Michael Picher releases Baking Pan-demonium for sforzando

Michael Picher Baking Pan demoniumMichael Picher has announced the release of Baking Pan-demonium, a sample library in which Michael set himself the goal to go nuts and sample as many baking pans as he could. Everyone has turned a baking pan into some kind of impromptu drum at some point in their life. So, I sampled 9 pans of […]

Michael Picher releases The Basilica Pianos sfz instrument

Michael Picher The Basilica Pianos featMichael Picher has announced the release of The Basilica Pianos, a virtual piano instrument for Plogue’s sforzando. “The Basilica Pianos” is an affordable sample library that features both a grand piano and an upright piano, both recorded in the same space, using a similar stereo microphone setup. Also included are various effects, from strumming and […]