Geodesics Modules Series Part 9 – Energy

Published on Aug 22, 2019 Omri Cohen

“Energy is a special ring modulation oscillator, and like with all other modules in the Geodesics collection, it has a couple of unique features that make this oscillator a big sonic playground.

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Here you can find the Geodesics

New Loops Survey & Competions

Supporting MATRIXSYNTH member New Loops is running a survey & competition. Details follow:

“New Loops is running a survey and competition with a chance to win a £40 coupon to spend on audio samples and synth presets at

The short survey is around 15 questions about sample and preset packs and only takes 3 or 4 minutes to complete. When the survey closes, 4 winners will be

Rhythms & synths – Digitakt, Cursus Iteritas, Wasp filter, Zeenon, Microfreak

Published on Aug 20, 2019 junklight

MOK Wavewazor Eurorack Module

Published on Aug 20, 2019 CatSynth TV

“We explore the new Waverazor Eurorack Module from MOK. The module features the same patented waveslicing oscillators found in the Waverazor software plugin, complete with a multitude of controls for manipulating the waveslices via the touch screen, knobs, or CV inputs.

We discuss the concepts of waveslicing synthesis, explore the interface, check out some

BuchlaUSA Red Panel Eurorack

Published on Aug 19, 2019 Todd Barton

“Ok, I’ve only had these for less than 36 hours but am excited to share some of my quick, off-the-cuff explorations with these very cool modules! I’ll also be further exploring these at September 6-8 at the Buchla booth.
More info of course at — it will be a few more days before the Red Panel info posts there.

Synth Odyssey: Yamaha DX7II, DSI Tetra, Índigo, Novation Circuit, Moog Sub 37, JP8080 & ARP Odyssey

Published on Aug 18, 2019 Marcus Padrini

“Hardware only version of the Synth Odyssey track, recorded for the first time in 2017. Performed live with Roland MC808 (MIDI Sequencer), Yamaha DX7II, DSI Tetra, Novation Circuit (Drums), Access Virus Indigo (bass), Moog Sub 37 (lead 1), Arp Odyssey (lead 2), Roland JP8080 (strings).

Synth Jams I on Spotify:…”

Pilz – VCV Rack, MicroFreak, O-Coast, Neutron, Morphagene

Published on Aug 18, 2019 Omri Cohen

“So I feel comfortable enough with the patch and I can add more layers to it, and the MicroFreak is back in business.

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Here it is on Spotify, iTunes, and such –…
You can find the WAV file on my

Zorx Ribbon Controller Review

Published on Aug 16, 2019 Lower West Side Studio

“Lower West Side Studio checks out Zorx Electronics Ribbon Controller on loan from Art For The Ears.

It’s a very fun way to control your modular synthesizer.”

synthacon farewell

Published on Aug 17, 2019 Todd Barton

“Sadly, I need to let go of my beloved, rare and beautiful Steiner-Parker Synthacon. Here’s a recent look at it. I hope it finds a good home.
More details:”

Todd Barton’s synthacon was first featured back on November 11, 2006. You can find additional posts featuring Todd’s synthacon here.

From the Live Room 4: Novation Bass Station II and Yamaha PSS-680

Published on Aug 17, 2019 Alfonse

“Live jam featuring Ian Bostic on drums and Alfonse on the Novation Bass Station ii, as well as the 1988 Yamaha PSS-680 FM mini-synth. The two tracks of customised Yamaha patches were overdubbed later, with effects provided by the Boss DD7 digital delay and CH1 Super Chorus pedals. Some additional reverb was added to the synths at the mixing stage.

For anyone