Vintage 1979 Super 8 Film Home Movie CONTROL DATA CDC 3600 COMPUTER PLAYS SOUSA

This one is in via peahix of Forward to 6:52 for the mechanical rendition.

“Another garage sale find. This is almost certainly the CDC 3600 that was installed at UCSD. Please note: Only parts of this film have sound. You can hear the CDC’s rendition of Sousa’s ‘Stars & Stripes Forever’ starting at 6:52.”

Agitations: Post-Electronic Sounds

Oscillatorial Binnage – Woktones (from ‘Agitations: Post-Electronic Sounds’) ashford daisyak

Back in 2016, Daniel Wilson brought us Radionics Radio – An Album of Musical Radionic Thought Frequencies – Delawarr Multi-Oscillator (c.1962)

He now brings us Agitations: Post-Electronic Sounds. For this release, he is part of a quartet exploring “acoustic analogies for classical electronic

::vtol:: rbs-20 – Ruler Based Mechanical Synth

::vtol:: rbs-20 from ::vtol:: on Vimeo.

ruler bass synth, 20 centimeters

more info –

The device is based on the school experience of imitating bass lines at the desk and a fun way to disturb teachers. The instrument can be classified as an automated plucked contrabass monochord.

The pitch change is implemented by quickly changing how far the ruler is

Tilde Elektriske Kretser – Fjærlett

Gard Osen

New creation from Gard Osen. Filing this one under mechanical instruments.

Priced at $250 USD

“FJÆRLETT is an audio feedback instrument. You create feedback through reverb springs and shape that feedback signal with a graphic eq.

More info:

I will have two units available for purchase in July and start full production in mid-August. If you

thump:bit mini V1

via Captain Credible

thump:bit is a micro:bit robotic drummer that can be controlled wirelessly or run its own drumming code. It is designed to be easy to use with the micro:bit orchestra extension for makecode so you can be up and running with your thump:bit in no time!

thump:bit has two outputs that can drive solenoid electromagnets or other devices. The ouputs are 9V and are switched on

Sheltering in Place with KOMA Field Kit, Crank Sturgeon Pocket Gamelan, Mr. Grassi, and more

Published on Mar 23, 2020 CatSynth TV

“As we shelter in place we have a bit of fun with the KOMA Field Kit driving the Crank Sturgeon Pocket Gamelan (springs, wires, and contact mics). We also use the Mr. Grassi non-deterministic touch plate module to drive a gong via a speaker and contact mic connected to the Field Kit. Audio is sent through the Strymon Magneto and QuBit Prism modules. The

Electromechanical Eurorack stuff

Published on Feb 10, 2020 Gibran PantalaLabs

“Solenoids and hammers”

Crank Sturgeon Contact Mic Tutorial

Published on Nov 6, 2019 Perfect Circuit

“What is a contact mic? What is a transducer? Can packing tape replace a violin or a cello? Is your neglected Slinky a dormant laser factory? Crank Sturgeon answers all of these questions and more, providing colorful insight into his own music making practice and the instruments he produces.

Crank Sturgeon’s instruments are all based around lo-fi

Touch the Gear 2019 (Outsound New Music Summit)

Published on Jul 25, 2019 CatSynth TV

“Scenes from the Touch the Gear event at the Community Music Center in San Francisco, part of the 2019 Outsound New Music Summit.

“Outsound’s original public event Touch the Gear is a hands-on, family-friendly exposition open to the public. During the evening attendees get to roam among inventors and musicians while experiencing sound producing gear,