Image-Line Maximus multiband maximizer 40% OFF for limited time

Image Line Maximus 40 OFFPlugin Boutique is offering a 40% discount on the Maximus multi-band compressor, limiter and maximizer effect plugin by Image-Line. Maximus will deliver transparent peak limiting and volume maximization without coloration of the processed sound. However, Maximus is much more than a pristine quality Mastering Maximizer, it’s also a Compressor, Limiter, Noise Gate, Expander, Ducker and […]

Native Instruments launches huge savings on Waves NKS-ready effects

NI Waves NKS SaleNative Instruments has announced a limited time sale on NKS-ready effect plugins from Waves Audio, offering discounts of up to 90% off on three bundles. Waves plug-ins couple outstanding precision with inventive design. This extraordinary offer covers 24 of their industry-leading NKS-ready effects, organized into three bundles. Save big on classics like L2 Ultramaximizer, vintage […]

First Look at Weiss MM-1 Mastering Maximizer by Softube

PIB Weiss MM-1Plugin Boutique has posted a video in which Joshua Casper goes over the ins and outs of the new Weiss MM-1 Mastering Maximizer plugin by Softube. Featuring the very same algorithms as the original digital hardware unit, the MM-1 offers five flavours of limiting; Transparent, Loud, Punch, Wide, and De-ess; intelligently progressing as the ‘amount’ […]

Save 50% off MTurboReverb, MRhythmizer, MUltraMaximizer & MWaveShaperMB

Meldaproduction EternalMadness 04 salePlugin Boutique is offering 50% off four Meldaproduction effect plugins as part of the Eternal Madness Sale. MTurboReverb is a revolutionary algorithmic reverb, which features about 100 superb sounding reverbs in a single plugin and even lets you design your own reverb algorithms. It is quick, easy-to-use, perfect for mixing, mastering and creative production. MRhythmizer […]

Fred Anton Corvest releases FAC plugins for macOS

FAC plugins OSXFred Anton Corvest has announced that all FAC plugins are now available on macOS in addition to iOS. The plugins are based on the new audio unit v3 technologies which is currently supported by Logic Pro X, Garage Band and Hosting AU. This includes the new FAC Transient transient designer that lets you design the […]

Save 50% off MFreeformEqualizer, MPhaserMB, MSpectralDynamics & MTurboEQ

Meldaproduction EternalMadness salePlugin Boutique has launched a sale on another batch of Meldaproduction plugins, offering a 50% discount for a limited time only. MFreeformEqualizer is a FFT based linear-phase equalizer which can provide virtually any frequency response and may save you when other methods have failed. Using MFreeformEqualizer you can literally draw any frequency response you may […]

Softube intros Volume 2, Weiss MM-1 & Weiss DS1-MK3 mastering plugins

Softube Volume 2Softube has announced the release of Volume 2, its latest plugin bundle that offers a collection of 19 plugins. Volume 2 expands on Volume 1 with three additional plugins: Tape, the Fix Phaser, and the brand new Weiss MM-1 Mastering Maximizer. Volume 2 also comes with Softube’s pioneering Preset Collection and management system. You can […]

Fred Anton Corvest updates Maxima maximizer for iOS to v1.2

FAC Maxima 1.2Fred Anton Corvest has released an updated version of Maxima, an audio app for iOS that aims to bring the kind of professional, brilliant sounding limiting/compression that pro desktop plugs deliver. Version 1.2 of FAC Maxima comes with a couple of handy new features to provide an even better user experience. The new release comes […]

Fred Anton Corvest releases Maxima AuV3 maximizer for iOS

Fred Anton Corvest MaximaFred Anton Corvest has announced the release of Maxima for iOS, a brand new AuV3 audio effect designed to provide automatic gain control of your audio materials to ensure that the levels stay consistent and never exceed 0dB. It’s a clever combination of dynamic processors that can be set to provide a gentle transparent signal […]

Lively audio updates Maxwell Smart free limiter plugin to v3.0

Lively Audio Maxwell Smart 3Lively Audio has released version 3.0 of Maxwell Smart, a transparent true peak limiter/loudness maximizer with look-ahead. It’s designed to boost the overall loudness while maintaining transients without audible distortion. Maxwell Smart also has 4x ISP (inter-sample peak) detection to tame the ‘invisible’ peaks between regular sample peaks. Maxwell Smart 3.0 features Transparent true peak […]