The SynthSummitShow episode 25 Metasonix

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“The SynthSummitShow is a Live streaming Interview show by sound designer Ken Flux Pierce for where he interviews Both Industry legends and upcoming creators of the musical gear that shapes the way we create.

This episode we welcome Eric Barbour founder of Metasonix. Eric has a long history as one of the premier Vacuum

Metasonix "Because Your Music Sucks" T-Shirt

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“One (1) used basic T-shirt from Metasonix…these are rare. In good condition, worn but not worn out, collar not frayed. Here’s a chance for a real collector’s item, be the envy of all your electronic friends.”

Metasonix Monorocket 9u, R55 (x2), R51, R52 & R53

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“This listing is for a Metasonix synth rig, fully loaded with Metasonix modules and a rare Monorocket High-Power case in yellow.

All of the modules are in excellent condition with 4 out of the 5 having their original boxes. Below are the details of what is included…

1) R-55 (x2) Limited Edition Thyratron VCO (The R-55’s are essentially the VCOs from the legendary S-1000

CatSynth TV Episode 99

Published on Dec 25, 2018 CatSynth TV

“A special video for our 99th Episode!

Video shot along Highway 99 in California from Manteca through Stockton and heading towards Sacramento. Additional video and photography at CatSynth HQ in San Francisco.

Guest appearances by Sam Sam and Big Merp.

Original music by Amanda Chaudhary, based on melodies from “99 is not 100” by Moe! Staiano.

Metasonix S-1000 Wretch Machine 2008

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“THE BEAST. All tube, semi-modular analog synth. Nothing like it in the world. This one is in extremely nice condition and works exactly as intended, which is to say, it is unpredictable, rude, and full of gnarly sounds.”

Metasonix R60 Self-Tuning Midi/CV

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Only featured on the site once before back in 2011.

Metasonix KV-100 Assblaster with Custom Enclosure KV100-95

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“Ok, ok. The name is juvenile and it’s graphics are … controversial. But it’s sound is unique. It’s character is unmistakable. This is a product that genuinely lives up to, and surpasses, it’s hype.

This machine is not for the feint of heart. It’s unruly and unpredictable. You can simply use it as a subtle processor for the buttery cream of the filter stage and plug an

METASONIX TM1 Vacuum Tube Waveshaper Ringmod

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“Controls: Input Level, Pulser Stability, Beam Tube Screen, Ringmod Osc Pitch, Activate Ringmod

Sockets: Audio Input, Audio Output, Beam CV, VCA CV, Ringmod Carrier”

Dream Steps | Ciat-Lonbarde, D1000, OP1, eKalimba

Published on Oct 14, 2018 HAINBACH

19.10. Hamburg Uebel und Gefaehrlich (with Bad Stream)
20.10. Berlin Kantine Am Berghain (with Bad Stream)
20.11. Düsseldorf Die Digitale
24.11. Leipzig (TBC)
More dates TBC.

Preparing for my live shows I always try to the make the most upbeat music possible. Usually it ends up much darker once I get on stage, as I find making “

Making a mess with the Metasonix D2000

Published on Sep 16, 2018 Joey Blush

“Messing with the Metasonix D2000 (sequenced by octatrack) into the RK3 Pulser”