James Wiltshire shares first impressions of Neutron 2 & Ozone 8

James Wiltshire N2O8Plugin Boutique has launched a video in which James Wiltshire of Freemasons and F9 Audio shares his thoughts on the new Neutron 2 and Ozone 8 mixing and mastering plugins by iZotope. Plugin Boutique In conversation With… presents a first impressions look at the new software releases of NEUTRON 2 and OZONE 8, and TONAL […]

iZotope releases Ozone 8 and Neutron 2, O8N2 Bundle, Music Production Suite and intros sales

iZotope Ozone 8iZotope has launched the latest versions of its mastering and mixing audio plugins. Ozone 8 comes with intelligent signal processing, spectral shaping, tonal balance control, track referencing, new look and feel, and more. As the industry’s most comprehensive mastering suite, Ozone 8 adds to its legacy by introducing new intelligent signal processing, in-app track referencing, […]

Newfangled Audio and Eventide release Elevate mastering plugin

Eventide ElevateFollowing up on the release of EQuivocate, Newfangled Audio and Eventide have now launched Elevate, an advanced mastering plugin for Windows and Mac. Elevate is a unique multi-band limiter, human-ear EQ and powerful audio maximizer that will increase the loudness of your mix while maintaining or improving its dynamic perception. The plugin is designed to […]

iZotope announces O8N2 mixing & mastering tools

iZotope Ozone 8 and Neutron 2iZotope has announced O8N2 with a video, showing a glimpse of the next evolution of mixing and mastering. The video seems to hint at the upcoming release of both Ozone 8 and Neutron 2. This October, experience the next evolution of mixing and mastering. Get ready for next-level plug-in communication, innovative workflows, and visual and […]

HoRNet releases CLMS Constant Loudness Monitor System

HoRNet CLMSHoRNet Plugins has released CLMS, an audio effect plugin system designed to solve the “loudness deception” issue allowing for a constant loudness mixing experience. CLMS features two plugins to offer constant loudness monitoring during mixing and mastering, and effectively remove the different perception of frequency response at different loudness levels. A “Send” plugin reads the […]

MaximalSound offers 5 minutes of free mastering

MaximalSound promoMaximalSound has announced it is offering a coupon code for 5 minutes of free mastering. The sent tracks can be selected to appear in the future demo “playlist” on The selected pieces will be rewarded with a VIP 50 subscription corresponding to 60 minutes of mastering for a value of €98. The winners will […]

iZotope releases FREE Ozone Imager stereo imaging plugin

iZotope Ozone ImageriZotope has released Ozone Imager, a free stereo imaging effect plugin for Windows and Mac. Using Ozone’s legendary Imaging technology, the Ozone Imager plugin lets you add depth and width to mono or narrow mixes in Stereoize Mode for a fuller, wider sound. Ozone Imager features an integrated Vectorscope and Correlation Meter, which gives you […]

Eventide launches EQuivocate graphic equalizer, FREE until October 31st!

Eventide EQuivocateEventide has released EQuivocate, a powerful auditory graphic equalizer effect by Newfangled Audio. The EQuivocate plugin uses filters that are modeled on the human ear. Perfect for mixing and mastering, EQuivocate’s auditory filters and match EQ functionality make it incredibly powerful, simple to use, and natural sounding. EQuivocate uses filters which are modeled on the […]

Acustica Audio intros Ivory3 audio effect mastering suite

Acustica Audio Ivory3Acustica Audio has announced Ivory3, an update to the analogue hardware virtualization mastering suite. This third version is completely new and made up of six separate plugins in CORE X, with dedicated graphical user interfaces easy and quick operation. This is the largest plug-in suite built by Acustica, providing the customer with a full pack […]

Singomakers releases Logic Pro Mastering template pack

Singomaster Pro Logic MasteringSingomakers has launched Logic Pro Mastering, a collection of 57 professionally designed mastering projects for Logic Pro. The templates span 13 genres: Hip Hop, EDM & Progressive, Drum and Bass, Trap, Future Bass, OVO, Chill Trap, Reggaeton, Moombah, Psy, Trance & Goa, Future House and Diablo House, NU Disco, Dubstep, Rawstyle and Hardstyle, Techno, Tech […]