundiron

Soundiron Antidrum MachineSoundiron has released Antidrum Machine, a Kontakt instrument library that includes all of the content from previously released Antidrum series libraries as well as the new Antidrum 4. Antidrum Machine has been built from the ground up for the free Kontakt Player (VST, AU, AAX) and Komplete Kontrol platforms, including full support for Maschine and […]

Plogue chipsounds & chipspeech synthesizers now NKS-ready + Save 50% OFF

Plogue NKSPlogue has announced that its flagship chipsounds and chipspeech synthesizers are now available for the Native Instruments Maschine and Komplete Kontrol platforms through the Native Kontrol Standard (NKS). Every chipsounds preset now has quick parameter pages and 100 new chipspeech presets have been created just for the Komplete Kontrol integration. Plogue chipsounds authentically emulates 15 […]

626 From Mars sample pack offers 80s drum machine sounds

Samples From Mars Roland TR 626Samples From Mars has released 626 From Mars, a sample pack featuring the sounds of the 8-bit brother of the 707 and 727 drum machine instruments from Roland. The 626 pack includes over 900 individual 24 bit samples, featuring a collection of 16 hit kits, perfect for instant jamming. It comes with clean kits, color […]

Drum Depot: Motor City – Sample pack with Techno from Detroit

Drum Depot Motor CityMarco Scherer has launched a new Drum Depot sample pack. Motor City offers a collection of Techno sounds from Detroit. Detroit is the undisputed mother of Techno. With Motor City you get a dozen of raw and punchy kits, combining drums and synths to start your journey to the source of uncompromising Techno right away. […]

Ableton and Native Instruments should worry about the DJS-1000

Pioneer’s aspirations for the DJ booth may be bigger than they first appear. And one clue is hidden in the news of the CDJ-shaped DJS-1000 sampler.

Let me spell it out for you:

“Support for DJS-TSP Project Creator2 – easily create projects and SCENE3 files on a PC/Mac.”

Yeah. That’s a big deal.

(See the full report: Pioneer made a CDJ-shaped sampler – what does that mean for DJs?)

Look, the actual reality of this may not be all that exciting. I’m contacting Pioneer to find out what the DJS-TSP software even looks like; maybe it’s just a simple utility for dumping some samples and being ready to go.

But consider that in a relatively short time, Pioneer have succeeded in making DJs playing off laptops something of the past. Rekordbox has changed the world, and now might well replace Traktor and Serato on computers. You may literally be mocked by a tech for even showing up at a gig with a computer. And many DJs are happy to switch to USB sticks instead, and not have to worry about whether a macOS update will make them flop in front of a crowd.

Two Berlin giants of music software might want to start thinking about what this means. Look, the computer is still invaluable in homes and studios, or for on-the-road production. Laptops are great for making music on trains and in hotel rooms, they’re probably sitting next to modulars and machines for recording, they’re where nearly everyone finishes tracks. They’re unassailable production tools.

But laptops are starting to look really vulnerable in live use. And part of the value equation of Ableton Live or Native Instruments Maschine is what they bring to live sets, not just to production.

What happens if Pioneer starts convincing some DJs to carry USB sticks instead of road cases?

This doesn’t mean a whole lot to, say, Elektron owners. And indeed, Live and Maschine have already lost ground in live sets to musicians choosing an Octatrack instead (among other rigs).

But consider that we are where we are partly because Native Instruments saw into a future where native software was key (alongside Waves, Propellerhead, and some other players). It’s peculiar they didn’t make the next leap into working out what that same code would do if it were paired with hardware. Would I buy portable, standalone gear from NI that made it easy to play live with Maschine or Traktor? Would I buy a Push that worked without having to be tethered to a laptop?

Well, obviously, I would – even at a price premium.

It’s very possible that Ableton, NI, and others can continue to compete in just software. And maybe you’ll just bounce out loops from their tools to that Pioneer software to play on the DJS-1000. But it’s hard not to see a possible missed opportunity here – and some competitive vulnerability if Pioneer, with their massive resources, double down.

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