Native Instruments Global Shake Expansion offers contemporary African vibrations

NI Global Shake ExpansionNative Instruments has released Global Shake, a new Expansion that celebrates the vitality and excitement of contemporary African music. The expansion includes over 550 construction loops, 64 Battery kits and 52 Maschine kits, and synth presets for Massive, Monark and Reaktor Prism. It comes packed with bouncing rhythms and rich melodic content, featuring exclusive samples […]

Niche Audio releases Ambient Electronica for Maschine 2 & Ableton Live

Niche Audio Ambient ElectronicaNiche Audio has launched the latest addition to its Creator Series line of custom production packs for Maschine 2 and Ableton Live. Ambient Electronica offers a fresh new toolbox full of kits bursting with sounds that will provide inspiration and everything you need to create ambient soundscapes and mind bending electronica. You’ll find Authentic Drum […]

ADSR Sounds launches Monster Kats by GHST PRJKT

GHST PRJKT Monster KatzADSR Sounds has announced the release of Monster Kats, a sound pack from GHST PRJKT featuring an inspirational variety of Future Bass sound elements inspired by artists from the Monstercat record label. Monster Katz definitely has more of an EDM Festival touch with big saws and huge kicks versus the more light-hearted side of Future […]

Native Instruments introduces NKS effects and gives away biggest and most perfectly integrated prize ever

NI NKS Effects Prize DrawNative Instruments has joined forces with 28 NKS partners to offer probably the most perfectly integrated prize giveaway ever. The giveaway marks the launch of NKS effects, made possible by the recent KOMPLETE KONTROL 2.0 software update. This expands the industry-leading Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) to include effects – previously, only instruments were supported. All […]

Native Instruments Komplete upgrades 50% OFF in Summer Of Sound 2018

Native Instruments Summer of Sound 2018In anticipation of the upcoming Komplete 12, Native Instruments has launched its Summer Of Sound 2018 sale, offering discounts on Komplete 11 upgrades and updates for a limited time only. Been waiting for the right moment? It’s now: Save 50% on updates, upgrades, and crossgrades for all your KOMPLETE instruments and effects. The promotion also […]

Niche Audio releases Nu Disco for Ableton Live & Maschine

Niche Audio Nu DiscoNiche Audio has launched its latest collection of authentic production kits for Native Instruments Maschine 2 and Ableton Live. The Nu Disco pack mixes the sounds from labels such as Glitterbox and Enormous Tunes with a healthy dose of the disco classics of the 70s & 80s. You can expect authentic guitar riffs recorded with […]

Native Instruments Carbon Decay expansion captures anarchic sound of industrial techno

Native Instruments Carbon Decay ExpansionNative Instruments has announced a new Expansion pack that bursts with the turbulent sound of industrial techno. Carbon Decay aims to capture a primitive strain of techno that’s shaken the walls of warehouses across the UK and beyond. Its inspiration can be found in the clang of 70s post-punk and industrial, as well as in […]

Niche Audio releases Dubtronic sample pack for Maschine & Ableton

Niche Audio DubtronicNiche Audio has launched its latest collection of authentic production kits for Native Instruments Maschine 2 and Ableton Live: Dubtronic. Dubtronic pulls heavy influences from Dub, Reggae & Electronica to create something truly fresh and inspiring. Sit back and feel the unique vibes as you experience the groove of Classic Drums, Booming Basslines, Twisted FX […]

Mix Ableton and Maschine, Komplete Kontrol, in new updates

There’s a big push among software makers to deliver integrated solutions – and that’s great. But if you’re a big user of both, say, MASCHINE MK3 and Ableton Live, here’s some good news.

NI made available two software updates yesterday, for their Maschine groove workstation software and for Komplete Kontrol, their software layer for hosting instruments and effects and interfacing with their keyboards. So, the hardware proposition there is the 4×4 pad grid of the MP3, and the Komplete Kontrol keyboards.

For Maschine users, the ability to use Ableton Live and Maschine seamlessly could make a lot of producers and live performers happy. Now, unlike working with Ableton Push, the setup isn’t entirely seamless, and there’s not total integration of hardware and software. But it’s still a big step forward. For instance, I often find myself starting a project with Maschine, because I’ve got a kit I like (including my own samples), or I’m using some of its internal drum synths or bass synth, or just want to wail on four pads and use its workflow for sampling and groove creation. But then, once I’ve built up some materials, I may shift back to playing with Ableton’s workflow in Session or Arrange view to compose an idea. And I know lots of users work the same way. It makes sense, given the whole idea of Maschine is to have the feeling of a piece of hardware.

So, you’ve got this big square piece of gear plugged in. Then sometimes literally you’re unplugging the USB port and connecting Push or something else… or it just sits there, useless.

Having these templates means you switch from one tool to the other, without changing workflow. You could already do this with Maschine Jam, which has a bunch of shortcuts for different tasks and a big grid of triggers (which fits Session View). But the appeal of Maschine for a lot of us is those big, expressive pads on the MK3, so this is what we were waiting for.

On the Komplete Kontrol side, there’s a related set of use cases. Whether you’re the sort to just pull up some presets from Komplete, or at the opposite end of the spectrum, you’re using Komplete Kontrol to manipulate custom Reaktor ensembles, it’s nice to have a set of encoders and transport controls at the ready. The MK2 keyboards brought that to the party – so, for instance, now it’s really easy in Apple’s Logic Pro to play some stuff on the keys, then do another take, without, like – ugh – moving over to the table your computer is on, fumbling for the mouse or keyboard shortcut … you get the idea.

And again, a lot of us are using Ableton Live. I love Logic, but there have been times where I find myself comically missing the Session View as a way of storing ideas.

The notion here is, of course, to get you to buy into Native Instruments’ keyboards. But there is an awfully big ecosystem now of third-party instruments (like those from Output, among some of my favorites) that take advantage of compatibility via the NKS format. (NI likes to call that a “standard,” which I think is a bit of a stretch, given for now there’s no SDK for other hardware and host software makers. But it’s a useful step for now, anyway.)

So, here’s how to get going and what else is new.

Maschine 2.7.4

The big deal with 2.7.4 is new controller workflows (JAM, MK3) and Live integration (MK3). Live users, you’ll want to begin here:

How to Set Up the MASCHINE MK3 Integration for Ableton Live [Native Instruments Support]

There are actually two big improvements here workflow-wise. One is Live support, but the other is easier creation of Loop recordings. With the “Target” parameter, you can drop recordings into:

1. Takes
2. “Sounds” (the Audio plug-in, where you can layer up sounds)
3. Pattern (creates both an Audio plug-in recording and a pattern with the playback)

I think the two together could be a godsend, actually, for composing ideas in a more improvisatory flow. The Target workflow also works on MASCHINE JAM (via different controllers).

There’s also footswitch-triggered recording.

So, Native Instruments are finally listening to feedback from people for whom live sampling is at the heart of their music making process. It’s about time, given that Maschine was modeled on hardware samplers.

The Live integration includes just the basics, but important basics – and it might still be useful even with Push and Maschine side-by-side. The MK3 can access the mixer (Volume, Pan, Mute / Solo / Arm states), clip navigation and launching, recording and quantize, undo/redo, automation toggle, tap tempo, and loop tempo.

As always, you also get various other fixes.

Komplete Kontrol 2.0

Again, you’ll start with the (slightly annoying) installation process, and then you’ll get to playing. NI support has a set of instructions with that, plus some useful detailed links on how the integration works (scroll to the botto, read the whole thing!):

Setting Up Ableton Live for KOMPLETE KONTROL

The other big update here is all about supporting more plug-ins, so your NI keyboard becomes the command center for lots of other instruments and effects you own. NI now boasts hundreds of supporting plug-ins for its NKS format, which maps hardware controls to instrument parameters.

Now that includes effects, too. And that’s cool, since sometimes playing is about loading an instrument on the keys, but manipulating the parameters of an effect that processes that instrument. Those plug-ins show up in the browser, now, if they’ve added support, and they also map to the controls.

Scoff if you like, but I know these keyboards have been big sellers. If nothing else, the lesson here is that making your software sounds and effects accessible with a keyboard for tangible control is something people like.

By the way, NI also quietly pushed out a Kontakt sampler update with a whole bunch of power-user improvements to KSP, their custom language for extending/scripting sound patches. That’s of immediate interest only to Kontakt sound content developers, but you can bet some of those little things will mean more improvements to Kontakt-based content you use, if you’re on NI’s ecosystem.

All three updates are available from NI’s Service Center.

If you’ve found a useful workflow with any of this, if you’ve got any tips or hacks, as always – shout out; we’re curious to hear! (I assume you might even be making some music with all this, so that, too.)

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MASCHINE 2.7.3リリース、ループレコーディング機能、Logic Proのコントロール機能が追加

MASCHINE 2.7.1 レコーディングモードに「LOOP」追加されました。

MASCHINE 2.7.1 レコーディングモードに「LOOP」追加されました。


Native Instruments MASCHINE のバージョン2.7.1がリリースされました。MASCHINE 2ソフトウェア 登録ユーザーはいつものようにNative Accessより無償ダウンロードできます。






MASCHINE mk3 アップデート。Ideas Viewの表示が可能になりました。4方向のプッシュエンコーダーでセレクト・ナッジ ・ピッチシフト・ノートレングスの変更などエディットが行えるようになりました。

MASCHINE mk3 とMASCHINE STUDIO でLOGIC PROのミキサー画面にアクセスできるようになりました。パンの設定、ミュート/ソロ、プレイ、ストップ、レコーディング、クオンタイズ、アンドゥ/リドゥー、オートメーションのトグル、タップテンポ、ループトグルなどの操作ができます。